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Pain in Deliverance?
Lack of Understanding can Abort Deliverance!


The book: Satan and Evil Spirits, the Enemies of Mankind.

Book Index:

Satan and Evil Spirits PDF of this section Satan Book One cover
1. Introduction The Enemy of Mankind. My Experience with the Devil
2. The Enemy of Mankind My Experience with the Devil.
3. How Simply Does the Enemy Use the Thoughts of People Against God's Purpose?
4. The Deep Seed of Anger
5. My Deliverance From the Spirit of Fear

5a Pain in Deliverance

Python Section PDF Python wide zip - Book Two 6th Ed zip - Cover zip
6. Python! Divination = Python. It's a Soul Thing. Familiar Spirit = Python
7. What! A Religious Spirit? Necromancer = Python
8. Four Faces of Python!
9. "This Spirit is Rampant in My Church!"
10. A Witness Concerning the Snake's Tactics!
11. Python Belittling the Work of the Cross Haughty = Python. Personal Experience With Haughty
12. The Python is a "Strong Man."

Depth Concerning Python
13. Introduction - Timeline Events
14. The Courts of Heaven
15. Python and the Mind of Man
16. It Takes a Flow Chart to Get Rid of Python

17. Python! The Second Time Through.

You are at number 5a (Pain in Deliverance).

Pain in Deliverance?
(Lack of Understanding can Abort Deliverance!)

We shouldn't box things up!

The Meat!

First of all let me say that I have had deliverance where there was no physical pain involved. But I have had people ask me about pain, depression, pressures, a heaviness, etc., manifesting during the process of deliverance. Yes, you can have these things and some of this pertains to the type of spirit you are dealing with and how deep it is imbedded. Since we have received numerous e-mails about this topic I'm going to share some general things I have already talked about on this site before I get into the real meat of what I need to say that I have found a lot of Christians don't understand.

In the article where I shared about my deliverance from the spirit of fear I gave testimony of my having experienced tremendous pain. It was in my liver area and I have had a person tell me that a spirit can damage an organ and leave it in less than normal condition after it has left. I would say this is true but the Lord has never confirmed it to me personally. I also reported that I began bleeding from the mouth during that deliverance. Those with me commanded it to stop tearing me and I quit bleeding. So there are things we can do to help control these types of situations during a deliverance.

We shouldn't box things up!

I think the best way to approach this subject is to say, "We can't just box things up and say this is the way it is." Yes, there can be pain, but there can be deliverance without pain and having a pain doesn't mean it is always from a spirit manifesting. I know a lady who had the spirit of whoredom and it took seven years for her to get completely delivered from it. She testifies of experiencing tremendous pain in her lower back from this spirit. Does this mean that it always takes seven years to be delivered from whoredom? The answer is, "No."

Jesus is the deliverer and the important thing is to follow the Holy Spirit the best we can. In some cases the very spirit being delivered can interfere with that person's ability to follow the Holy Spirit. Sometimes Jesus uses people and sometimes He doesn't. I like it when He just does it.

Because we cannot just box things up, we need to learn all the possibilities of what might be going on and be "aware." Lack of understanding concerning spirits and how they can operate can delay or abort a deliverance. Sad to say, but we here at Take His Heart can testify very clearly to this happening.

The Meat!

I have noticed that Christians don't really realize how much intelligence spirits have and how much they can control their actions. We can see the intelligence of spirits in the following scripture.

Matthew : 8
28 And when he was come to the other side into the country of the Gergesenes, there met him two possessed with devils, coming out of the tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way. 29 And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time? 30 And there was a good way off from them an herd of many swine feeding. 31 So the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine. 32 And he said unto them, Go.

These spirits knew who Jesus was, His power, and the Word of God. They were able to reason and make decisions for themselves! This scripture also reveals that they have their own will. I reported early in my writings concerning spirits that they can pull back and make a person think they are gone. For them to be able to do this indicates that they have intelligence and a will. Satan is a deceiver and spirits can deceive. Whether they learned this from Satan or not makes no difference. The spirit of fear can deceive you even though it is a spirit of fear. Spirits are against whatever God is doing first and other things second. They know the difference. Let me give you an example!

I was with a man who has a religious spirit. He told me he was having nightmares, the tormenting kind, which verified there was a problem. I knew because of the type of spirit it was that I could not just hit him with, "You have a religious spirit." There are times one can do this with success but not when the religious spirit is functioning. Because of the torments in the night, I thought of a book that I knew could help him realize that he needed deliverance. Breaking the lie that a Christian cannot be controlled by a spirit can be hard. Anyway, I told him to get the book. Some time later I asked him if he had gotten the book. He told me " No" and began telling me what happened. He had gone to the book store and found the book but he didn't buy it. He said he became afraid to buy it, thinking, "What if I'm getting into something I shouldn't!" He said when he put the book back, peace came over him and he knew it was the "peace of God." He really felt that God had led him to buy the book he bought instead.

As I said, the spirit of fear can deceive, and in this situation the spirit of fear rose up, at its will, to keep this man from gaining knowledge that might have led to the spirit being expelled. It planted fearful thoughts which were accepted by the man. At this point the man made a choice, based on the fear he was feeling, and those thoughts introduced to his mind at the right time by the spirit of fear. When that choice was made the spirit of fear withdrew, or quit manifesting, producing this false peace the man thinks was the peace of God.

Any spirit can deceive in this way; not that they always do. As I said, they have intelligence and are able to deceive in many different ways. One time God gave me a scene in the night that revealed that spirits can think and are collecting data about our lives all the time. They know how a person thinks and, having intelligence, they act accordingly.

Another thing I want to point out is revealed in my deliverance from fear. The spirit of fear had been cast out of me before, with no results. This last time the Holy Spirit directed a person to just say come out in the name of Jesus. Time went by until a particular prayer meeting in which I got very sick. The pain was enough that I had to make a conscious decision to stay the course. I was ready to go to the hospital; I was in pain, lying on the floor. Had I not "stayed the course" I would have gone to the hospital and the deliverance would have been stopped. A spirit will do anything to stop deliverance, including pain, thoughts that lead away from deliverance, and pulling back in order to deceive. Not that this is true all the time, but a spirit can manifest pain when it is in danger of being delivered - anything to divert attention.

Spirits can become agitated or aggravated and can manifest when they are in danger of deliverance or during the process of deliverance. My dad attended meetings here and one day he told me about becoming nauseated every time during the music. I told him he should have told us as he probably needed deliverance. I knew this because we had a word saying the music God established here would heal and deliver people. (We have had a few confirmations of this.) The point is that my dad could get up and walk out of it and not be nauseated any longer. This paints a picture that a spirit can become aggravated, produce pain or a sick feeling while in danger of deliverance, but when that danger is removed the symptoms fade away producing a false peace. Another thing about this incident is Dad thought there was something wrong with the music. Those thoughts were given to take him out of the danger of being delivered. Spirits will do this with any thoughts acceptable to the person they are affecting.

Now we must also understand that if a spirit is embedded deeply into our flesh, like the spirit of fear was in me, there will be pain when it is being dislodged or stripped away. This can be over a period of time. It is wonderful when God has an intercessor and provides travail in a deliverance. That person can take on part of the effects of deliverance so that it is not so hard on the one being delivered. See Extremes of Spiritual Warfare.

I must say again that we should not box any of this information up; but we are to be "aware" of these possibilities and more, listening to the Lord for any information we should have. He is the deliverer.

6. Python! Divination = Python. It's a Soul Thing. Familiar Spirit = Python

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