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Extra, Extra | Lady Finds
Reason for Mishap on Turnpike!

Because the tithe is to be used for the Lord's personal purposes (in His Name), tithing correctly excites a Christian who truly loves the Lord.

The disciples delivered the Lord's wealth in His Name! Learn correct purposes and how to deliver the tithe in the Lord's Name by reading below and watching the tithing and protection section of the movie.  Watch the teaching movie.


The Mechanics of Tithing
and its benefits!

God's Righteousness through
the Body of Christ!

The Middle Spot

Book Index:
Tithe book PDFand cover

Tithing Telugu PDF Book Cover
Urdu PDF
(Español PDF)

1.Why do the good ones go and the bad ones live?
2.The disciples knew how to deliver the Lord's | King's | treasury.
3.What does God say His treasury is to be spent on?
4.What changed at the cross when it comes to the Lord's tithe?
5.Give to God | What is happening when I don't give my tithe, or in faith, give . . .
6.My Experience with the Pardon of Debt! or . . . The curse causeless . . .
7.Legal Protection | The Lord Wants to Legally Protect His Bride!
8.Armor of God | God reveals His Protection is More Than I Thought it Was!
9.God Very Simply Demonstrates Proverbs 26: 1,2. . .
10.Extra, Extra,Lady Finds Spiritual Reason for Mishap on Turnpike.
11.God asked me, "Are you healthier than you were a year ago?"
12.Malachi 3 is prophetic to our time, or The Hard Part!
13.I Saw a Man of Silver, Immaculate in Nature
14.Jesus Dealt with the Devil with, "It is Written!"
15. “Will you yet trust Me?”
16. God Gives Insight: Tithe - Gifts
17. Tithing Basics
18. Tithing as the Lord's Bride in the Kingdom of God on Earth

You are at number 10 in the index.

Extra, Extra,
Lady Finds Spiritual Reason for Mishap on Turnpike.

    As you know I have asked the Lord to show me the fine lines when it comes to His protection, or hedge, around people who are not robbing Him. In short, what is allowed to happen and what is not allowed? It's that fine line of cursed or not cursed, or what are the "signs" pertinent to modern living?
    Take His Heart has a business card available on the net that says: Extra, Extra! Believers found missing in Heaven. This card comes from a vision I had on August 15, 1999. The scene,

 I was looking at what looked to be a book cover with newsworthy items all over it. "Extra! Extra! 48% of the believers are found missing in heaven!" & "Extra! Extra! Woman finds spiritual reason for mishap on the turnpike," were the ones that the Lord brought to my attention.

    It is obvious that both items are newsworthy and this article is to include you in why He revealed "Extra, Extra, Lady Finds Spiritual Reason for Mishap on Turnpike" should make the news! This turns out to be a continuing story concerning the lady who had trouble getting her state refund check, in the article God Very Simply Demonstrates Proverbs 26: 1,2 - His Protection from Troubles (curse).
    As usual, we are looking at "the things of the Spirit" that God gives to educate and show us things we haven't understood. The Lord continues to enlarge our picture of the protection He provides for us, if we'll just walk in it. I will refer to this lady as "Person B" like I did in the other article.
    To get us started in this "picture," I share a scene the Lord gave me on July 25, 1999, concerning tithing. (I have changed the names.)

I was riding in the back of John and Mary Doe's camper. They had blown both tires (Duals) on the right rear, had bought new ones and had arrived to where I had gotten into the camper. In conversation he informed me they were traveling by camper to where they were supposed to have flown. They had brought their camper because they thought this would "save money and not cost them as much" but the blown tires (troubles) had made it cost them more. (Of course they couldn't see this before they left home!)

    The picture was simple to me, as I had been asking the Lord for more understanding of tithing. It seemed to me that it is hard to see what a person is protected from when they are tithing correctly. You don't usually get to see what you were protected from. It is also hard to see what has come into your life that is there, and real, that wouldn't have been there if you had been protected. We shrug off troubles as a "natural thing" because we have been in them for decades, but God has already revealed troubles can be from a curse:

Proverbs 26: 1,2
As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honor is not seemly for a fool. As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.

    John was a farmer in real life but he got money from the government by doing the least he had to do to get that money. He's the only farmer I've ever known who seemed to operate that way. It was that "get something for nothing," lazy attitude. God used John because He knew that I knew his character. In the scene, the airplane was the right way to go (God's way, which is by faith) but the camper represents the natural way (vacation from God's way), which comes from our point of view in the natural. Faith is unseen. I knew God was showing me that not tithing correctly actually cost more in the long run, in the natural. It does take effort and faith to do it correctly! The enemy will come against you through the cares of the world, no matter how much money you have, or don't have. It's not really about money, it's about robbery! Satan doesn't want you under God's protection.
    God's timing is marvelous. I know He was preparing me to be able to recognize what was about to happen with Person B and Extra, Extra, Lady Finds Spiritual Reason for Mishap on Turnpike. You see, Person B had quit tithing again because she couldn't see how she could make it. She most certainly fits into what I've just said about not being able to see what has or hasn't happened, as far as "troubles" in our lives, when it comes to being protected and not protected. Don't get me wrong. I understand. I've been there and am very open to learning those fine lines.

    On July 27, 1999, two days after the scene about the camper, I was given a scene in the night that was fairly long and involved about person B.

I remember wondering what it was all about. I meditated on it and knew some things symbolically, but I surely didn't know why the Lord had given it to me. I share some of the dream for your understanding.

In the dream, Person B was living in a farm house I am very familiar with in the natural. This particular house sits in a low spot on a quarter of land. When it rains the back yard and the front yard, actually the whole yard, has a drainage problem. The place doesn't flood but it is a nuisance if it rains hard. In the scene a new road, a blacktop highway well marked with new paint, had been laid right up to the front door of the house where Person B was living. It was also revealed that Person B had a water leak in her section of the pipe line, to the east of the house. Person B was living in this house that didn't have a good foundation (loose cinder blocks with no mortar) and it was sitting in a problem area when it rained. In the scene the new highway had been put on top of the old drive and the asphalt also came in front of the house for parking space. It filled the front yard. All this was about a foot thick, or more, and it was the only thing that wouldn't have a problem with a hard rain. It was sloped and the water would run off. Because this had been laid, it probably would cause the problem in the back yard to be worse because the front yard would not hold water as before. I think that is enough to give you the picture.

    Well, on Aug. 4, I999, I received information that Person B had a mishap on the Kansas turnpike. She had encountered a hard rain from a small thunderstorm that seemed to just come from nowhere. It was one of those days where it looks like it will rain but doesn't. Well, it did on her. She hydroplaned, spinned in circles, and glanced off the concrete median several times. (The results? Basically a little paint off the bumper.) She had done all this in front of a large one-ton pickup and a semi in the two southbound lanes. They all miraculously came to a stop. The man in the pickup, directly behind her, told her he had thought, "She is dead for sure!"
    Hearing this, it hit me that this had to do with the dream, a "thing of the Spirit" I had concerning her! I then went back to look at a scene that concerned her (not one I shared with you) that was given to her and was a prelude to her first experience, explained in the previous article about "troubles" in her life. In this, her original scene, it had been revealed she would not get the message the first time and there would be a second happening. I hadn't caught that fact, but it was very obvious now.
    I now understood the scene of her living in a house without a proper foundation. That foundation is tithing correctly, as I have been witness to in all these articles. The new highway (high way), clearly marked, was symbolic of God's showing her the importance of tithing and his protections in everyday life. He had brought the easy way, the "high - way," to travel through life right up to her front door. He had made it plain to her, concerning His every day protections from troubles.
    The section of the water line belonging to her, that came from the north, had a leak at her joint in the pipe. This was symbolizing the water coming from God's throne that had been piped directly to her, from Him, through the Spirit, in the "things of the Spirit." She had a leak, symbolizing she didn't retain all that He had really given her.
    The house with the back yard, "where a fast rain causes problems," was symbolizing and most definitely connects this scene to the mishap (troubles) she had on the turnpike.

Proverbs 26: 1,2 (troubles)
As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honor is not seemly for a fool. As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.

    Troubles came to Person B when it rained hard and fast on the turnpike. Troubles come when it rains hard and fast in this particular yard, around this house, used symbolically by God to send us a message! He has most certainly painted a picture that says we should not be having wrecks, or even mishaps in everyday activities.
    I will be honest here, telling you that after all this happened and Person B had set her sight on tithing again, I could not see how to present this to you. You may have picked up that there were many more scenes, "things of the Spirit," concerning all this with Person B. This is true with every subject I have presented to you. There were many that were long. I wasn't sure which ones to present to you so you could understand. I thought there was no way and was going on with other things. That's when I had the vision on August 15, 1999, that contained the following, which certainly reveals that God is saying, "This should make news headlines to the world, and especially Christians!"

Extra, Extra, Lady Finds Spiritual Reason for Mishap on Turnpike!

    We must realize God is capable of protecting the masses. He did it with Israel in battle, and they received not a scratch! We are talking about hand-to-hand combat here! This is part of why the other nations feared Israel. God even prevented Israel's sandals from wearing out in the desert! We must realize that all of this came about from Israel being obedient at that time. God most certainly can protect us. HE IS GOD!


11.God asked me, "Are you healthier than you were a year ago?"

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