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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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I Saw the White Horse
of Revelation 6:2 & 19:11

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I Saw the New Heaven & New Earth!

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The New Jerusalem

Manifested in the Lord's Third Day!


The New Jerusalem!

I begin with a scene given me in the night 11-11-2021, which is the day of the beginning of this writing. In the scene I was flipping papers like in a book and placing an image having to do with the United States of America on every page. I didn't see the images clearly because of the speed I was doing this. More than likely, from what I know to be true now, it is the image I placed on the site of the White Horse Rider carrying the flag of the United States.

Suddenly half of the images disappeared from what I was doing. That left the image pertaining to the United States on one side of a page and the back side of each page was blank. I instantly awoke and knew I was placing too much emphases on the United States and not enough emphases on the Lord's New Jerusalem. I understood the emphases on both subjects should be basically the same and I hadn't written anything concerning the New Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible!

As my wife and I were preparing for the meetings we normally have the Lord told me, "Be an extension of My Love!... Forfeit the meetings, write!" The next thing that happened as a part of this picture the Lord wants people to see is that a friend of mine and of Take His Heart, whom the Lord refers to as a satellite to Take His Heart, sent me a writing this morning. It is entitled, "A Love for the Truth." (link below this writing) It is obvious the Lord wants all people to have a love for the truth. However, because of what the Lord said to me about being an 'extension of His Love' I realized I needed to lay the truth out plain and simple as the Lord did and still does. There will be people who can receive the truth, who are looking for the truth.

The Bigger Picture: (View this information as an overview.)

Meeting 4-23-2019 - RS
HP - Perseverance / persevere
HH - slack not, persevere / ...time... / Yes, My kingdom comes / established in the earth / it is to be fully manifest in My Day / assume nothing / legally established it must be / foolishness to men, sweet smelling to Me / Aten-hut / I call you to attention concerning this matter / My Hill / My rule / My government, My ways / Aten-hut

My Day - The 'Lord's Day' is His 'Third Day!'

third day

My Hill -
'The Hill' God calls "the Place" is located in Kansas. 'The Hill' West of Dalton, is an unlikely place in the minds of man, just as Bethlehem was an unlikely place for Christ to be born in the minds of man. A stable is a place unlikely for Christ to be born in the mind's of man! The Disciples, individually different, were unlikely choices in the minds of man. The first fruits of the Bride, individually different, were unlikely choices in the mind of man. The parallels are stunning when one actually sees the parallels in the picture of all of this. But not so stunning when we understand God knows the inner workings of the hearts of mankind.

His Kingdom
It is to be fully manifest: At the time the Lord said this His Kingdom had previously begun to be manifested through His Bride.

Legally established it must be: The Bride has had to learn the legalities, protocols, and statutes of the Lord as King to function correctly with Him in His Kingdom.

My rule / My government, My ways: These are learned things, all necessary to function with the Lord in His Reign as His Wife. His Wife, His Spotless Bride, has been helping the Lord legally bring to pass those things found in the Book of Revelation, all according to His will, plans, timing, and purposes. Through the Bride She has already seen the Lord change the course of a Nation! The Lord told us in the beginning that everything we do will be for other people. That is the way it has been!

The United States and the New Jerusalem!
The enemy of mankind has been out to destroy the United States since God brought it into being. The image below has to do with the New Jerusalem being manifested in North America. Notice the New Jerusalem is represented by a six pointed star.

The Thea Eroes “Star Vision” image, was sent to me years ago and the Lord later told me what it presented as the New Jerusalem is correct. Note: Interestingly, there are members of the Lord's Bride in Canada. And there is a symbolic crown along the boarder between the United States and Canada

Now we can understand why years ago the Lord told Take His Heart that we would make Israel angry and jealous. All we are doing is following the Lord and He has revealed some of the coming negative fruit of us doing so. God has had a long range plan for mankind and the Lord told me that I can't change it and neither can He! I say this with all the tenderness of heart that I can muster: No man or woman can escape God's plan for Mankind!

Remember as I have said in other places on the site that we are living in a time when the Lord said nothing would be hidden. He is revealing!

Luke 12:2 ILB
But there is nothing which has been completely concealed, which will not be uncovered nor hidden which will not be known.

Revelation of John 2:17
The one who has an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one overcoming I will give him to eat from the hidden manna. And I will give to him a white stone, and on the stone a new name having been written, which no one knows except the one receiving it.

The Lord gave me the above scripture as we were cleaning up this writing for the site. I had never noticed what the scripture really says before. Seeing what it says, I then remembered the day the Lord told the Bride that He was going to reveal things to Her that man has never known before! What the Lord has been bringing forth through His Bride and still is now, is the Lord's hidden manna of many subjects especially concerning the times we are living in. That's why the Lord has been insistent on us keeping the archives all these years! In them a person can learn God's character, His ways, what He is doing, and much more. The Leading Edge is mainly made up of Marriage Feast Meetings and are sent out on a fairly regular basis.

We are in His Last Days now and the New Jerusalem is coming forth, not according to Man's ideas but God's plan! ...Yes, My kingdom comes.... .... legally established it must be / foolishness to men, sweet smelling to Me

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A Love for the Truth - GO

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