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Healthier You | The Lord Asked,
Are You Healthier than you were. . .

Because the tithe is to be used for the Lord's personal purposes (in His Name), tithing correctly excites a Christian who truly loves the Lord.

The disciples delivered the Lord's wealth in His Name! Learn correct purposes and how to deliver the tithe in the Lord's name by reading below and watching the tithing and protection section of the movie.  Watch the teaching movie.


The Mechanics of Tithing
and its benefits!

God's Righteousness through
the Body of Christ!

The Middle Spot

Book Index:
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Tithing Telugu PDF Book Cover
Urdu PDF
(Español PDF)

1.Why do the good ones go and the bad ones live?
2.The disciples knew how to deliver the Lord's | King's | treasury.
3.What does God say His treasury is to be spent on?
4.What changed at the cross when it comes to the Lord's tithe?
5.Give to God | What is happening when I don't give my tithe, or in faith, give . . .
6.My Experience with the Pardon of Debt! or . . . The curse causeless . . .
7.Legal Protection | The Lord Wants to Legally Protect His Bride!
8.Armor of God | God reveals His Protection is More Than I Thought it Was!
9.God Very Simply Demonstrates Proverbs 26: 1,2. . .
10.Extra, Extra,Lady Finds Spiritual Reason for Mishap on Turnpike.
11.God asked me, "Are you healthier than you were a year ago?"
12.Malachi 3 is prophetic to our time, or The Hard Part!
13.I Saw a Man of Silver, Immaculate in Nature
14.Jesus Dealt with the Devil with, "It is Written!"
15. “Will you yet trust Me?”
16. God Gives Insight: Tithe - Gifts
17. Tithing Basics
18. Tithing as the Lord's Bride in the Kingdom of God on Earth

You are at number 11 in the index.

God asked me,
"Are you healthier than you were a year ago?"

    I retorted with, "NO!" At the time my left ear was plugged up and I had taken some over-the-counter medicine but it hadn't done any good. A lady in this ministry told me it was a spiritual condition. I had no problem with what she said, because God has shown me many times the connection between physical ailments and the spirit realm. The reason I retorted with "NO" was because the Lord had been dealing with me concerning witnessing about my health. It appeared that something was happening, and I didn't want to do what He was saying because MY HEAD WAS PLUGGED UP ON THE LEFT SIDE! Wouldn't I look foolish telling people about what appears to be happening to my health, when I couldn't hear out of my left ear?
    Well, over the next three days I found myself repenting before the Lord because I was remembering how my health was a year ago. There is no question that I am much healthier now than I was a year ago! So what was God showing me before He finally asked me that question? He had been taking me back to the scriptures where He began teaching me about tithing correctly and He brought up another point. We have already talked about protections that come from obeying God, referring to these same scriptures. I have realized another benefit of working righteousness for Him. ...and thine health shall spring forth speedily:.... That benefit is what He was dealing with me about!

Isaiah 58:6 - 8
Is not this the fast that I (God ) have chosen? (God chose to do without His wealth - tithe) to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh? Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the Lord shall be thy rearward (protection, rear guard).

    I ask you to consider the following. I don't know all the facts yet but I will simply be a witness to some thoughts I've had over the years and then present an overview of what has happened in my life this past year concerning my health. I have known that Jesus never got sick and this was not because He was God. He fulfilled, or walked in, the covenant that was established by God in the earth at that time. In Deuteronomy 28, God reveals some symptoms, a picture, of being under a curse health-wise.

Deuteronomy 28:22
The Lord shall smite thee with a consumption (lung disease), and with a fever, and with an inflammation, and with an extreme burning, and with the sword, and with blasting, and with mildew; and they shall pursue thee until thou perish.

Deuteronomy 28:27
The Lord will smite thee with the botch (ulcer) of Egypt, and with the emerods (hemorrhoids), and with the scab, and with the itch, whereof thou canst not be healed.

What about our minds?

Deuteronomy 28:28
The Lord shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart:

    God says to the harlot in scripture, "Let us reason together." So let's reason here. If being under a curse produces these symptoms health-wise, then it is very logical that you won't have these symptoms when you are not under a curse!
    Jesus never got a fever! Did He hit His finger, or pinch His hand when He was a carpenter? I don't know. Did He turn His ankle when He was a child? I don't know. Did He get skinned up, or bruised before the time of the cross? I don't know. The Bible says God established a covenant of better promises through Jesus, and of course, that is when eternal life was made possible. Saved people no longer go to the upper parts of Hell, Abraham's bosom. They have obtained eternal life with God, something the old covenant didn't provide.
    But, I remember thinking the old covenant provided a better life on this planet than the new one. After all, if they followed God as they should, they wouldn't even get a fever. I have never seen this phenomenon in the people of God who are supposedly walking in this New Covenant. I have seen fevers rebuked, in the name of Jesus, and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. The ensuing explanation was that there was a lack of faith, which ultimately brings condemnation to those Jesus' name didn't work for.
    I finally realized that the covenant of better promises also had to include the promises in the Old Covenant, or it wasn't better! Now, is it better for you to rebuke a fever or for God to keep it off you in the first place? God's promises of the good life must include the idea of not having the bad things happen to us, that He says come on us from being under a curse! Having said these things, let me witness to some things that appear to be happening in my life.
    A year ago or so, I couldn't walk a block without my arm aching. I was also having prostate problems. To establish as a record, when I married my present wife she introduced me to the fact that the Bible says the herbs were God's medicine for the healing of the nations. So I have taken them off and on through the years and I was taking them for my prostate several years ago. She also started me on vitamins, after we got married, so none of this has to do with God's question about my health over the past year. We are not talking about being healed but walking in health. I have known Christians who don't believe we should be dying of diseases. My mother was one of them. She was a woman of faith, and she still died of cancer!
    God told me to be honest before men and there is one thing that I have changed about my eating habits. Am I detracting from God and His question to me? I don't think so, but you can judge that. I now focus on getting enough protein in my diet because of earthly knowledge, and what the Bible warns us of in the latter times. (In latter times they will be saying to abstain from meats, Timothy 4:1-3) This is a warning to us.
    The priests in the Old Testament ate the meat and the fat off the altar. God was not trying to kill them! God also told Israel to buy only water and meat when they were under stress, traveling towards their promised land. As to the earthly knowledge, protein is the re-builder of our bodies. If you don't get enough to rebuild, your cells struggle! It takes a lot more protein, every day, than we think. Now, did God show me and thine health shall spring forth speedily in (Isaiah) to bring attention to protein? NO! I am just being honest with you about the only eating change in my life.
    Is it possible that I have been tithing correctly long enough and come into obedience enough to have health start to rise, as promised, in my life? I can't prove it, and this bothered me, not having clinical records as proof. Then I realized a doctor's record doesn't mean anything. My mother was given a clean bill of health and the doctor said there was no sign of any cancer in her body. That's recorded! Within weeks the same doctor was telling her that her body was full of cancer beyond help! Records don't really mean much as proof, do they?
    Like I said, I can't prove anything. But I can tell you, I can run a block now. I'm not having prostate problems, to any degree of what I had a year ago. I would tell you I have no prostate problems at all but I do notice some symptoms once in a great while. That tells you how insignificant it is. I'm just being honest here. I am not taking herbs for my prostate and haven't for well over a year. What did God do? He took me to and thine health shall spring forth speedily and was showing me it is a fruit of what He has taught me about tithing correctly! It's a fruit of not robbing him! No wonder God says harlotry is a way to death!
    As I was driving down the highway, praying about this article and whether I should mention my change in eating habits, suddenly I saw a vision in the distance. A man was being bitten by a snake and he just shook it off. He did no rebuking. He did no praying. I knew it had to be Paul. You see at that time he was walking with God and working righteousness, so he had health protection from poisons! God is saying to us that if we will walk in covenant, which is to walk in the Word of the Lord's Kingdom, we can have all these protections He has shown us. The bottom line of walking in the invisible Kingdom of God is to handle the King's money correctly and not rob him. Every government on the earth is established for its citizen's protection. But know this, there is no government on earth that can protect a citizen when they are breaking the laws of that country by committing robbery. Paul said we as Christians establish the laws of God. Which is to say, we establish God's Word in the earth. God wants to protect us in the spirit realm!
    Does all this say we are to walk into a den of snakes to prove our protections? No, that would be tempting God. That is what the devil was trying to get Jesus to do when he told Jesus to cast Himself down off the mountain. God is very simply saying, if you are walking in covenant with Him you are protected! We cannot be in covenant with God if we are robbing Him. That's what getting married to the Lord is, coming into complete Covenant with Him in every area of His Word.
    God asked me, "Are you healthier than you were a year ago?" He didn't ask if I was completely healthy. He asked if I was healthier! I am healthier and that is undeniable, at this point. He brought attention to this part of my life because He wants me to be a witness of what His Word says about the matter!
    In closing this article, I share a vision a lady had years ago. In this vision, Christians were being taken to the hospital by the people of the world, to see why they weren't getting sick! Boy, will the King get the glory when that comes to pass! Would that ever separate the Bride (Queen) from the rest of the world! What a way for the glory of the Bride to be seen, separating her from the Harlot. What a way for the kingdom of God to get glorified! What a way for the Glory of the Lord to be seen by the world!

Isaiah 58: 8
... and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the Lord shall be thy rearward (Protection).


12.Malachi 3 is prophetic to our time, or The Hard Part!

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