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SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

Kingdom Government Meeting 9-01-2021 (Eyes)
BL - Eyes, Eyes My Children, open your Eyes that they will see / 0pen, open them / abundance, open your Eyes to see the abundance / My abundance / yes, Eyes opened and focused, totally focused / let your Eyes not slumber when they should be on guard watching, watching / allow your Eyes to be focused on Me, but they also must be open and focused in order to see what the enemy is trying to do / allow Me to increase your alertness abilities to increase / yes, they must increase again and again / (at this point I saw a large very bright light shining) My Children, allow My light to shine drowning out Satan's darkness / (She heard DP saying, I saw the..) My Children, let your Eyes shine drowning out the darkness also / Children, Children, My Children I call you into My Age of Perfection / come quickly believing / again, Eyes open, they must be fully open / I have yet so much for you to see / first, first, first you must open your Eyes / be not left in the darkness / you have reached the depths, you have reached My depths, now you must open your Eyes and see what I have for you to see / refuse to be amazed / have your Eyes set to see beyond, well beyond / I have things for you to see that no man has heretofore yet seen / hold not back / first, first, all your Eyes must be open / yes, both spiritual and physical Eyes must be fully open / My Children, it is up to you to decide / this is all or nothing for I permit no halfway measures / decide, decide, decide, come and see or stay as you are and what you now have will lessen and lessen / choose wisely, choose wisely / I await only momentarily / all who will, come, come now / Halleluyah

Ministry Meeting 9-04-2021 (Connect)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord: 9-04-21

• My Children, I adjure you to Connect only as I say
• be not hasty in making Connections without first checking with Me
• some of you, My Children, have made unholy Connections unaware
• I adjure you to thoroughly look at the backgrounds of organizations or groups before Connecting with any of them    
• many have hidden agendas    
• some look to be worthy on the surface
• I adjure you to check into their histories, deep into their histories
• any that even look as though they are questionable, be prepared to Disconnect
• My Children, you may find there are unholy Connections that have been made and passed down to you from past generations
• deny and Disconnect them immediately from you and your descendants    
• let no footholds or loopholes of any sort remain
• My Children, this is a most serious matter and must be tended to
• not only must you Disconnect from these situations, but you must also commandeer all unholy reverberations that have come forth from them and see to their total destruction
• for some all this may seem to be too huge of a task and some may think it is not
• either way do not procrastinate, remember all things increase
• remember you can seek Me for help as needed
• Halleluyah

Kingdom Government Meeting 9-08-2021 (My Beyond)
BL - (I saw a glimpse of a swirling mass, counter clockwise) Glimpse, My Children, until now you have only experienced a few glimpses into My Beyond / prepare, prepare, prepare yourselves to see more, and more of My vast Beyond / John saw parts of it but you shall see more / you must approach being fully enveloped in My Peace and Calm / prepare yourselves, prepare yourselves / you must be able to withstand / prepare now / wait not / be aware of when you are in My Peace and My Calm / also become aware of when you are not / when you realize you are not in My Peace and Calm, quickly get back in them / My Children, strive, strive to be always in My Peace and My Calm / when you step out of My Peace and Calm, it opens doors for the enemy to enter / this must not be / test not My Mercy / purposefully operate in My Peace and Calm /

HP - thank you for lifting up Holy TPHR / yes, when you lift them to Me they are Holy, most Holy / tonight you may circle (saw several times) this circle shall not be broken, this circle shall not be broken / you may step away yet it shall not be broken / Halleluyah / move forth /

HH - Glory, Glory, Glory in Me / judge not but Glory in Me / allow your eyes to see My Glory and allow your ears to hear My Glory / yes, yes, I said to hear My Glory / be not caught up in seeing My Glory and overlook the blessing that comes from hearing it / Halleluyah, yes, Halleluyah, see to the sealing of this blessing / be careful of the use of My Halleluyah for some things should not be sealed / My Children, you know to be careful in all things and in all matters / most assuredly be careful in the use of My most Holy Halleluyahs / think on these matters, think, think, and rethink again / that is all and I do seal these My Words with Halleluyah

Ministry Meeting 9-11-2021 (Pentecost)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• yes, My Children Pentecost
• let not Pentecost be celebrated only once a year
• let it be daily, hourly, moment by moment
• yes, allow My Holy Spirit to live and operate in you 24/7
• My Children I adjure you to be completely aware of My Holy Spirit
• too, too many are not    
• too many overlook the workings of My Holy Spirit    
• embrace My Holy Spirit as you so willingly embrace Me
• My Holy Spirit is recognized as the third person of the Trinity
• think on this, think on this and allow Him to truly work in you and for you, My Children
• rely on Him as you rely upon Me and My Son
• allow, permit, and expect Him
• My Children you must consciously be aware that My Holy Spirit's descent was not just for the Apostles but was for all who will accept Him
• it is time for you each to step into this awareness for My Holy Spirit is alive and yearns to work in you and for you but you must, must allow Him in
• all is well, Halleluyah 

Ministry Meeting 9-18-2021 (My New Era)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• My Children, We have come to a specific point in Time
• yes, a point where “yesterday's” time meets the Time of My New Era
• be aware of the shift
• struggle with it not    
• many, many will not be aware, but you, My Children, will if you are looking for it
• you must be aware of My Timing as never before    
• many things will happen because of My New Era
• many things will change because of My New Era
• you must be aware of the need of making new adjustments
• I will be giving new assignments to some
• some will be completing current assignments making way for a smoother Juncture into My New Era
• ready yourselves, ready yourselves, but do not fret
• prepare to follow My Plans for yes, My Plans are set and ready for this Juncture in this transition of Time
• as always, Halleluyah    

Day of Atonement Celebration 9-18-2021
1. Hallelujahs - tambourines - horns - praises! All with the Lord!
2. Shofar(s)
3. Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
4. Take in the cords of Love that bind us together with Him. (action of taking in.)
5. Ignition of the Lord’s Fire in the Laver (words)
6. Sending the single cup (chalice): A person holds up the single cup with everyone doing an act of sending the cup to the North and verbally saying: The Bride “Sends forth the Single Cup with fire."
(Halleluyahs)..........After the single cup is set back down.. "We legally Allow, Activate & Invoke all of this with the Legal Authority of Your name, Yahushua." (Halleluyahs.)

(Purpose) "Let it burn the way. I am here to bring forth the things therein. I am here to bring forth MY Bride. The time is now. MY people need wait no more. Many have yearned for such a time. It is time, it is time! Now send forth the Single Cup!”

7. Single cup preparation into individual cups
8. Enter into Silence (words)
9. Wash at the Lord’s Laver - Circle up (silent, action)
10, Single Cup Communion (silent action)

(Purpose) “You are to declare, (establish) by drinking from this Single Cup, that His rule and reign has begun in the earth. It is a solemn declaration."
"Every time you partake of the Single Cup, it's like going around Jericho once!"

30 min. of silence! Partial fulfilling of Revelation 8:1

KE - Right before taking communion I heard, "Toast to Perfection."

KE - I declared that we all did verbally

RS - My Mighty Ones / My Mighty Ones!

DP- Soar to new heights in Me

SN - Bride song, "It Is All About You"

Kingdom Government Meeting 9-22-2021 (Higher level of Trust)
BL - My Children, be faithful and true to Me / I call you into yet another realm that is new to you / come, come, being faithful and true / trust Me / this new higher realm requires a higher level of trust / know this, know this, for it must be / when you enter this higher level, enter knowing your level of trust must, must be higher, increasing / your awareness levels must also increase / be not fearful for each are ready / enter with true confidence / yes, enter with holy confidence / enter with holy confidence but leave not My Peace and Calm behind / there will be more to accomplish, more to know, more to understand / remember I am there with you, be not afraid or hesitant / there will be new perimeters, new steps, new assignments / remember, remember, Obedience is key to much / be prepared, accept My Preparations / acknowledge them and accept them / now wash well and enter into My Holy of Holies / tell the body, tell them to wash well, very well

HH - enter into My presence / come, come, My Vessels / put your hand over your heart / (just did) / do you give Me your heart / (yes, Lord) good, good, remember this act / My Children, as you do this act in Obedience to Me, remember , remember it for it is a holy act unto Me / your hearts, each of your hearts is most precious to Me / I cherish them, I cherish each of them / this day, these acts are major milestones in each of your lives / mark it, mark this day for your remembrance / (vision was all red) yes, this day We make a higher level of commitment, you to Me and Me to you / remember, cherish and honor this day of commitment / think on and grasp all that has been said, written and spoken this day / it is done, now honor our commitment in all your days ahead / Amen and Halleluyah

Ministry Meeting 9-25-2021 (Establish)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• My Children, legally Establish My Will
• legally Establish My Plans
• legally Establish My Timing
• legally Establish My Purposes
• yes, My Children, these four things must be legally and permanently Established in the earth    
• they also must be Established legally and permanently in each of you    
• My Chosen I call upon you to legally and permanently Establish them in believers I bring across your paths
• patiently get them Established, firmly Established in the babes
• My Children, let not the enemy lure you from doing what I have asked of you    
• be diligent in tending to My Babes that none become lost
• I have many things for you to Establish, but Establishing all the above must be done first
• I urge you each to grasp the depths of what I am asking of you and the urgency of it
• Halleluyah, My Chosen, Halleluyah

Kingdom Government Meeting 9-29-2021 (Anoint)
BL - anoint, anoint, anoint, (over and over, it went on and on and on) let My anointing flow among you / (still seeing the words, anoint, anoint over and over) / anoint, deep anointing / deep anointing / (saw it getting deeper ) you shall walk in My anointing, My deep anointing / (she saw it almost knee high at this point) / deep anointing / (in the short bit of time, (some time passed) deep, deep, anointing / (it was now waist high) anoint, anoint, anoint, anoint your eyes, ears, mouths with My anointing oil / (she could feel pressure on her left eye - then suddenly HE did that eye thing with both of her eyes) My Children, anoint yourselves with the deep anointing oil I have provided / portrayal / each, each, each must do / grasp the depths, grasp the depths of what I have provided / grasp the depths of what I am doing this night / let there be no hesitations / step forth, step forth / it is time / gather them up and move to My Holy of Holies /

HH - here, here, here are My deepest depths / garner from them / (they seemed to be over our heads) / yes, you are completely submerged / (I had been seeing strips of red, but now my whole vision was red) My Children what you gain from here, from all I have provided this night will be only what you each personally allow / think carefully, think carefully, think carefully, then allow accordingly / that is all, the choices are yours and yours alone to make / Halleluyah

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