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Legal Protection |The Lord Wants to
Legally Protect His Bride!

Because the tithe is to be used for the Lord's personal purposes (in His Name), tithing correctly excites a Christian who truly loves the Lord.

The disciples delivered the Lord's wealth in His Name! Learn correct purposes and how to deliver the tithe in the Lord's name by reading below and watching the tithing and protection section of the movie.  Watch the teaching movie.


The Mechanics of Tithing
and its benefits!

God's Righteousness through
the Body of Christ!

The Middle Spot

Book Index:
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1.Why do the good ones go and the bad ones live?
2.The disciples knew how to deliver the Lord's | King's | treasury.
3.What does God say His treasury is to be spent on?
4.What changed at the cross when it comes to the Lord's tithe?
5.Give to God | What is happening when I don't give my tithe, or in faith, give . . .
6.My Experience with the Pardon of Debt! or . . . The curse causeless . . .
7.Legal Protection | The Lord Wants to Legally Protect His Bride!
8.Armor of God | God reveals His Protection is More Than I Thought it Was!
9.God Very Simply Demonstrates Proverbs 26: 1,2. . .
10.Extra, Extra,Lady Finds Spiritual Reason for Mishap on Turnpike.
11.God asked me, "Are you healthier than you were a year ago?"
12.Malachi 3 is prophetic to our time, or The Hard Part!
13.I Saw a Man of Silver, Immaculate in Nature
14.Jesus Dealt with the Devil with, "It is Written!"
15. “Will you yet trust Me?”
16. God Gives Insight: Tithe - Gifts
17. Tithing Basics
18. Tithing as the Lord's Bride in the Kingdom of God on Earth

You are at number 7 in the index.

Legal Protection | The Lord Wants to
Legally Protect His Bride!

(As a perfect Husband would!)

    God says to shout from the roof tops what He shows us in the night. So here I will share some of the 'things of the Spirit' that the Lord gave me after I placed these two articles on the web.

What is happening when I don't give my tithe or, in faith, give it to a church that is unknowingly spending it for harlotrous purposes?

My Experience with the Pardon of Debt! or
. . .The curse causeless shall not come. Proverbs 26:1,2

    As I was writing the above articles and placing them on the web I was asking the Lord where the line of protection is for happenings in our day if we'll tithe correctly. In other words, what should and what shouldn't be happening when you have a hedge around you? Here are five scenes, four of which are 'pictures of protection'!

Given - December 16, 1998

The first two scenes have to do with:

Malachi 3: 9-11
Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts.

The first scene was a wall of money on a vine coming at me as a tidal wave. It was very tall and went to my left and right as far as I could see! I was standing on God's side of the altar and the wall of money was coming at me from on the people's side of the altar.

Proverbs 13: 22 . . . and the wealth of the sinner (wicked) is laid up for the just (righteous).

I hope you see the wall of money, presented by the Holy Spirit, in relation to Malachi 3: 9-11 & Proverbs 13:22. I have heard the prosperity message preached from these two scriptures. I've seen churches built on preaching that message because people like to hear it. But it has never come to pass as scripture indicates. There is a reason!

The second scene is a picture of a type of protection!

I present it in image form in the hope you will be able to understand it even better. The image is of a portion of my dad's farm.  A creek runs through the trees. There are two creeks that affect this field that lies between his house and the first creek. I know where the flood line is and have indicated it for you on the image.
    When this vision was opened to me by the Holy Spirit, I was looking down on the field from above my dad's house at about eight hundred feet. I was wondering what the gray object was that almost fully circled the field. From that position it looked to be what I would call frilly. I was wondering how to farm this field inside what appeared to be a frilly wall!

Suddenly I was on the ground standing in the back yard in an opening, indicated by the purple dot.

( I have prepared another image for you to see and I placed people in the picture to give an idea of the size of what I saw. )


 I was standing between what I could then fully discern to be two freshly poured concrete walls. I could only see the sloped inside wall from where I was. I walked to the left wall and soon passed around the end of it to surprisingly see that the wall was straight up and down on the outside. It was then that I knew for sure what it was. It was a flood wall, with no seams, around this whole field! I reached out and touched the wall to realize the concrete was of such quality that I have never seen in real life. I also knew the concrete extended down into the ground as pictured. I then walked back between the walls realizing they came to the flood line and that there was no way this field could flood anymore. End of vision.
    It is not hard to realize that both the money scene and the wall of protection from the enemy's flood has to do with Malachi 3: 9-11. But why did I first see the wall as looking frilly? The Lord is dealing with me, and you, because I know there are those out there who feel the same way I do about the winds of doctrines that have gone through the church. I'm tired of them and don't want to be a part of them. That is why I preach and teach very little that hasn't been demonstrated to me by God to be true. God is giving us 'these things of the Spirit' to build our faith, so we can take the necessary steps to come into His divine protection. It takes steps, and steps take time. It's not a snap of the fingers! The wall had looked to be frilly to me from the distance. But upon examination I was surprised to see it was real and most certainly not frilly! The Lord is saying to me and you that this is not a frill, not a wind of doctrine. It is real. It is the way it is, If you will deliver His tithe correctly and not rob Him:

. . . I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts.

    Why was I wondering about how to farm this field? Looking back at the picture, you will notice that the only way into this protected field to farm it is through the back yard. There is NO OTHER WAY INTO IT! The back yard has to do with your back side and God's protection of it! God wants to protect your back side, as I have explained in the previous articles. From the scene the Holy Spirit has given us, that protection starts in your back yard and then encircles the fruit of your ground!
    What does this wall protect you from? One place to look in the Bible is at the signs in Deuteronomy 28 of being under a curse, knowing these things should not be happening, but I'll let you review them for yourself.
    The enemy comes in like a flood! Look at how he came into Job's life like a flood. Realizing that God's hedge (that line of protection) had been holding back these identifiable types of attacks.

Job 1:13-19
And there was a day when his sons and his daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brother's house: And there came a messenger unto Job, and said, The oxen were plowing, and the asses feeding beside them: And the Sabeans fell upon them, and took them away; yea, they have slain the servants with the edge of the sword; and I only am escaped alone to tell thee. While he was yet speaking, there came also another, and said, The fire of God is fallen from heaven, and hath burned up the sheep, and the servants, and consumed them; and I only am escaped alone to tell thee. While he was yet speaking, there came also another, and said, The Chaldeans made out three bands, and fell upon the camels, and have carried them away, yea, and slain the servants with the edge of the sword; and I only am escaped alone to tell thee. While he was yet speaking, there came also another, and said, Thy sons and thy daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brother's house: And, behold, there came a great wind from the wilderness, and smote the four corners of the house, and it fell upon the young men, and they are dead; and I only am escaped alone to tell thee.

    Then Satan obtains permission to attack Job's own body!

Job 2:5-8
But put forth thine hand now, and touch his bone and his flesh, and he will curse thee to thy face. And the Lord said unto Satan, Behold, he is in thine hand; but save his life. So went Satan forth from the presence of the Lord, and smote Job with sore boils from the sole of his foot unto his crown. And he took him a potsherd to scrape himself withal; and he sat down among the ashes.

Given - Dec. 22, 1998, Another picture of a type of God's protection.

It was revealed in the scene that if I would walk in covenant with God and follow after the 'things of the Spirit' (which was shown to be a part of walking in covenant with God), I would be protected supernaturally! At the end of the scene I was walking through a crowd of people who wanted to lay hands on me to destroy me but they could only come within about two feet of me and they could not lay one hand on me. I reached out and actually touched one person with my hand and spoke a kind word to him, but they couldn't touch me!

    This reminded me of Jesus' supernatural protection provided because He walked in the covenant already established by His Father in the earth and followed the 'things of the Spirit' (obedience). These scriptures portray the same kind of supernatural protection I experienced in the vision!

Luke 4:28-30
And all they in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were filled with wrath, And rose up, and thrust him out of the city, and led him unto the brow of the hill whereon their city was built, that they might cast him down headlong. But he passing through the midst of them went his way

    All those in the synagogue were hot after Jesus' life, but Jesus' divine protection kicked in. This was not a small group of people.

John 8:57-59
Then said the Jews unto him, Thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham? Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am. Then took they up stones to cast at him: but Jesus hid himself, and went out of the temple, going through the midst of them, and so passed by.

John 8:19-20
Then said they unto him, Where is thy Father? Jesus answered, Ye neither know me, nor my Father: if ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also. These words spake Jesus in the treasury, as he taught in the temple: and no man laid hands on him; for his hour was not yet come.

    Jesus said no man could take His life unless He laid it down. Why? His Father's covenant protection.

Given - Dec. 25, 1998, Another picture concerning protection!

 I was taken into a room that was a place of rest. It was large, like an auditorium with wooden floors and walls. On the northeast wall (this place did not set square with the world) were many doors, not people doors, but rectangular doors and square doors of all sizes that covered the wall up to about the 15-16 foot level. These doors were all shut. The only way to open them was from the inside! In the scene, I was shown that workers in the church don't know this room exists! The most amazing thing about this place was that it doesn't cost anything to stay there.
    This room was a place of rest and protection. All the doors that the enemy could come through were shut. A person on the inside would have to open them to the enemy! A picture of a person opening one of these small doors after they were in this place, would be deliberate disobedience to something the Lord told them to do or not to do. The reason why God is saying it doesn't cost anything to stay in this place is this fact. The tithe is the Lord's and when you deliver it you have given nothing ( it has cost you nothing ) because it is God's and never WAS yours! He entrusted you with it, but if you rob Him of it by not delivering it right, you have no way of getting into this place.

Given - Dec 26, 1998, Another picture of protection!

 In the scene I was in a confined area in prison when some men, with whom I wasn't acquainted, wanted to kill me for doing something good. I wasn't sure which of the men there wanted to kill me. I was walking through the courtyard, wanting to hide, when a couple of men came right up to me and said, "Get under here." It was under a frame of something. I sat down under it and men squeezed in round me, with a couple sitting beside me so I wouldn't look conspicuous. The men came who wanted to kill me! It was like the Mafia looking for me. They never found me because of the protection of strangers, who knew whom the enemy was.

    The general picture here is that God sometimes uses men to protect whom He wants to protect.

Acts 18: 9-10
Then spake the Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace: For I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee: for I have much people in this city.

The Lord wants to legally protect His bride-to-be.

    As a young man about to be married I was very protective of my bride-to-be and that carried over into my marriage. I can tell you, after being in heaven, the Lord wants to protect His Bride-to-be in a measure that, because of His love, is far beyond our understanding. To tell you of His love for us, you should know that Jesus would have done what He did for us - even if He knew there would only be one person accept what He did! He would have done what He did for one person! One person saved! Please get a grasp of this. Know that the Lord wants to protect the church from its enemy! To understand a little of the problem, let me present a picture. This applies to a man who has been married, is just getting married, or is going to get married.
    We are looking at a man about to be married to a girl who is committing acts of stealing from her future husband, and she is being intimate with other men (harlotry). This man loves his wife-to-be, without measure, and he forgives her on a continuing basis. One day the police (devil) come and arrest the wife-to-be, taking her into captivity. There is absolutely nothing the loving future husband can do, even though he has forgiven her. She is held captive because it is a legal matter! I hope you can see a parallel to Jesus' position concerning His Church/Bride-to-be. If you'll really look, it is not hard to see that the church in the world is unknowingly being held captive.
    In the original prophecy to this ministry God said, "I desire to give you the prize!" I didn't understand this and thought, "This is the creator of the universe speaking; if He wants to give it to us why doesn't He?" God personally said this to me when He was dealing with me about this ministry and its purpose, "I want to build something that can't be torn down!"  It's all a matter of legalities! God cannot protect His Bride-to-be if she is robbing Him! It would be illegal! No matter how much He loves her, or she loves Him.

8.Armor of God | God reveals His Protection is More Than I Thought it Was!

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