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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
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Mankind Doesan't Know Who Their Enemy is. Write!


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The Lord said, "Mankind Doesn't Know Who Their Enemy is. Write!"


Meeting 10-20-2016
Pick up the pen and write / Majestic am I / Majestic in all things / Majestic in Love / Majestic in grace / Majestic in leading / Majestic in Heart / Majestic in caring / I care for mankind / Oh! that they could understand / It is My will for them to understand / are they listening? / is My church listening? / Oh, that they would listen to My counsel / Oh, that they would learn who their enemy is / speak, that mankind would listen / speak, that My church will listen / for those who start listening is a giant step in the spirit realm / a wonderful step that pleases Me / Oh, that they would please Me with this step / woe to those who don’t listen to My counsel / My council is important in these days / My day / the Day of the Lord!

Do you know that the first sin was refusing the council of the Lord?


Meeting 8-10-2017
Allow Me to speak / yes, Lord; I picked up my pen expecting / I have come to thresh My floors / to separate / to divide / to reveal Myself / My ways / My spirit is alive and moving in the earth / seek Me / find Me / lay down false doctrines inspired by the enemy / learn of your enemy / seek Me, seek Me, seek Me / know Me / it is My desire that you know Me / to do this you must learn My ways / I am your King / treat Me so / step by step learn of Me / fear not Me / fear not / I am a God of love and righteous judgements / seek judgements / seek judgements that you may have My grace / My grace is boundless and free flowing / My desire is that every person be saved / think not, think not this not to be true / Forgiveness abounds / I Am Who I Am

I remember one of the first things the Lord ever asked me was this: "What would it be like to live if the enemy had no access into your life?" I was shocked at the possibility of this and had no clue how that could actually happen. I had no real concept of who Satan is nor his cohorts. As a kid I thought him to be kind of like mother nature. So I ask you,"What would it be like to live if the enemy had no access into your life?" If you have kids or relatives, wouldn't you want to learn so you could understand and help stop the enemy's access into their lives? I can tell you the Lord wants His people to understand a lot of things they haven't known before. It's the time predicted in the Bible where God is pouring His Spirit out on the earth. It is the time in which Jesus said, nothing would be hidden. It is "The Day of the Lord!"

"Nothing Hidden" includes information about God and how He works, never known before, and also about Satan and how he works, never known before. God has patterns and Satan has patterns. Does mankind understand these things? Does mankind know Satan and his cohorts have had access to their lives unknown to them? So it's a great time to be alive, its a great time to learn from the Lord!

Note: The Lord told this group He was taking us deep to reveal to us things never known by man before! It's all for His purposes!


I will never forget the day the Lord said to me, "Not all your thoughts are your own!" I was instantly angry and thought something like this, "Nothing is tampering with anything inside my skull, my thoughts are my thoughts!" I was in a 'huff' and certainly in 'pride' big time. I had not believed the Lord and unknown to me, He was about to change my mind!

So I encountered Satan one day as I was delivering feed to a feedlot on another farm. Suddenly, I was looking at Satan standing on the ground some distance away from me. I was standing on the top of my feed truck. He was pointing his finger up and out, yelling, cursing at God in anger, "You son of a bitch" along with other vile things. His words were resonating into my mind and body to where I actually thought Satan's words were my thoughts. They were! I was becoming sick knowing Satan wanted me to have a heart attack! I pleaded with God saying, "I don't say those kind of things, I have never said those kind of things." It was true!

This was a perfect demonstration of Satan's words becoming our thoughts without us knowing it. (God had simply opened the third dimension up for me to see what Satan was doing in the fourth dimension, unknown to me. He was exposed! ) I had learned my lesson that all my thoughts are not my own as the Lord had said!

This occurrence of Satan and his cohorts abilities to influence the minds of mankind was also demonstrated to me in a real life situation. Later in life I had an assignment from the Lord in another state and the Lord let me know Satan was going to try to stop me from doing the assignment. I was now a manager of a feed mill making feed for farmers. Right before the time came for me to go to my assignment, I was becoming overloaded with orders for feed. On top of that, I also had to deal with the man who was to take my place by saying he wasn't capable of doing it. It was quite ridiculous as he is 'a go-getter' and I knew he was very capable. I knew his thoughts were from the enemy, unknown to him. I worked my way through all this, made my assignment, and returned.

A few days after I returned, one of the farmers, who had ordered feed during that "over load time,” told me he didn't really need the feed, he just thought he would request it ahead of time to get it over with. What a lesson, what a picture!

We must all understand that Satan and his cohorts can and will use feelings and inject thoughts with the express purpose to lead mankind astray. Always remember that fact! That's what he did with Adam and Eve. Understand that Satan and his cohorts mimic God's ways of doing things. He is out to disrupt (even the timing) of what God is doing in and through man. God works through man because He gave all authority to man when it concerns the earth. It's a legal situation. God says, "My people perish for the lack of knowledge!" Mankind, not knowing Satan and His cohorts are thought givers, has landed an astounding amount of humans in jail and in Hell. That's part of Satan's goal!

Speaking plainly before I move on to another subtitle there is something that needs to be understood. When Satan or his cohorts give "a thought," like telling a male he is not a male but a female, he will always give the feeling to the person of being a female. If that person entertains that thought and accepts it, then an evil spirit takes up residence in that person within that particular untruth. And through that spirit's legal residence, that person continues to feel like the opposite sex!

A friend of mine was asking the Lord about people caught up in this type of activity. The Lord said, "These people are confused!" The Bible is very clear about the author of confusion being Satan. He does it by giving mankind thoughts without mankind knowing what's happening, just like the Lord showed me. This must be learned. Spirits reside in untruths and they can come to completely posses a person, totally unknown by that person! One identifier of satanic activity can be seen in some headlines, for instance, I read this morning: XXXX XXXXXX acted ‘really odd’ before slaying family: (Reported by neighbor)


Through the years after my experience of actually seeing Satan, the Lord has consistently given me information step by step to help my understanding of how the enemy works, what he uses to enter our lives. This includes revealing some of the things Satan has done using the minds of mankind to produce objects for his own use, all unknown to mankind. I list a few to hopefully grab your interest.

1. In the 2017 Las Vegas massacre there were 59 killed and almost 500 hurt. According to some articles, the largest massacre committed by an individual in United States history! It happened at a Black pyramid-shaped building with a Sphinx in front of it. The moment I saw the layout of the situation, the Lord said to me, "It happened because of the pyramid shaped building!" I knew Satan had done a work in the killer's mind, he was totally out of control of his mind during the incident. The pyramid shaped building was involved in Satan's abilities to bring the massacre to pass. For your information the Lord told me pyramids are "territorial"! For who? The enemy!

The next two examples of Satan's revealed hidden activities in the Minds of men unknown to them are revealed in some 'edicts' of the Lord. An edict is basically a proclamation by a person with authority. The Lord said edicts from Him come like a parade. These are the first two edicts I ever heard, and they did pass by me like a parade!

Edict 1. "I did not create denominations so they could buffet each other. Satan did!

Edict 2. "I did not create the Taliban, Satan did!"

All this is eye opening, isn't it? The Lord wants mankind to understand who their enemy is and how he works through them! I Remember the Lord said, referring to the no. 1 edict, "...seek Me / find Me / lay down false doctrines inspired by the enemy..."
an official order or proclamation issued by a person in authority.
a public or official announcement, especially one dealing with a matter of great importance: Eisenhower signed a proclamation admitting Alaska to the Union.

• the public or official announcement of an important matter:


The fact of how much Satan hates mankind is beyond the understanding of man's carnal thinking. It takes a spiritual minded person to even be able to start understanding the hate Satan has for mankind and God! This includes what God wants to do with mankind and the world! I saw 'hate' when Satan was exposed to me in the fourth dimension!

Satan is after the destruction of America because he knows God's purposes, for America! Satan is out to destroy mankind any way he can, all being done through the minds of man, unknown to man. The latest is the manipulation of man's DNA. These people involved don't know they are being used by Satan! Satan uses fear and lies through mankind to accomplish His efforts. Throughout history Satan has done this; just look at all the pyramids, all portals for Satan and his cohorts. The pyramid in the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle is an unrighteous portal producing strange happenings there! All these things are produced by the ability of Satan to give unknown thoughts to/through mankind. That's why Jesus said, "Get you behind me, Satan:"

Mathew 16:23 But he turned, and said to Peter, Get you behind me, Satan: you are an offense to me: for you mind not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

Luke 4:8 And Jesus answered and said to him, Get you behind me, Satan: for it is written, You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.

Yes, it is that simple for Satan to speak through Peter because Peter didn't really understand what Jesus had to do. The Lord told me, "The more truth you have in your mind, the less access Satan has to it!" Satan was at the scene and used Peter's feelings and lack of knowledge to give Peter those thoughts in a flash of time. You can understand how this can happen when you understand that when the Lord took me to heaven (in the fourth dimension) I was there three days but that was in a twinkling of an eye here on earth. And it's easy for Satan to visit everyone on earth in a 24-hour period to plant his thoughts in a flash of our time!

Satan is always planting thoughts to hide how he works. I've heard preachers who believe Satan is in the abyss. No he's not, he has continually been roaming the earth to see who he can destroy as revealed in the book of Job. He is still accusing people before God. I disobeyed the Lord and had a person ram my van from behind. I asked the Lord if Satan had accused me of my disobedience before God? His answer was positive, What's God to do being a righteous judge? God didn't cause the wreck, Satan did by influencing the thoughts of the driver who hit my van from behind. I've heard preachers say Satan is toothless, and others who say if you leave him alone he won't bother you. Satan has actually duped these preachers in their minds, unknown to them!


We see in three dimensions even though the fourth dimension is there around us at all times. Satan and his cohorts, God, Jesus, His angels, hosts, Heaven, and the Lord's Kingdom are all in the fourth dimension!

One day in the barn where we met, I said, "The spiritual realm (4th dimension) affects the physical realm and the physical realm affects the spiritual realm (the 4th dimension)!
Immediately when I said that I saw several people move and looked as if they didn't like what I said. These were people I considered to know way more about spiritual things than I did at that time. I came to understand why this happened because through time it was revealed these particular people had the Python spirit influencing their lives; they didn't know it and neither did I. You see, it was the Python spirit that didn't like what I said revealing both realms affecting each other, whether man believes it or not. It is a continual thing in the universe.


Understand there are portals, which are openings, between the three dimensions we do see and the fourth dimension we don't normally see. There are “righteous portals” of the Lord and “unrighteous portals” used by Satan and His cohorts!

Understand, if a person worships a false god made of stone or anything else, that object becomes an unrighteous portal. That particular object, reproduced, is an unrighteous portal even if that particular item hasn't actually been worshiped by mankind. These can be images.

On 5-8-2017 Here I recorded what I had seen and heard earlier. In the scene I was standing with a large wall to my right. I was looking down along it, and it had broken curved lines going all kinds of directions all over it; it’s hard to really describe. The Lord referred to them as nicknacks, which of course is true, but I knew from some experiences that they were also drawings and pictures, images displayed on a wall. The Lord said, “No one thinks they work but they do, all except one." God was revealing unrighteous portals, usually distorted images, but not always. If an image is not distorted, it depends on the history behind the object or image.

Understand not every picture is a portal. It's just a picture but I will share this: I had a picture displayed on a wall in my house of a scene we liked. Not to go into details here, but one day I saw into the room seeing the picture on the wall. I saw a muscular arm bent at the elbow with a clinched fist sticking out of the picture! It disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. I knew it was the Strong Man spirit Jesus had talked about in scripture. The Lord wanted me to
know this can happen through an unrighteous, nice looking, portal! Remember, Satan is a master deceiver so we need to always be open to the Lord showing us unrighteous portals! So below I'm going to share the difference between a six pointed star, the Lord had revealed to use, and a five pointed star that was used for the American flag. This all happened because of Satan's abilities to give mankind unknown thoughts, like I have already revealed. He will use logical ideas in his deceptions!


In sharing My experience with the American flag, I hope it brings tears to your eyes as it did mine. Satan has tried to destroy the flag because he knows what God intends America to become in these Last Days. The Lord told me He chose me because of my love for mankind and America. I have always had a love for both. If you're looking, you will be able to see My love and the Lord's love for mankind and America in this report. This picture has already shed some light on how the Lord chooses people. He has done this all throughout the Bible. Are you chosen? This picture will also shed some light on how the Lord is using His Spotless Bride in battling Satan and His cohorts abilities to function in the physical. Blocking those functions sets people free, as you will see.

The Lord had to reveal to me that fire god spirits are real, and what could stop them from operating. We are talking about a false god, symbolized by using a five pointed star, a pentagram. People sacrificed to this false god by casting babies into a fire pit. To wake me up concerning all this, the Holy Spirit gave the following experience:

Thursday, May 10, 2018
I was in a dark house with little light. I noticed a fire-ball come from what I thought was a piece of furniture or a dark place. I asked it, “Where did you come from?” Then there was another one and then a bigger one, just flying around in the room. It was then that I rolled down my sleeves, which were turquoise. (The Lord has been using the color “turquoise,” but I do not know the meaning of it as yet.) They were fire spirits and now I was battling all three by hand. One was much stronger than the other two. They were trying to kill me. The scene changed to me having them in a 4 inch stove pipe. I had a cloth (linen) folded four times in a square in my right hand. I had one edge of the stove pipe tilted on the floor and I saw my hand and the cloth over the top edge of the pipe holding them in the pipe. I was not being burnt. Suddenly, I was looking up into a larger pipe, maybe a 10 or 12 inch pipe, and My hands were in the pipe. I was now screaming, screaming, screaming as I was having to battle them with my bare hands, putting my hands in their fire. I had the two weaker ones in the pipe and had shoved the stronger one in on top of the two weaker ones. All three were now trying to come out of the pipe. I was then trying to command them to stay in the pipe. They were trying to keep me from speaking. I finally forced the words, “I command you to stay in the pipe in the name -” and I couldn’t get the name "Jesus" out. I had to battle immensely for a time and I finally slowly got the name "Jesus" out. I was instantly out of the scene and my wife, Faith, was now asking me what was going on. She had heard me making weird noises. (It took all my strength to force the name “Jesus” out.)

Needless to say, I became convinced there are evil fire spirits and I knew folded linen, four folds thick, could act as a block. The Lord Immediately brought our attention to a picture of one of my children's family in a western frame that had two five pointed stars in the frame and a much larger one in the top of the frame. Three pentagrams all together and we knew we needed to destroy the pentagrams and pitch the frame in the trash. Interestingly, we had a lot of trouble destroying the large pentagram by cutting off one of it's points.

Six pointed Star
When the Lord called me into the ministry, He gave me some foundational information and one of them was, "Pay attention to the numbers!" Here are a few of God’s numbers, 1,3,4,7, 8,12,13. So I came to understand that a six pointed star is a holy portal for the Lord’s purposes, simply because it is not distorted and has twelve sides. The number twelve represents government! A flag over a country is very important. Which picture would you want? Do you want a Flag with unrighteous portals in it for Satan and his cohorts to use, or a Flag with righteous portals in it for the Lord and His angels and His hosts to use in government? We see Satan certainly knew what to do to hinder God's purposes for America.

I had already looked into the history of the making of the first flags of America. George Washington is known as the father of our nation. Washington DC is called Washington DC because of him. God even gave him a vision of the future of this country and was certainly using Him to help set up a lot of things. God had dealt with George about what the flag should look like. He had several patterns with six pointed stars on them. But the seamstress of the first flags talked George Washington out of using six pointed stars saying five pointed stars were much easier to sew. There it is, Satan had given her those thoughts with a logical reason unknown to her. Satan will give thoughts that appease the flesh if it helps his cause.

As I said, the Lord had begun bringing up what He wanted done with the American flag to correct the problem concerning the American Flag. Below is my record of what happened. In this record God exposes some of what Satan can do to mankind through a five pointed star, an unholy portal.

The Flag Experience! June 1, 2018
I washed for spreading the Lord’s blood as He instructed, but then I decided to stand in silence, and I asked for instruction concerning the Flag.  I was told to, "Sit in silence."  I sat between the Lamp-stands the Lord established in the room where the flag is now displayed, and listened for a while but heard nothing.   During this time I had seen myself holding the flag rolled up against my chest.  I decided to go to the office and read everything I had been told about the stars on the flag. Faith and I then decided to lay the flag out on the floor, and by faith proceeded.  I typed out what I was going to declare and we knew there was to be silence after the declaration.  We went over our movements.  Faith was going to help me roll the flag up at the end of all the actions.

We went to the Lord’s Laver and began:
We marked and declared the Lord’s Laver to be big enough to hold us and the flag spread out on the floor before the Lamp-stands.  The four layered, folded linen was placed above the flag so I could easily cover the stars on the flag at the proper time.
We proceeded to start by both of us washing at the Laver.  Faith and I then kneeled, Faith at the bottom of the flag and me at the top of the flag.  I then read this declaration:

“With the authority in the Name Jesus I render the 50 pentagrams on all American flags and every pentagram in every state represented on the flag inoperable, with the authority in the Name Jesus. I block all portals and any pathways produced by any pentagram in the United States of America.  Let freedom ring.  The Lord Jesus Rules and Reigns.  I allow, activate and invoke these declarations with the legal authority in the Name Jesus.”

I then covered the 50 stars on the flag with the folded linen.  Faith folded the flag with the stripes below the stars up over the stars.  We then together rolled up the flag starting from the end with the stars.  At this point I picked up the flag and held it to my chest as I had seen.  I was told, “Thirty minutes.”  I knew I was to hold the flag to my chest for thirty minutes, so I sat between the Lamp-stands. Sitting in a chair to my right, Faith joined me in the thirty minutes of silence.

About 3 minutes into the silence I had a vision of the upper left corner of the stars on the flag.  I saw people being released out of the stars (the pentagrams).  I saw families running out of the stars!  I became overwhelmed; instantly tears welled up in my eyes.  What a sight I was seeing!  I gained my composure.  Time passed.  I saw tape being put on mouths.  Time passed.  I saw chains dropping off the legs of people.  Time passed.  I saw families being reunited.  Time passed.  I became emotional again and tears came.  I thought they were going to fall on the flag.  I saw a huge gavel, then Obama.  (It seemed like in the same scene but I’m not sure.)  I had the thought of a seed having to die in order to produce.  I wondered about the USA because of George Washington’s vision.  Time passed.  Then I heard, ”There was a time you cared deeply about the United States.”  I said in my mind, “Yes, Lord.”  Hold the flag tight against your chest and count to one hundred.  (Did, emotional again.)   Wipe your tears on the flag.  (did)  Time passed and I looked down at the flag and knew it needed to be tied with two white ribbons with bows on two of the white stripes of the flag.  I saw where they went.  I also was told to put the flag on the shelves behind the Lamp-stands.  Time passed, and I was still having tears while I was waiting for the thirty minutes to finish.  I looked at the time with about two minutes left.  Wipe your tears on the flag and leave it between the Lamp-stands.  Thirty minutes were up and I knew we had to leave for awhile.  I then stood, turned around and placed the Flag of the United States on the mercy seat between the Lamp-stands.  We both left the room.  

I hope by sharing all this and the Lord revealing people being released the way they were from the pentagrams gives you a glimpse of what spirits can do through unrighteous portals. God simply revealed some of what evil spirits can cause in the lives of mankind. Remember, the Lord asked me, "What would it be like to live if the enemy had no access into your life?"
Should the flag of the United States be changed even-though the pentagrams (unrighteous portals) are blocked? Oh Yes! This nation of people need holy portals over this nation's government to become what the creator of this nation intends for it to become. The six pointed star is a governmental holy portal because of the number twelve symbolically meaning 'government!' That's what it means in the fourth dimension and disbelief cannot erase that!

Another picture:
If there is a five pointed star unseen in the fourth dimension over an area of the earth it will affect that area, just as pyramids are territorial like the Lord revealed. That unseen, invisible five-pointed star affects the territory around it just like the hidden pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle affects that territory. Where did Satan create a hidden five pointed star in the fourth dimension?

There it is over Washington DC! We don't see it in the natural but we can see the fruit of it just like we have encountered “strange happenings” in the Bermuda Triangle over the Pyramid hidden there. Those “strange happenings” are the fruit of the Pyramid there.

We can see the fruit of the five pointed stars being on the flag and over Washington DC by remembering humans worshiped the false god the five pointed star represents by sacrificing babies to that false god by the act of throwing them into a fire pit! The five pointed star is a portal for Satan to use in putting thoughts into the mind of man. When children are used for sex trafficking, they are being sacrificed beyond their control. The sex trafficking of children used by members of Government are being uncovered and it is God who is behind this. He is out to clean up the government of the United States for His end time purposes!

All the abortions the United States makes possible in the United States and other countries is a "staggering" amount kept hidden from the populous. It's under the disguise of a "lying spirit" that it is a good thing for various reasons. It's not a good thing! The Lord said, "What about the soul that never saw the light?"

Satan is a mimicker, a copycat! So where is God's six pointed star that Satan mimicked in the fourth dimension not seen with the naked eye? This six pointed star was not known to mankind until God revealed it in His timing so we could understand! Yes, it's over the Lord's New Jerusalem just like the five pointed star is over Washington DC. I have already written about this; here is the Link: The Lord's New Jerusalem GO

Of course the twelve sides of the star have to do with government. It's a righteous government patterned after the Lord's Way of government, not man's! Note: It is over North America, not just the USA.


We have seen the evidence of the Lord loving mankind through the previous
flag picture of His Bride being used in freeing people from Satan's devices. So here I give another picture of the Lord using His Bride against other portals of a false god! Sun-god images seem to be everywhere, just like the blocked Pentagrams are. Some people like the Sun-god images enough to put them on the outside of their houses, walls of businesses, etc. There are priests who hold up a Sun-god image in their hand for certain traditional exercises concerning their congregations. I'm sure Satan enjoys all this because it creates pathways into people's lives for him and his cohorts.

The first time the Lord had a small group from here go to Washington DC, we encountered Sun Worshipers. The Lord had warned us about it before it happened. One man was standing on a manhole cover in front of the White House. He was bending backwards looking toward's the sun. Another man was directing him with a rod, a simple mimicked portrayal of the Man-child ruling the world with a rod of iron. With the man standing on the manhole cover, it was creating unholy pathways throughout the city for the false Sun-god (Satan's cohorts and Himself) to operate through. The Lord told Kyle, a young man who was with us, to walk between them. Looking back, this could have been a portrayal of what the Lord was going to do in blocking all the Sun-god portals. What we were watching was interesting, but we had no idea that God was going to deal with the portals of the Sun-god, and we were to be involved!

Then in May of 2021 the Lord gave instructions to us concerning the Sun-god inside a prophetic word for the Prophetic Time Clock information! Here is the excerpt:

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, May 4, 2021 MC

Be not afraid to fulfill My next instructions. Go and find an image and relic that resembles sun worship. Mar it with a sharp blade and label it Pasadena, CA, for this is where I have chosen to bring sun worship to judgement. (I understood this was the beginning point of this judgment concerning sun worship) Fourteen days after you mar it and label it, bind it in linen cloth. This along with My other memorials shall be placed before Me as a witness and testimony. Fear not. Simple instructions, simple obedience. These are My Hallowed commands.

His other memorials placed as a witness include the American flag blocking the enemy's portals! God did the same with the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament. It had artifacts and memorials of things God had done with it.

So now we had some instruction, but not all the details such as when to start the process after we acquired the Sun-god relic. Notice, it had to be a relic. We could not just go buy one. Because of what we learned doing the Flag portrayal, I knew the linen had to be four layers thick. The Lord dealt with me in the night, and I came to understand we had to make an endless belt to bind the Sun-god with, meaning the Sun-god is bound forever!

Once we got a relic bought from an individual who had it for some time, my wife and I went to work making a four layered linen belt. We had inquired of the Lord asking if the relic we had was satisfactory (affirmative). The Lord had revealed a person in this group who was to mar the relic and inscribe Pasadena, CA on it. I will refer to him as "person A." The portrayal had to be done correctly when it came time, so I practiced wrapping the relic so I would not be completely lost when it came to doing it for real. Then we learned we were to mar the image during a Full Moon. For understanding, the words See My Full Moon as Pinnacles and Transitions are on the Lord's calendar at every Full Moon.

Meeting 10-19-2021 RS (Full Moon day!)
Prepare, over and over / records important / move forward

I knew there was to be some kind of documentary - video etc. The words fit the answers to doing the Sun-god portrayal during Full Moon.

Marring the Sun-god image:
Person A did the marring of the Sun-god image on the 19th during Full Moon after our Full Moon meeting. Once he had completed their job, Person A kept saying, "We had started something, and are there some words to be said?" I finally told him we would sit on the Mercy Seat and wait upon the Lord to see if there was more to do. Person A left to go home.

Faith was sitting on the mercy seat when I walked into the room. As I came through the doorway she received that I was to blow the Shofar. I picked up the Shofar and was ready to blow when suddenly I knew it was to be two notes, the last one higher than the first. As I blew the first two, I found myself blowing the two blasts 7 times all in one breath. I managed to do it. It was like a charge, a going forth thing. These 14 blasts of the Shofar matched the number of days before the image was to be bound in Linen! One blast for each day!

14 days later:
Meeting 11-3-2021 RS

Hands up - Well done I knew He was talking about binding the Sun-god symbol.
HH - configure not / follow / do what you know to do / mark this day / display information / count it all joy / display in a frame / you may go / forfeit your 30 min

The Lord did show me big portals were blocked, for example double doors into a large building. They were blocked not with plywood like we use now when there is a big storm, but with regular lumber always with a big X over the center of it. All of them I was shown were big!


There are unrighteous portals inside and outside the buildings in Washington DC, mostly Greek mythology. They seemed to be everywhere. I can say these things because I saw a lot of them when the Lord sent four of us to the Capital to march around it in silence seven times in seven days as in the battle of Jericho. The Lord gave us instructions every day and one of those days He had us write down all the unrighteous portals we saw walking around the Capital. Harmless as they may seem to most, they most certainly are not harmless!

These unrighteous portals have affected everyone around them in some way whether they know it or not. They are like homes for the enemy. Years ago the Lord showed me when a person passes by a spirit's home they can or will reach out and latch onto that person depending on whats going on with or in that person.

Satan has been out to destroy, block the progress, hinder any way he can what the USA is to become. A portal, good or bad, is more effective if it is displayed. Remember, the Lord said to pay attention to the numbers! I have already revealed some of God's numbers in this writing. The number 13 is God's number of completion! Sharing more about the number thirteen: When the American flag is folded correctly, it is folded thirteen times. The Lord had us fold the garments used in the Baptism of the Man-Child thirteen times to be put on display as a memorial to what He has done. Look how the enemy of mankind has worked in the minds of mankind to come against and eradicate that thirteen number from being displayed! The nation needs to go into every building having 13 or more stories/floors and label the 13th floor correctly because of what it means in the fourth dimension! The number is certainly very important for Satan to have been against the number being displayed the way it has been all these years.

When we were preparing to go to Washington DC, the Lord reveled to me we could not refer to the fence around the capital as a "wall."

Meeting 2-21-2021 RS (Washington DC)
CU - I said to the Lord, "I know I'm not to be talking right now but I do ask for some words that can replace the word "wall" when speaking about the wall around the Capital building in DC. I heard the word "atrocity" loud and clear.
HH - Submerge yourself in getting things done / it's time, (many times) / Important / there are people that I want protected that I cannot fully, legally protect / the lack of truth opens the door in many cases / refrigerate not / prepare the food for My people / for mankind / I stopped, signaled I was done, thinking the Lord was done / I'm not done / remember your position you don't like to talk about / it is so / so be it / Time / It's an atrocity towards what I started / (I knew HE was talking about the USA government. )
Woe to the perpetrators, the deceivers, the evil doers who do not repent and turn away from these dastardly events / the plagues of Egypt await / the plagues of Egypt await / those who lie, deceive and devise things behind closed doors / you will reap what you sow / do you not know what you are inside comes out in your acts? / do you not know that a record of these things are written in Heaven? / do you not know you have been deceived by the enemy of mankind unknown to you? / repent, repent, repent

As all the corruption becomes more staggering in the world and in particular the United States, I am reminded of Isaiah 5:20:

Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

You may or may not know, I have written about seeing the three books in Mount Zion where God keeps His records. The first book holds the records of mankind from the time of the cross to the end of the first 1,000 years, which is one day to the Lord. The second Book holds the records of mankind from the year 1,000 to the year 2,000 which is the second day of the lord. (I believe the second day book to be the one I stood on.) I saw the third day book in which we are living being filled. It had a mechanical hinge holding it together as it grows every second of every day. So why did the Lord take me there? To make it legal for me to talk about what is in the books, not that I know it all.

In the above meeting the Lord brought up, "Do you not know that a record of these things are written in Heaven?" He was speaking to the evil doers, the liars, the deceivers, etc. All of which are recorded in the books of heaven. The good things are recorded there too. A full written record containing the truth of things good and bad from the stand point of how God looks at things.

The Lord brought up the word "atrocity" concerning the fence around the capital. So when the information concerning the fence or wall was recorded the word "atrocity" was used in the recorded information. I hope you see what I'm sharing here. The Lord wants you to understand.

The Lord had me write an article about an "atrocity" that happened in the White House, You can read about it on this site. What do you think is written about the last presidential election in the books of heaven concerning all the people taking part? What is one of the words that needs to be written about each person who lied and connived in some way? "Repentance," admission of guilt before the Lord who knows all. One might say, The Lord knows it was Satan who influenced me!" That won't work and that won't fix it because it is words that count. The Lord told me God is a God of words.

There was and is a "religious spirit" working in the churches and mankind against Trump. Some don't like the way he does things or how he speaks; he doesn't have christian attributes! That religious spirit can function in believers because they have not been taught much of anything about the Character of God! So with this they become unable to see God's truth about him.

God calls Trump His "Beacon of Light,’"not that he is more perfect than anyone else. Why does God call him that? It is because He trumpets truth. He was speaking truth when he was saying the election was being stolen from him. That's why the Lord had me write about there being an "Atrocity" in the White House. What's written about Biden and Trump in the books of heaven on this matter? Truth of the matter! In God's eyes, Biden is not the "legal" president of the United States, Trump is! Therefore, in God's eyes there is an 'Atrocity' going on every moment of every day Biden is in the White House! God still loves Biden, but he doesn't like what has happened to Biden. That's the way it is with every human being on the earth.


The Lord has been having me do some spiritual warfare concerning the government in Washington DC. I'm going to share some phrases and other things which will help reveal the character of God and how He thinks about what's going on around and in the government. These are just a few phrases taken out of His instruction to me: "Dismantle the dynasty the media has developed! - Do everything legally! - Call forth dignity - respect - uprightness - pour righteousness into the media situation, etc. Break the comradeship of the evil doers - Deceit, they use deceit - break it's power. The Lord has had me declare things concerning the judges who make decisions according to their politics! The Lord has been having us do warfare against unrighteous portals of the enemy from the time when He taught us how to do it. The Lord said,"My church is asleep in its own flesh, shake them awake, send light,"

One thing we need to talk about a little more is the lying spirit that's operating in a lot of people in the government and the world. Understand a lot of them can't help but lie. Some have admitted they lied to sway the public to go a certain direction. Understand God won't call people liars directly with His mouth because it would seal their fate. He has said, "I use liars to train Prophets!"

The lying spirit operates freely and has convinced the person that lying is ok to accomplish a certain end. The end can be most anything! There are religions that operate that way. They don't realize that the lying spirit "is living its life freely" in them while helping Satan and His causes.


We need to recognize God's patterns in order to recognize and defeat the enemy of mankind! God flows with names and names are a big deal, so-to-speak! God changed Abram's name to Abraham for a very important purpose, all because of the meaning of the name Abraham! We have learned God puts people with certain names together to do a task for Him. He did that when He sent four of us to Washington DC! The meaning of our names played a part in the fourth dimension in what we did. God has had us legally connect states and other things together in the spirit realm, the fourth dimension, for His purposes in the future.

Having said all this, I share with you that when I was writing the article about the New Jerusalem I saw the word Jerusalem this way! Jerusalem. I have bolded the letters and made them red to depict God illuminating them to me for a moment of time. He brought those letters to my attention in a way I could not miss it. I knew God had made a spiritual connection (revealing His plan) in the fourth dimension thousands of years ago connecting Jerusalem to the USA in His Third Day! Notice God used three letters. Three is one of God's numbers seen in a lot of God's mechanical system of doing things, [said, written, spoken] His instruction in warfare, [ Allow, activate, and invoke] [by the power, the might, and the thrust in Jesus' name, all done with actions, etc] in spiritual warfare!

Another picture of God's flow of the number three is seen in His own name and His Son's name.
weh and Yahushua! God kept telling us He is a Flow. It's a good thing to learn and can be helpful in discerning truth sometimes! God wants His people to understand these things so they can recognize and defeat the enemy of mankind!

So I end this writing with what the Lord asked me,"What would it be like to live if the enemy had no access into your life?"




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