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It Is Happening Now!
Henceforth - Ukrain - Hollywood

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More signs that we are in the "Day of the Lord!"

(As time moves on, it will become more and more Undeniable!)

"henceforth" - Ukraine - Hollywood

One day I was in the calm as the Lord has told us to work on being in continually no matter what is going on around us. Suddenly, I saw small words chest high, about 1/4 inch tall, pass in front of me, moving from my right to my left. I heard a soft voice speaking the words. As I remember the words were dark, then a portion of them turned red. In those red words there was one word that stuck out, it may have been bolded. It was the word henceforth. It was all an edict from the Lord!

I knew the words were from a prophecy and I thought I needed to see if that word was where I thought it might be in The Lord's Time Clock Prophecies! I checked and found the word used twice in a prophecy given to the Man-Child on July 20, 2020 in a Sabbath Judgment Meeting. (I have pasted it below for you to read.)

I looked at the word "henceforth" knowing it meant, "From this moment forth!" At the time of the prophecy, I thought I must have really missed what the Lord was really saying. I have asked a few people who know of the prophecy and the word "henceforth" and they all admitted they hadn't seen it that way either. This is an example of our mindsets unknowingly influencing what we absorb when we read.

I discovered another prophecy concerning the Passover on 4-08-2020 proclaiming He was beginning to overturn the spiritual decay that has swept the nations and His Church! I have also pasted that prophecy below for you to see in the light of what He has said He would do.

The Lord then revealed a third prophecy mentioning the country of Ukraine He wanted put in this writing. I have included it for you to read for the purposes of this article.

So I have realized all of the Lord's Time Clock Prophecies are in effect depending on what records are pulled in the timing of the Lord. If you stand back and look at the situation in the USA and the world, you will see liars, greed, all kinds of unrighteous things being exposed. The Lord is doing it, He is exposing evil doers!

At the bottom of the second prophecy, the Lord mentions that some will cover their faces as they are exposed. I have seen a person admitting what they had done on TV, and they covered their face in shame. We all need to realize the Lord has begun cleansing the world, His church, and the USA for His purposes! Just remember His mercy is always there in each prophecy!

At the bottom of the third prophecy there is mentioned Hollywood. Recently, I saw people in Hollywood on the news saying they were so glad to be back, that they had been shut down two years!

I have underlined some things in the prophecies, and have said what I have said to this point, so when you read through them you will be able to glean things from them as you read without interruption.

Note: I underlined Full Moon so it could remind us of what the Lord said about His I That being, "See My Full Moons as Pinnacles and Transitions!"

(No. 1) Passover Sabbath, Full Moon Meeting 4-8-2020
The Lord said to the Man-Child, “For this Passover is a marker unto all nations that I am about to do a new thing in the earth. The realm of impossibilities will look possible and seem possible unto My people. I will begin to overturn the spiritual decay that has swept the nations, including My Church, but this shall come through tribulation. A spiritual pressing to test those who truly love Me. This Passover marks the beginning of this overturning and overthrow in the spirit. ….”

(No. 2) Sabbath Judgement Meeting, July 20, 2020, M-C
“Hold out your hands to receive: Thus says the Lord, hear what the Spirit is saying - from henceforth, the records in heaven are being pulled to alligate judgments. My record keepers are pulling them to bring to remembrance what has been done and accomplished throughout every nation. I will judge, I will judge, I will judge. I will witness against the evil doers. Though they have falsified their records in the earth, I bear witness against them that their record is not true. I am bringing to judgment the falsified records in the earth that have been misconstrued, hidden and edited. For My record is true and I bear witness against them, their false records and false witnesses. The coverups that have been smeared and brushed under the rug shall be judged. I am raising up My witnesses to bear record of the truth just as My servant John bore record of the truth. The records of false witnesses and evil doers are coming to judgment. For I have kept the records in heaven since the beginning and they shall testify against them. Woe unto the false witnesses who have perverted justice and have taken bribes in secret. Woe unto you, for your wrecking ball shall be shattered into pieces. Your yokes you have placed upon My people shall be broken. For you have mocked and trampled on My records in the earth and have tried hiding them in darkness by your false records and false witnesses. But I say unto you, Child, this day and henceforth, I am pulling the records in heaven to bring judgment. The record keepers of My kingdom will unveil My records. I will send forth My whirlwind from the four winds of the earth to judge and consume. In its winds are lamentations and woe as I have spoken. Dominant voices shall be silenced by My whirlwind. I am impregnating My witnesses through the Power of My Spirit. Satan can only accuse but his record is false. Remember this. Lift up the wooden staff to bring forth these words of My judgment (For some reason, I was led to cover my face with my hands.) Many shall cover their face in shame as I expose them…."

(No. 3) Sabbath Judgment Meeting, January 17, 2020 M-C
Foreign policies, Child. I will influence, initiate and reestablish foreign policies through these meetings. Keep a watchful eye on the news and what is going on throughout all countries. Stay informed. For I, the Lord, have a hand and dictate all these things. Familiarize yourself with foreign policies for your lack of understanding in this area. I will bring shifts, barricades and tremors against foreign policies that are not according to My will. I will bring safe passage, honor and blessing to those that are. No government is "henceforth" - Ukraine - Hollywoodhigher than Mine. Your shoulders are blessed. They are blessed because I have blessed them. New foreign policies shall be made with Ukraine, Iran and Israel. Some I will allow for discomfort and others for strongholds to be invaded. Keep a close watch, Child, on Ukraine, Iran and Israel. I have sowed a cord of discomfort through all three of them that they may be brought to the forefront. I am setting stages, End-time stages. California and the voice of Hollywood shall play a small role in being a perpetrator against My will, but shall be cut off. The voice of Hollywood that has perpetrated evil shall be silenced for a season. I, the Lord, will do it. My witnesses will begin to lift their voice and testify. I said “voice” because they shall be one in mind, one in goal, one in strength. I will mar the sign of Hollywood and the sorceries it has projected. It shall captivate no longer. Be watchful, Child, and pray. Do all I have commanded you.

Yes, It is Happening Now! and the Lord's Prophetic Time Clock continues into the future for the Lord's Purposes!

Mankind Doesn't Know 
who their enemy is,

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