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The Lord Gives Information about His Millennium Reign!.

Tithing as the Lord’s Married Bride
in the Kingdom of God on Earth!


Tithe book PDFand cover

Insights into:
Tithing as the Lord’s Married Bride
in the Kingdom of God on Earth!

On January 4, 2016 the Lord showed me I was to add more information to the end of the present Tithing book, and not scatter the new information into the original book. I understood what He was showing me because I had struggled with rewriting the original tithing book to include the new understandings as they came.
The point is, putting it bluntly, the Lord wants people to learn to tithe as the original tithing book reveals, then move on into His greater understanding. Tithing as revealed in the original book, along with removing the other two major spots first revealed, allows the first level of God’s protections to manifest. This is the reason for the Lord to keep the original book intact. Those who don’t move on can still understand how to obtain the first level of the Lord’s protections.
One must understand and execute what the original book says about tithing and then work towards tithing as the Married Bride who walks in the Kingdom of God just as Jesus did. Jesus walked in the Kingdom of God while He was here and He explained that the Kingdom is all around us. The Lord wants His church to start walking in His Kingdom with Him. The time is now, among all the chaos manifesting in the earth.
The Lord is now manifesting His Kingdom rule in the Earth as we speak. For years Christians have prayed, “Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Wow, what a time we are living in! The question is, will we grab hold of what the Lord is doing now in the world or will we be like those prideful religious people in the past who missed what was happening when Jesus was here in the physical.
I have understood tithing as the Married Bride for a while, but on December 26, 2015 the Lord (surprisingly to me) revealed that I knew a lot about walking in the Kingdom of God.

… / hold true to your calling / I have trained you / yes, I the Lord / forget not / My Kingdom is My Kingdom / My principles and statutes prevail / My Kingdom / My Kingdom / My Kingdom / teach them how to walk in My Kingdom

We are in serous times, glorious times for the Lord’s church if it will move forward with Him. There is much to do to walk in the Lord’s Kingdom, including handling the Lord’s funds correctly as His Wife! One of the first elements is “humbleness” and I’m talking about the real thing, not man’s idea of humbleness. Words from a Golden Meeting:

BN - Humble hearts enter My kingdom / Destruction awaits the proud / Seek to be humble in all things / Grace and peace are with you / Go now in peace

Understand, the Lord is headed toward His Millennial reign!

A Picture:

The title of the original tithing book is,

The Mechanics of Tithing
God’s righteousness
Through the Body of Christ.

“God’s righteousness through the body of Christ” needs to be expanded in our minds to, “The Lord’s righteousness manifested with and through His Married Bride.” In other words, the Lord can perform His personal righteousness through His Bride in the Earth because of Her obedience to Him.

The Married Bride actually holds a position of authority no one else holds in the Spirit realm because She is married to the King of Kings. She knows how to treat Him as such. She knows the protocols and the statutes necessary to hold this position as ordained by God in the beginning. It’s not a position she obtains once and it simply remains, it’s a position maintained by keeping the protocols all the time. Mankind doesn’t have any input into what those protocols and statutes are, they were set by God. So we see it is a learning situation on our part, period.

Israel was married to the Lord because of Her strict obedience to the Lord for those things He ordained for her at that time. You may think it’s crazy for a nation to be married to the Lord, but it is true. The Bible is clear that God divorced Israel because of her disobedience. He could not have divorced her had He not been married to her.

I have never forgotten the day the Lord started drawing me into His plan, the manifestation of His Kingdom rule on the earth. Of course I didn’t understand it then, but I did come to understand the concept of delivering and using the Lord’s tithe as He directs His Bride.

The first picture of change:
I loved working as a deacon, delivering the Lord’s tithe to people and watching the Lord work in their lives. The concept had become engrained in me so much I became stiff-necked towards the Lord when He began drawing me on into His bigger plan.

One day the Lord gave me a scene in the night that shook me, as if I had given His funds wrongly to the needy. Upon awakening He said, “I want to save people!” He revealed I was a legal recipient of His tithe and He wanted me to have taken those exact funds to save people. With those funds I was to have His Salvation book printed overseas. I didn’t obey Him because I didn’t really understand. Time passed and I was greatly bothered by this mistake. Then the Lord revealed that I had done nothing wrong in giving the particular funds He was talking about to the needy. This was a relief to me and I began catching a glimpse of delivering His tithe only as the Lord directs, as His married Bride would. That’s what He wanted me to see! I finally obeyed the Lord, realizing the main rule about delivering the Lord’s tithe had been fulfilled - that being, it must go into the hands of a person. That’s part of why the Lord revealed I was a legal recipient of His tithe. He knew I would eventually obey Him in what to do with His funds He had entrusted me with as His servant.

Going a little deeper:
The Lord said, “I want to save people!” Notice He said “I,” it’s all about the Lord manifesting His righteousness in the earth. The Salvation book was written by the Lord as a part of the information the Lord was talking about when He said, “I have written this through your hand so a twelve year old could understand it if they want to!” There’s that “I” again. It’s not my book and it’s not Take His Heart’s book, it’s the Lord’s book. He wrote it and as the Lord revealed years ago the Mechanics of Salvation book had already saved millions. Understand, the Lord saved all these people. Having written the book, He is in it, it is His! He gets all the credit having used His funds to have His book printed. What credit do we get? “Obedience,” being obedient, thats all.

So I came to understand better what the Lord told this group when He brought us together, “What you are doing is good but it is not of Me!” The literature written by men in the church is good, but it is not of Him! That’s the literature mentioned in the original tithing book where God says not to spend His tithe on. The literature may be good but it is simply not of Him.

Second picture of change:
We became used to spending the Lord’s funds at His direction, always asking Him in Judgement Meetings about how and sometimes when, so we didn't error. Then one day we received a request for funds for a chain saw so some people could build a shelter where they could conduct Golden Meetings. It was up in the mountains among very poor people who didn’t have electricity.

I didn’t know what to expect but the Lord had been telling us to ask, ask, ask so I put it before Him in a Judgement Meeting. To my surprise the Lord said to send His funds, but to make sure we did it legally. We knew He meant the funds had to go through a person who was a legal recipient, fulfilling the legal requirement in the Lord’s Kingdom.

Since that time the Lord has OKed a few shelters and various projects and turned down some. I noticed the Lord’s OKs were always tied to the people actually moving toward doing Golden Meetings. He turns down projects if they don’t directly move people towards His coming Kingdom. I guess we could say the Lord spends His funds on His projects, always saying, “Do it the legal way.” The Lord is the only one who really knows the hearts and motives of people. There is no way we could judge these things. That’s why the Lord taught us about Judgement Meetings.

When the Lord first taught us about Judgement Meetings He said that Judgement Meetings will be used in His Millennial reign. Judgement Meetings help keep Python, our own spirits, and our feelings from being involved in getting information from the Lord. Judgement Meetings are necessary for any size group to continually handle the Lord’s tithe correctly in His Kingdom.

We have come to understand that the Lord will use His funds for any reason that furthers His coming Kingdom. But it all has to be done legally in the spirit realm, the Kingdom of God.

To start functioning in the Lord’s Kingdom we must remove the four spots revealed by the Lord. The fourth spot has to do with doing Golden Meetings, patterned after the Old Testament Tabernacle, which is patterned after the Tabernacle in Heaven. The Tabernacle without walls Jesus said He would raise up is patterned after the Tabernacle in heaven also. Jesus governed Israel from inside the Holy of Holies. This is explained elsewhere on the Take His Heart site. (Judgement Meetings - Crowning the Lord KING!) The Lord has already established in the earth those protocols and statutes. It’s up to us to walk in them.

The Judgement Meetings the Lord taught us to do are a parallel picture to the priests asking the Lord questions and the “yes” or “no” answers appearing on the High Priest’s breast plate. You see, it all fits, and has to do with the Lord governing and ruling in the earth much the same as He governed Israel through His Tabernacle. This last Tabernacle produced though Golden Meetings is without walls (not made with hands), just as the Lord said!

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