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"My Marriage Feast, My Way for the World!"


"My Marriage Feast, My Way for the World!"
A Golden Leading Edge!

The Lord has told me to render a picture of His Marriage Feast His Way. He wants everyone to understand His Golden Leading Edge that He created as part of the Wedding Feast and is able leading_edgeto reach the whole world!

Understand, the feast is feasting on God's Words given in His Millennial days. We are in those days whether we believe it or not!

Meeting 12-16-2021 RS
HP - Persevere
HH - Take a strong stance / one that lasts for eternity / Yes, a strong stance of truth / truth lasts forever / I am truth / remember? / Yes Lord, You are the truth, the light, the way / well said / Marriage Feast, Marriage Feast, Marriage Feast / My Marriage Feast, My way for the world / who can receive? / who can comprehend? / who wants to walk with Me perfected? / many facets of benefits / who will recognize the chosen of this age? / ....

Meeting 12-20-2021 RS
HP - Render / render all truths manifest / render My will manifest / render the destruction of man's evil plans / I say render / remain compassionate towards mankind / render truth in front of them / render the picture of truth concerning My Marriage Feast / render, render, render / move on

Years ago the Lord gave me pictures to render that have to do with His River of Life covering the whole earth. I didn't understand it all then but I understand a lot more now.

pathwaysThe Lord showed me pathways, many more than depicted, going out to places all over the earth from "The Hill God calls 'the Place.'"` At the end points of those pathways He showed pathways going out in all directions from those points! Quite a picture when put together!

It is only Logical that some of those pathways go to the Lord's 'Staffs of silence' He showed me years ago, all over the earth,.

There is a picture on this site of the 'Wedding Table' of fine dishes and silverware. The table and dishes are transparent glass which is purified Gold! glass tableNow the Lord has added to the
picture of the 'Wedding Feast table' by revealing the 'Container' holding His 'Feast' of His Words that we are to eat and digest! The container is HIs Leading Edge and He just recently revealed that it is Golden!

The Leading Edge:
First we need to understand that the Leading Edge is almost 100%, filled with the Lord's Rhema Words, all "things of the Spirit!"

Romans 8:1
There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

So we see easily we are to walk after the Spirit! Good reason to read and absorb the Lord's Leading Edge sent out on a regular basis. Anyone can absorb the archives containing the Lord's Leading Edge. This all has to do with feasting on the Feast of words, the Lord's Words on a continuing basis.

The Lord told us to send out His Leading Edge and we started on February 18, 2017. At the time we had no idea the Leading Edge would play a role in the Lord's Marriage Feast. We were just obeying. We have had reports from churches and individuals that the Leading Edge is helping them in this pandemic. What I have underlined is one of the manifestations we can recognize in what the Lord said in the first Leading Edge sent out! It is below for you to read for yourself. Read on.

When I went back to find out when we started distributing the Lord's Leading Edge I was curious and decided to read what He had us send out the first time! It is no coincidence that the words written in the first Leading Edge publication reveal some of what a person can learn and absorb from reading the Lord's Leading Edge. I am presenting those Words below but first I present one sentence out of those words the Lord showed me to separate out and make a point with. I have bolded the sentence here and also in the Lords words.

" The days that are ahead you will need My counsel."


The first message:
(Understand that the meetings the Lord mentions below are done with the protocols the Lord gave us to walk in to produce what the Lord calls a Golden Meeting!)

February 18, 2017 A word shall come forth. A word shall come forth. A word of promise, a word of truth, a word to cut through the darkness. Once you realize My laws are set in place, nothing can shake you from them. Every meeting I give increases your faith. Little by little, ever increasing more and more. Tell My people. Tell My people to come into agreement with Me. Do not people who have meetings come into agreement with each other? Come to the fountains of living water. Why reject this fountain when it is here for you? This word is for My people. The babes who are ready. Come unto Me, says the Lord. Come unto Me and you shall never thirst. I require only obedience. Let Me grow your faith and mature your vessel. Come into My counsel. I am waiting for you. The days that are ahead you will need My counsel. Abide under My shadow. This is where safety and peace are. Heed My prophets. For surely they have drank the cup I have given them, therefore, heed My word through them. Yay, I send them unto My people for mercy, correction, judgment, and truth. My word is alive and it bears fruit. Eat of that fruit and come alive. For surely those who reject My word, reject it and turn to vanities. I am waiting for you. Will you come and meet with Me and counsel with Me? I have made the way. I have rent the veil of the flesh. Come and put on the veil of My Spirit. Come, come. The Lord your God has spoken.

Why the importance of, "The days that are ahead you will need My counsel."?
Few people realize we are in the Millennial Age of time when all of the Book of Revelation will come to pass. The fact is, pressure must be applied for mankind to turn to God! One small example is what the Lord told me in a Golden Meeting on 2-21-2020:

Traditions / traditions of men need to be spoken to ............/ when I bring hardship upon mankind, some of mankind's traditions will collapse / mankind will even try to hang on to their traditions /....

Are the promises in the first Leading Edge sent out for you? Yes, not only for you but for all of mankind. Here is a Word the Lord gave loud and clear: "I didn’t create mankind perfect, so mankind could grow up into Me!" The Lord loves Mankind. I saw this when I was in heaven, so I am a witness of this fact. People reading and absorbing the Lord's Rhema words will change them! Why? because the Lord's rhema words create and the Holy Spirit manifests His Words if we allow it!

The Lord's "Double Portion:"

We need to walk in or on the Lord's double portion to bring in the results of the double portion the Lord wants to give us as Christians in this Third Day of the Lord. The Lord has been dealing with us concerning His double portion for some time. We took a double portion to Washington DC when the Lord sent His Core there for His purposes. He told us what to do and that it was an Exploit! The Lord told me we needed to go, that we were taking 'Hope' for this nation, that there wasn't enough 'Hope' in this Nation to survive.

We learned so much in preparing and going to Washington DC. I share a little of the experience to hopefully stir your spirit for the things of the Lord! The Lord had us take special things into our beings. The Lord showed us what He was putting in us would come out of our feet as we walked around the capital once every day for seven days. We started every day at High noon and walked in complete silence without utterance, just as in the Battle of Jericho. The Lord works in silence and that's why there is going to be staffs of silence all over the world.

The meanings of our names, sometimes first, sometimes last, all played a part in the legalities of what the Lord was doing in the spirit realm. The Lord had named the car we took a "covenant car" and it was covenant red. The whole thing was a portrayal and the symbols had to be right, not that I have shared them all with you here.

We met in a Golden Meeting with the Lord every morning to get instructions from the Lord. It was certainly a Boot Camp learning Exploit. On the seventh day in our walk we came upon a group singing Halleluyahs and blowing shofars. The Lord told Kyle it was a sign. We also learned later a rainbow was seen at the capital building on that day. It was certainly a blessing to us knowing what had taken place.

The Lord told me to make a music disk for the Bride to play. The Core played it often as we drove there. The Lord gave us the songs and the order of the songs. The Lord had me put an echo into the songs to create a double portion as the music played. Music is powerful and the word's we sang are truth. I have placed the face of the music disk here because the Lord gave us what to put on it. His purposes were all aimed at the government of the United States. (The Lord had told me years ago that the government was corrupt!) The Lake of Fire part of the picture is what the Lord is coming against! Yes, all things described have been and are going on in the government at this time! The list below the trumpet is what the Lord wants to bring forth! Yes, America was always intended to be a Beacon of Light to the World. The whole trip was put together and legally done as a portrayal for the Lord to accomplish what He wants with the government.

I am revealing these things to help convince people that they need to be receiving the Lord's Leading Edge and absorbing what is in it! Without the Leading Edge the Exploit for the Lord concerning Washington DC could not have happened the way it did! The Lord connected His Leading Edge to His Double Portion the first night after I started this article through a scene in the night. That's one of His Patterns that He uses with me.

Monday, December 20, 2021 RS
I was looking at two layers of flooring, Both layers were made of square tile representing separate pieces put together just the way the Holy Spirit teaches, here a little and there a little. One layer was very thick and darker than the second layer which was a light color. I was shown it didn't matter which layer was on top, they just both had to be there. End of scene.

The two layers represent a double portion. I asked Kyle to write something to give some understanding about the Lord's double portion in His Last Days:

Concerning the Double Portion

The Lord said, “A double portion under the new covenant is different because it is working through a covenant that ratified the whole world.” When God made a covenant with Israel in the wilderness after delivering them from their captivity in Egypt, Israel was unlike any other nation on the face of the earth. This was a legal matter because this was the nation God was going to bring His Son, Jesus Christ through in flesh and blood. The legalities did not stop there! God does everything legally and has boundaries for every purpose He brings forth as we also see in creation.

We also see something else that worked in this covenant was the double portion of God’s Spirit. This operated in Elisha, the Prophet's life, after he saw Elijah taken from him. “Nowhere else under the Old Covenant do we see this double portion operating besides within the nation of Israel.  It did not operate within any other nation.”   Why? Because the covenant God made with Israel only ratified that nation and not the whole world. It was only for Israel and the promises given to them that were made to their forefathers. God does operate this way and has reserved blessings and promises for individuals, families and even nations. In understanding this, we can understand more what the Lord said in, “A double portion under the new covenant is different because it is working through a covenant that ratified the whole world.”

Through Christ’ life, death, burial, and resurrection He ratified and changed things in heaven and in earth. For it is written, “But now hath he obtained a more excellent ministry, by how much also he is the mediator of a better covenant, which was established upon better promises (Hebrews 8:6). The new covenant ratified the whole world and not only a nation as did the first covenant. That is why we only see the double portion working under the Old Covenant within the nation of Israel that occurred between the transitioning of two Prophets. Now the double portion can operate worldwide because of the legalities of this New Covenant that was established on better promises.

Another point to consider is the timing of this now unfolding and manifesting. We are in the Lord’s Third Day! He has already begun ruling and reigning in the earth. We are approaching the day of rest after this 1,000 years is fulfilled, which will be legally shortened as well. This same “Third Day,” also known as the “Day of the Lord” is the same as the Six Day from when creation fell. They are superimposed one into the other. Simply put, there were three days or “3,000 years” before the coming of Christ in the flesh. Then another 2 days passed or “2,000 years” and now we have entered the Third Day, which is also the Sixth Day. We are moving into the Seventh Day, which is the Day of Rest. This will take a double portion to get to and enter it! We see this same pattern operating in the Old Testament. It is a prophetic parallel to understand the pattern God has already legally established in the earth by His will, plans, timing and purposes.

Exodus 16: 22, 29
22 And it came to pass, that on the sixth day they gathered twice as much bread, two omers for one man: and all the rulers of the congregation came and told Moses.

29 See, for that the Lord hath given you the sabbath, therefore he giveth you on the sixth day the bread of two days; abide ye every man in his place, let no man go out of his place on the seventh day.

Just as God provided a double portion of manna for the Israelites in the wilderness, so is God doing the same in His Third Day for the whole world by pouring out a double portion of His Spirit. Not only in gifts, but the bread of life that comes in Spirit and in truth. It is needed and given for a purpose and that purpose is to bring us into God’s seventh Day, His Day of Rest, that all might be fulfilled that has been written. This was portrayed in the Man-Child portrayal done in a Judgment Meeting setting in December of 2013. A double portion of cellophane was wrapped around a prop that represented the whole earth to signify a double portion of God’s Spirit being poured out. It is a part of His Prophetic Time Clock and is now coming to pass. It must start from somewhere!
Kyle Eatherly

The Lord said, Everyone in the world is called to His Kingdom! So we see the Lord is inviting all of mankind to receive His Leading Edge and join His Marriage Feast! Is this possible? Yes, all things are possible with the Lord! Mankind needs the Lord's Word as He said,"A word of promise, a word of truth, a word to cut through the darkness." There is already plenty of darkness out there now! Step back and take a good look!

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