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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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Python Spirit | Python Tactics
A testimonial teaching concerning
Satan and Evil Spirits!

Learn how Satan can visit every person on this planet in a twenty-four-hour period.


The book: Satan and Evil Spirits, the Enemies of Mankind.

Book Index:

Satan and Evil Spirits PDF of this section Satan Book One cover
1. Introduction The Enemy of Mankind. My Experience with the Devil
2. The Enemy of Mankind My Experience with the Devil.
3. How Simply Does the Enemy Use the Thoughts of People Against God's Purpose?
4. The Deep Seed of Anger
5. My Deliverance From the Spirit of Fear

5a Pain in Deliverance

Python Section PDF Python wide zip - Book Two 6th Ed zip - Cover zip
6. Python! Divination = Python. It's a Soul Thing. Familiar Spirit = Python
7. What! A Religious Spirit? Necromancer = Python
8. Four Faces of Python!
9. "This Spirit is Rampant in My Church!"
10. A Witness Concerning the Snake's Tactics!
11. Python Belittling the Work of the Cross Haughty = Python. Personal Experience With Haughty
12. The Python is a "Strong Man."

Depth Concerning Python
13. Introduction - Timeline Events
14. The Courts of Heaven
15. Python and the Mind of Man
16. It Takes a Flow Chart to Get Rid of Python

17. Python! The Second Time Through.

You are here at number 10 (Witness Concerning the Snake's Tactics).


A Witness Concerning the Snake's Mind or Tactics!

Once a man brought a tape to me containing a testimony of a woman who went to hell. This man said the tape brought repentance and a lot of people would go to the altar. I thought this was great as I knew something needed to shake people up to move them on with God. I felt we were stuck. I listened to the tape and was able to see that it would do just what he said it would do. That night the Lord gave me a scene of a page in a book I had read depicting witchcraft and astral projection. (A familiar spirit is involved in witchcraft - astral projection.)

Upon awakening, I understood that the book was talking about a familiar spirit, Python, and God was revealing the truth about the tape. As I remembered the tape I knew for sure it was the work of the Python spirit in this lady's life since God had already taught me some of the attributes or mechanics of the Python spirit's actions. God simply jogged my memory a little with the scene of the page of the book.

Here is a condensing of the tape:

The woman is taken to hell, she says, by the Lord. They walk around in hell and she sees there are various pots of special tortures for those who did not finish their ministry from the Lord. There is a lot more in the tape I could talk about, but just with this you should be able to see why people would go to the altar, cry and repent, asking forgiveness for sinning and not working for the Lord more. Some very seriously promise God they will do better, etc.

This all looks good, just like when the lady with the familiar spirit followed Paul around saying, "These are the men of the most high God." It looked good that Paul had a live walking and talking billboard to bring attention to him and what he was doing. Paul finally got tired of it and cast the spirit out of her.

One of the things the Python is doing in the tape is to get people to make pledges or commitments they cannot accomplish on their own. This particular tape plants the idea that if a person sins and doesn't perform their calling they are going to hell, which is salvation by works. People make commitments at the altar and when they cannot fulfill the commitment they assume they are headed for hell and give up on everything concerning the Lord. You can see how the Python's religious spirit squeezes the life out of any Christian who falls into its trap. The person was trying and now they are not; they gave up.

I've been around people who say they quit trying to lead a Christian life because they fell into sin. This happened because church people have told them they are going to hell if they sin. This is one of the tactics of the religious Python spirit among God's people. This spirit is always spewing salvation unto eternal life through works, ignoring and belittling the work of the cross. There is a type of salvation (in the physical) gained through works but the Bible is clear that we do not and cannot gain salvation unto eternal life through our own works. It is through the cross! The Python belittles the work of the cross; it hates us and Jesus!

The Python can impersonate people, even Jesus, consequently leading people away from seeking God. It can reproduce people's voices and looks because it contains a familiar spirit.

Remember, Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world. Thus we see how easily a spirit can lead someone towards wealth and the desires of the flesh. Here is part of an advertisement from a psychic that offers both love and things of the world:

This e-mail broadcast is for a complimentary personal astrological reading!

"I was awarded $500,000.00...."

"A great salary...." "The man of my dreams...."

Satan comes as an angel of light, meaning it looks good but it is not the truth.

2Corinthians 11:14
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

11. Python Belittling the Work of the Cross


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