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The Lord Told Us To Study His Archives

An Eye Opener to the times we are in!

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The Lord Told Us To Study His Archives

I received an e-mail from Reinette Beukes that shines light on the purpose of the archives the Lord has given us here at Take His Heart. The archives are there for those who want the Lord to clean them up to become what He wants. The Lord is the one who knows what needs to be done in us. We have to allow Him to do things in us. I have taken an excerpt from Reinette's e-mail along with her dream to present a picture that will encourage those who want to seriously move forward with the Lord.


Dear Roy and Faith. I trust all is very well with you! I have been
working through all the archives on your website and just when I think I have it all under my knee I see and understand things that I did not see before. It is incredible how much teaching, activations etc there are in the archives on the whole website. I am at the moment still working through activations. I have to read what the Lord gave you and write the activations down one by one to do them correctly. I have learned so much more about the meetings, the laver, praise etc. It is marvelous!!!!

An Eye Opener to the times we are in!


I dream I was at this place. I have no idea where it was but there was a lot of people standing around everywhere. I was alone in a room and the next moment I saw movement on my hands and suddenly it was as if more or less the type of frills and curls as in the picture appears on my hands as if in my skin. Similar to the type of paintings that Indian woman receive when they get married. Then my arms became blue as if it all was engraved into my skin. The blue was a rich fairly deep blue. (Depicted in white here.)

At first I was shocked because I could not understand what was happening now with my hands and my arms. Then the next moment I saw that the beautiful curls and frills were lace fabric. Then I realized that I was clothed with a beautiful dress the same color as the sleeves. I did not dress myself. It just came onto my skin and became part of me. Then I realized that the whole dress was made of this beautiful lace fabric. I was still wondering what happened when I decided to go outside of the room to see if it happened to the other people as well, but I walked through a lot of people and none of them was dressed like me. Then I saw a small group of people and some of them had on white dresses that looks like wedding gowns but only one person between them had on the exact blue as me. Suddenly I realized it was you (Roy) whom I was looking at with the same blue. I did not see your face but without a doubt I knew it was you. The next moment you and the little group of people were gone and I stood alone and began to panic, looking for you. I knew that I had to be with your group but I was not. While I was standing looking around to seek for you, I suddenly saw your little group a few meters away from me. You were all on white horses, and each of you had a golden crown as well as a short veil on your heads. Then I saw you (Roy) again between them – still with the blue clothing. Then your horses began to move and I panic because I knew I had to be with you but I had no horse or crown or veil. Just when I want to run after you I suddenly looked to my left and I saw a large man standing next to a white horse with a crown and short veil in his hand watching me. Immediately I knew it was my horse, crown and veil. I quickly moved to the horse and got on the horse. The man put the veil and the crown on my head and I began moving towards your group with the horse. End of dream.

I'm sure you caught a glimpse of Reinette's excitement at finding the archives and the confirming dream of were she is in the Lord because of finding the archives and what the Lord can do through them. They are there for all of the Lord's believers.

We must understand that the Lord is going to fulfill the whole Book of Revelation in this His Third Day. Non belief on man's part will not stop this. Actually it has already started with the forming of His Spotless Bride. The Lord is wooing people into what He is doing.

PDF of this material - ZIP




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