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SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

Outer Court - Silence.
BL, “Bless this page (did) / it is My desire that Blessings flow from this script / catch the flow,My Children, catch the flow / be not caught outside of it / (she kept seeing deep red) / the flow of My blood / (again saw deep red) / allow it to Bless / (again saw deep red) / allow it to flow in you, through you / (again saw deep red) / yes, red as are My fires / (again saw deep red) / My fires are here to cleanse / (again saw deep red) / My blood, My fires, My blood, My fires, allow them to cleanse / (saw deeper red) / move into their depths / (again saw deep red) / My depths are aflame / (again saw deep red) / douse not My flames / (saw red that was almost black) / it is time for the deepest of My depths / (again saw deep red) / fear not, fear not / (again saw deep red) / take My flames into the HP with you / do so now” (did)
Circle up & wash at the Laver.
“take My flames with you / allow them to burn around you / allow them to burn in you” / Thanked and Praised Him with Halleluyahs & Rejoicing. / Closed circle. “kindle, allow My kindle for others / take My kindle to others” / Hands up in Praise & Adoration of YAHUSHUA, & offering up silence. “these hands carry My fires / they carry My fires but are not burned by them” Hands on up. “I blow on these fires that they not go out”
“know that My fires are holy / see them, see them as holy / take them in, breathe them in / grasp the knowledge I am revealing to you / let the fire of this knowledge not go out / My fires must burn, burn, burn / My holy fires, My holy fires, allow them here in this place / allow them to burn strongly within you each My Children / it is time, it is time for My holy fires to come forth and burn / allow them, allow them for it is My will, it is My plan, it is their time, be not caught outside My fires / think and grasp, think and grasp all I am telling you this night / take it in, take it in, take it all in”
RS -Meeting 11-3-2020
HH - I shall kindle the earth / time / a spiritual kindleing
30 min - Ignight the kindleing of the earth / be sober but joyful

RS I ignighted the kindleing of the earth on this day!

RR - The red was used so much today. On the election map with red (Republicans).

BN - He’s been reading from Luke 12: 49-56 (with kindle in it).
BN read verse 12:49 I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?

Ministry Meeting 11-07-2020 (commandeer)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• My Children, take care in Commandeering
• all things, yes, all things must be done legally
• you must be certain what you Commandeer is My Will, not yours but Mine
• be especially careful in Commandeering the enemy
• legally Commandeer goods the enemy has stolen
• be aware that I do not Commandeer the enemy into My service
• think carefully, if you Commandeered an evil force of any sort, what would you do with it
• going about randomly Commandeering may cause chaos
• again I caution you to think carefully, very carefully before Commandeering anything
• prepare thoughtfully, carefully
• a wise servant always seeks the masters will first
• My Children seek Me in these matters, seek Me first

11-11-2020 KINGDOM GOVERNMENT MEETING (Calm - Peace)

Outer Court - Silence.
BL, “enter into My Calm, My United Ones / take of My Calm / take of its every facet / yes, every facet / comprehend the value of each / take of the depths of My Calm / breathe them in / allow them to fulfill their purposes within your beings / My Calm is a major building block in your make-up / so is its companion My Peace / Calm begets Peace and Peace begets Calm / allow them to complete their works within you, My Children / allow them to build and to fortify / sense their worth / sense their strength and rightness of their building efforts / sense their purposes / sense their power building and building / halt it not / allow not the enemy access / sense their ongoing work, deep, deep within / sit back and let My Peace and Calm prevail and have their way / (at this point I let them prevail and have their way over this meeting) / so be it, so be it, I am pleased / you may go forth now”
Circle up & wash at the Laver.
MM - lifted fully Thanks and Praise with Halleluyahs & Rejoicing. / “Halleluyah, Halleluyah (many high Halleluyahs) / lift and shout silent Halleluyahs / yes, shouts of silent Halleluyahs” (many times) / Closed circle. “My Chosen, My Chosen, My Chosen (over and over) / Halleluyahs within your bellies / release, release / the trigger has ben released“ / Hands up in Praise & Adoration of YAHUSHUA, & offering up silence. “cup your hands / I fill your cups to overflowing / lift your cups that I may fill” / Hands on up. “lift your cups that I may fill / again and again and again, lift that I may fill them”
MM - “the infilling, the infilling / the infilling I have for you at this time has begun / fresh new infilling / allow Me, My Children / allow Me to fill you each with all I desire / the time, the time, the time, be aware of this time / its purpose, be aware of its purpose / there is purpose in it for you each / you must be aware of all these purposes / closely knit, closely knit / dire that you stay closely knit and are completely aware of one another's purposes / great depths, great depths / they all have great depths, multiple depths / consciously aware, strive to be consciously aware / shy not from the depths, fear them not / My deepest depths are now ready and are open to you, for you / delve, delve, delve in them again and again / delve as many times as you sense the need / cleanse yourselves and delve into My pure depths / My hosts await to aid, to help you grasp all you need from these depths / allow them to aid / My Children, I trust you and call you trustworthy / clearly understand I trust in and with My deepest depths, be not shy, be not shy, delve”

Ministry Meeting 11-14-2020 (Establish)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• My Children, legally allow Me to make a great Establishment of My Holy Truth within your Established unit
• Fully, completely allow this Establishment
• Establish and fully absorb each detail
• Establish and fully absorb each facit of it
• Yes, allow Me to Establish in, for, and through you both individually and corporately
• Note, you also are Establishing as I Establish
• My Children, be aware, fully aware that every word I speak and every word you speak is involved in Establishing something
• I adjure you each to grasp the depths of this fact
• I also adjure you to judge your words after you have spoken and make immediate corrections that may be needed
• leave no misspoken words to be permanently Established
• and of course, My Children, you must not let wrong speakings of others stand, for they then would be Established

Kingdom Government Meeting 11-18-2020 (I am Holy)
BL - to begin with, I am Yahweh and I am Holy / comprehend My Chosen, the full exactness of what this means / I ask you to place your total trust in Me / I long for your whole trust, your whole hearts, your whole minds, all of you, the whole you of you each / I appreciate what you have given Me of yourselves but I long, long, long for all of you / I ask for all of you, all that you each are / My Children, My Children, My Children, come to Me willingly, truly, completely come to Me / I have such plans for you each but you must come to Me because you desire to / I long for you to long for Me / I ask you to slow down, think, and to come to Me because it is what you desire also / (saw red in whole vision) / you must tell them of the flames /

HP - TPHR / I cherish your gift / I cherish your gift / CC - I cherish you My Children / I cherish you, (many times) / come closer to Me, come closer to Me / HU - give Me your hands, give Me your hands / allow Me to lift your hands / HOU - I lift you up, I lift you each up, closer and closer to Me / yes, yes, yes, ever closer and closer /

HH - withstand My Power / I am surging My Power into you / decide, decide, decide My Children, do you want My Power within / how much can you withstand / it comes not without sacrifice / there is a cost / the responsibility is great, great / My Children, you each must think very carefully on this matter / the responsibility is not a trifling thing / how much can you withstand / do you, will you allow Me to decide / will you be satisfied with My decision / do you know, truly know yourselves / this is a most dire decision / think carefully and count the cost / the cost, the cost, the cost is more than you might think / I ask that you not only be honest with Me, but also be extremely honest with yourselves / the question is, how much power, if any, can you honestly handle, want to handle / all I'm asking you for tonight is your honesty

Sabbath Celebration 11-22-2020 (New single cup assignment!)
1. Hallelujahs - tambourines - horns - praises! All with the Lord!
2. Shofar(s)
3. Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
4. Ignition of the Lord’s Fire in the Laver (words)
5. Sending the single cup (chalice): A person holds up the single cup with everyone doing an act of sending the single cup to Ukraine and verbally saying: ¨The Bride Sends forth the Single Cup with fire to Ukraine. Yahusuha will have a harvest from Ukraine where there are hungry hearts"
..........After the single cup is set back down.. "We legally Allow, Activate & Invoke all of this with the Legal Authority of Your name, Yahushua." (Hallelujahs.) Ukraine #5

(Purpose) "Let it burn the way. I am here to bring forth the things therein. I am here to bring forth MY Bride. The time is now. MY people need wait no more. Many have yearned for such a time. It is time, it is time! Now send forth the Single Cup!”

6. Single cup preparation into individual cups
7. Enter into Silence (words)
8. Wash at the Lord’s Laver - Circle up (silent, action)
9, Single Cup Communion (silent action)

(Purpose) “You are to declare, (establish) by drinking from this Single Cup, that His rule and reign has begun in the earth. It is a solemn declaration."
"Every time you partake of the Single Cup, it's like going around Jericho once!"

30 min. of silence! Partial fulfilling of Revelation 8:1

KE - As Mrs. Faith was dividing the Single Cup I heard the Lord say, "Guatemala." After we all sat down the Lord continued on and said, "Guatemala is Our next destination. Send forth My reserved blessings that I have reserved for the people in Guatemala. My Single Cup shall contain them for I have impregnated My Single Cup for these purposes. Every blessing has a purpose. Every blessing is grown from the seed of a promise."

Kingdom Government Meeting 11-25-2020 (New Ground)
BL - (eyes, deeper) / new ground, new ground / I am taking you on to new ground / eyes have not seen My Chosen / allow your feet to trod / allow your feet to trod how, when, and where I tell you / fear not for I shall be with you / (vision became DDDR) / yes, you have seen My deepest Red / you have seen because I am deeply, deeply, deeply committed / My Children, it is time you each are as deeply committed to Me as I am to you / search yourselves My Children, what is the condition of your commitment to Me / be completely honest with yourselves / check, search, do you have a deep seed of commitment / if not, you may ask me for such a seed to be planted within you for this purpose / My Children, My Children, be not embarrassed if you have not found the seed in you / simply ask Me for one if you truly desire it / simple, simple /
HP - TPHR / soar, soar, soar / soar as eagles / new heights / new heights so you can see / CC - lift off / sense the liftoff / fear not / you shall soar / HU - you have all you need / you have all you need / HOU - sense the lifting / sense the lifting / soar with Us /
HH - (vision all solid red) / yes, this is My desire, that all are equally committed / I desire for you each to be deeply, deeply committed / (vision, some dark red, some lighter red) / My Children, it is time for serious, serious thinking / come before Me for I desire to expand your capacities / (vision, some dark red, some lighter red) / fear Me not, fear Me not, but trust Me / I am your Father, and I am Almighty Yahweh, whom else could you trust / is there anyone else who cares for you more than I do / again I say, trust Me / trust Me / trust Me / that is all, you know My desire for you each / I await

Ministry Meeting 11-28-2020 (Concede Not)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• Concede not to the enemy, My Children
• Concede not in spoken words
• Concede not with thoughts
• Concede not with actions or careless gestures
• My Children, you must be totally aware of all you think, speak, and do
• it matters not to the enemy what your intent may be
• remember the enemy lurks ready to skew the slightest of details to make a toehold
• again, My Children, I tell you to be constantly, constantly, constantly completely aware of what you allow yourselves to think, say, and do
• My Children, this must be a priority for it is this vital
• My Children, you must be so attuned to yourselves that you catch all errors, mistakes and immediately pull down or correct them
• doing nothing to correct them lets them stand which the enemy takes as a Concession
• this is a large task and is why I have told you to aid one another
• I adjure you each to gladly accept this aid from one another
• remember, if you are aware of another's mistake and say or do nothing to aid, the guilt is upon you as well
• again, My Children, Concede absolutely nothing to the enemy

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