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Leading Edge

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

Ministry Meeting 5-01-2021 (Grace, Mercy )

Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
Grace, Mercy
• Grace, Mercy, allow Me to shower
• My Children, allow Me to shower this gift upon you
• first allow Me to shower them upon you individually
• receive, receive the fullness of them each
• now, My Bride, My Bride, receive the complete fullness of My gift of Grace and Mercy upon you
• sense them, sense them showering, washing, showering, washing
• release all the iniquity the evil ones have covertly been showering upon you allowing it to be washed away
• adjure all the iniquity to be washed straight into the lake of fire for its total destruction
• now, My Bride, stand before Me cleansed by My Grace and Mercy
• yes, yes, stand before Me cleansed by My Grace and Mercy
• yes, yes, stand before Me

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, May 4, 2021 (Calibrations, Sun God, Gird up your loins!) - MC
My judgments through you will solidify your son-ship in Me and the position I have placed you in. I have chosen you and that is enough. My choosing will bear witness as I choose it too. Let no thwarting of the enemy trouble your steps, Child for I have placed judgment in them that he is afraid of. Soon you will be a lit flame to light My judgments in many places. I have called you to share both suffering and the burden, to share these matters with Me. We go it together. You shall become a channel - a holy channel of judgment for both good and evil. This channel shall be intermingled with My Holy fire. You shall become an express highway for My judgments to flow through as I see fit. A Holy Highway of judgment that must be built. This is the next leg in your walk that you are approaching. Your lane has already been prepared by Me. We are marching forth, We are marching forth and My Man Child will lead. Judgment has to come first in whatever manner I choose to present itself. It must come forth for My purposes (I suddenly saw a mans hand spreading and dropping change all around - the change appeared to be US Mint/coins) With it will come change as I have purposed.

You have been going through My calibration, Child for you must be calibrated. This hasn’t been easy at times but it is necessary. Your calibration shall be revisited as needs be. You shall remain in My accuracy though the enemy has tried and will try to skew. The enemy is out to disband My accuracy but he shall not prevail. I have said all these things to you first, Child that many may see and read. It is My revealing in My time in how I choose to do so. Rest in it.

-Time passed in silence-

Be not afraid to fulfill My next instructions. Go to and find an image and relic that resembles sun worship. Mar it with a sharp blade and label it Pasadena, CA. For this is where I have chosen to bring sun worship to judgment (I understood this was the beginning point of this judgment concerning sun worship) Fourteen days after you mar it and label it, bind it in linen cloth. This along with My other memorials shall be placed before Me as a witness and testimony. Fear not. Simple instructions, simple obedience. These are My Hallowed commands.

The rudder of My Spirit, My Core, is soon to reveal your next destination. I have told you to tend to your feet because they must be ready. Ready for every step to, in, and from the destination I have chosen for you. It will take sacrifice yet you have committed much to Me, therefore you are able. Wane not from My Holy purposes. You could not handle the magnitude of your obedience if I showed you because of the massive effects it has. Think of it now, My Children if you wane from My Holy purposes… Stay the course I have you on. Budge not. I will continue to reveal, lead, and guide.

I will end this session with a word to both believer and non-believe - Gird up your loins. For much movement is coming and things will be shaken. Gird up your loins less you teeter-totter and fall into a ditch. Gird up your loins in faith. To the non-believer I say do also and test My Word. The girding for each individual shall be different as the situation presents itself. Root yourselves in these words by faith and trust. It shall be an anchor for your soul.

Kingdom Government Meeting 5-05-2021 (embellish not)
BL - embellish not My words, embellish not My words / pure, sanctified, My words are pure and sanctified / My Children, My Children, I long for you to understand all I say to you / read My words again and again, that you may grasp the fullness of them / harken not to the nay-sayers / they know not of what they speak / harken not to them, forgive them, but harken not to them / My Children, cleanse your minds and souls, and harken to Me, for I have revelations to reveal to you / cleanse and establish forgiveness within your beings / this must be / yes, do this in preparation for My revelations / prepare, prepare, that ye may then expect / new acts My Children, new acts, be prepared /

HP - TPHR / guide, guide / allow Me to guide / relinquish and allow Me to guide / purposes, purposes, you know not of / monumental, monumental / Supreme, Supreme, I am your Supreme Court / allow Me to Judge / approach Me, approach Me / fear not to approach Me / My Children, you know you can approach Me with no fear / HU - yield and give Me your hands / give Me your hands and yield / HOU - show Me (did) / Halleluyah /

HH - plenty, plenty / hour of plenty / I give, and you give / receive, receive / you receive and I receive of you / (vision was all red) / hesitate not, hesitate not / the hour is now, the hour is now / give and take, take and give / no time to be bashful / My Children, solemnly yet joyfully, enter into this hour of plenty with Me / (vision red) / My Children, be honest and truthful, and hesitate not to enter /

Ministry Meeting 5-08-2021 (Clear Your Minds )
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
Clear your minds
• My Children, clear your minds of all that clutters them
• do it as often as needed
• be aware of the airways and what they carry
• ask for more discernment if you need it
• listen not to the enemy
• always, always be on guard, on watch for their subtle acts
• remember even the smallest amounts of clutter can and will grow to be as mountains
• recognize, recognize, recognize these things, these acts and use your arsenals to destroy them before they can increase
• this is crucial for your well beings
• call upon My angels to help you win this battle for they are armed and ready
• be aware of their weaponry and their use
• stand firm in the fact that My Weapons are far, far better than any the enemy has
• My Children, grasp what I am telling you - let not the enemy clutter your minds and if they do manage to get clutter, any clutter deposited, I adjure you to get it out, cleaned out immediately before it can bore in and increase

Sabbath Celebration 5-11-2021 ( Let silence reign, Single-cup to Singapore )
1. Halleluyahs - tambourines - horns - praises! All with the Lord!
2. Shofar(s) blown
3. Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
4. Ignition of the Lord’s Fire in the Laver (words)
5. Sending the single cup (chalice): A person holds up the single cup with everyone doing an act of sending the single cup to Singapore
Instruction: {For the next seven Sabbaths, starting with this Sabbath, you shall send My Single Cup to Singapore. Divine intervention is needed that the spiritualism of occults do not overtake the people there. Send My Single Cup forth and declare it charged before every push - Charged with My might.}

"The Bride Sends forth the Single Cup with Fire Charged with Yahushua's Might to Singapore." (Halleluyah) Push 1-time
Then Charged with Yahushua's Might
Push 6 times making 7
After the single cup is set back down.. "We legally Allow, Activate & Invoke all of this with the Legal Authority of Your name, Yahushua." (Halleluyahs.) Singapore 3 of 7 times

(Purpose) "Let it burn the way. I am here to bring forth the things therein. I am here to bring forth MY Bride. The time is now. MY people need wait no more. Many have yearned for such a time. It is time, it is time! Now send forth the Single Cup!”

6. Single cup preparation into individual cups
7. Enter into Silence (words)
8. Wash at the Lord’s Laver - Circle up (silent, action)
9, Single Cup Communion (silent action)

(Purpose) “You are to declare, (establish) by drinking from this Single Cup, that His rule and reign has begun in the earth. It is a solemn declaration."
"Every time you partake of the Single Cup, it's like going around Jericho once!
30 min. of silence! Partial fulfilling of Revelation 8:1

RS - Let Silence reign! Glory

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, May 11, 2021 ( Flames of Victory - MC )
Eat the scrolls I give you, Child. For surely they shall taste sweet to your mouth but shall become bitter in your stomach. You must eat, digest, then speak (I suddenly saw in the distance a giant skeleton in the form of a human, which the look of it reminded me of an X-Ray. I saw from the feet upward but I did not see the head, only so far up the torso. The focus of this giant skeleton was on the feet. I saw myself in the distance standing before this giant skeleton and I was very small in size. I began to see the feet of this giant skeleton at different angels, which I believe was mostly the right foot. I saw again the massive size of this skeleton compared to myself.) You will see what many cannot see and hear what many do not hear and I will hold you accountable (I saw after this a very narrow sliver of an opening in front of me - inside the sliver was darkness and around it was darkness, but the darkness inside the narrow sliver was darker, allowing me see its form. It took me a moment to see it as if focusing in on it. After seeing it for a moment it suddenly vanished.) You are soon to enter a narrow opening that will thrust you forward into My progression at a fast rate of speed. It is My vortex - it is My winds. Move freely through. On the other side is a new climate for you to walk in that I have created. The atmosphere you bring shall change and begin to manifest My glory in the stages I have determined it to be created. Rest in all of these My words, Child to you this day. Lord, I choose to rest in them as You have spoken. Halleluyah.

(Time of silence)

I shall tickle the ears of many with My judgment. Many will close and stop their ears and say, “My spirit does not agree with that.” Fear them not for their ears have not been purged. Shelter and use My words as a covering for those who will hear. Many stand and say they know Me and yet do not agree with My witnesses. The understanding to the Power of Witness is coming forth also to rightly discern and rightly divide. Many measure off the wrong witness that agrees with their own spirit and not Mine. My people need to understand what My Spirit agrees with.

(Time of silence)

My flames of victory shall burst forth. They shall kindle My Holy words that they beseared into the nations - some for blessing, some for cursing, some for victory, some for woe, some for rejoicing, some for lamenting - but all these things shall work according to My good pleasure. The weeping eyes of many shall be closed as I give them rest from their labors.

(Time of silence)

You must continue to write, Child and forge My judgments as I give them to you. You must enact and portray as I lead you. Hallowed binding and loosing. They all must come forth. Fear not, fear not, fear not. This next part, Child do not send out lest there be murmurings against My words and delay My movement.

Kingdom Government Meeting 5-12-2021 ( release your faith )
BL - My Children, My Children, release your faith / yes, release your faith so it can expand, increase and expand, release it to increase and expand / allow your faith, yes, allow it to grow / hold it not back with doubt and unbelief / My Chosen Ones, I have much for you, and for you to do / all of it requires faith, healthy faith / feed and nourish it, so it grows and is healthy / exercise your faith, yes, exercise it so it is strong / yes, strong and healthy / such plans, such plans I have for each of you, but you must tend to your faith first / I encourage you each to hold not back the development of your faith / your faith is major in your arsenals / neglect it not / (Child, brush the dust from the faith of each, for all have some) (did) /

HP - TPHR / conditions tough / My Children, overcomers, you are overcomers, for I call you overcomers / worry not / I AM with you, I have been with you and I shall be with you / is there anyone better or stronger than Me / no / worry not / I AM that I AM and you are Mine / I take care of My own / worry not /

HH - Trajectory / My Trajectory is straight and true / I miss no target / parallel Me / it is time, it is time (over and over) / My truth shall come forth / My truth shall prevail / hinder Me not / parallel Me / trust, trust, allow your trust in Me to grow / allow it to expand, to truly expand / this must be My Children / truly allow it, allow it to expand again and again / that is all, take in these My words /

Ministry Meeting 5-15-2021 (Prepare)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• My Children, take not lightly and Prepare
• many things are on the near horizon
• again, I say Prepare now
• My Plans, My Plans, be ready for My Plans
• yes, multiples, multiples, be ready
• concentrate on being ready, Prepared
• be aware for the enemy is also preparing
• My Children, Prepare to foil, to completely foil the enemy's preparations and plans
• you must keep focused on Me, focused on obedience to Me
• keep your focus sharp so you clearly see all I am doing
• every detail is most vital
• major events about to happen, be ready
• yes, you also must not overlook events you might see as minor for many of them are vitally important to other happenings
• again, My Children, I say be ready, Prepared and procrastinate not, be in My timing
• Halleluyah

Kingdom Government Meeting 5-19-2021 (Peace)
BL - Peace / Perfect Peace / yes, My Children My Peace is Perfect / I call you, invite you into My Perfect Peace / allow it to envelope you each / I desire for you to operate from within My Peace / enter at will / yes, it must be your will / I too operate in Perfect Peace / My Chosen Ones I desire for you to know, to experience this My Peace / enter leaving behind worry, burdens, doubts, unbelief / you can, you each can / Child, tell them I want them to know true Peace / tell them now that they may grasp this My gift for them this night / tell them sit for 5 minutes so they may grasp /

HH - My precious Children, you have chosen well / welcome, welcome, welcome / allow yourselves to experience the fullness of My Perfect Peace / be consciously aware of it / be aware of all it entails / every benefit / weary not, weary not, weary not but be fully in My Peace / rise up, rise up, rise up strong in My Peace / yes, rise strong and unhindered by the evil forces or by the rest of mankind / be ye not hindered any more / it is time, it is time for you My Chosen to rise up unhindered and operate in My Perfect Peace / you have entered, I adjure you each to stay in this My Perfect Peace / Amen, and Amen / yes, these My words I have said, they are written, now complete by speaking them / Halleluyah, yes, they are sealed

Book of Prophecies MC

The Lord has made it known that we are to share the information given about the Book of Prophecies. We now understand everything God had us do was a portrayal for the Lord’s Prophetic Time Clock to come forth legally in the earth. We understand now that all the prophecies the Lord has and will give through the Man Child in his Sabbath Judgment Meetings are the fulfillment of the Book of Prophecies coming into fruition. This will in turn be made a “Book of Prophecies” on the THH site for the public to download. We still don’t know how many prophecies this book will contain. There are prophecies that will go in this book that were given outside of the Lord's Sabbath Judgment Meetings. One of these prophecies has already started to come into fruition concerning a young man and what God has called and anointed him to do.

A Witness
The Lord began to instigate all this with me when I came to Kansas in 2017 to abide between the Lord’s Lamp-Stands for six days as He commanded me to do.  This was accomplished.  It was during this time in a Kingdom Government Meeting that the Lord revealed to me to get a book and begin to establish it in the earth. Here is the record of what I saw and heard:

Kingdom Government Meeting, October 11, 2017
HH- I saw a book coming down from above and then came out in front of me.  I saw the thickness to this book was around an inch or so thick and the pages to the book were white.  The book was opened already with pages already showing inside for me to see.  Then the book came down closer to my lap area and the book was opened to the first page, which was blank. I saw all the pages inside the book were blank.  Then the Lord said to me, “I want you to start a Book of Prophecies.  You shall write the prophecies I give you in the book.  You shall sign every one of them.  This is to be a witness for generations to come.”

I reported all this to the group after the meeting. After this time the Lord continually dealt with me and gave me certain instructions regarding this book. I will say that I always thought the book itself that I got was the actual book God was referring to that would be the “Book of Prophecies.” But this was only a substitute in portraying the loosening of the real Book of Prophecies to come forth as mentioned above.

All of the instructions the Lord gave were leading up to the time when God would have me portray unsealing this book. I will share the record of how this came forth at the direction of the Lord. I will note that before this time the Lord had not spoken to me at all about this book for several months.

August 3, 2020
I was seeing the Book of Prophecies in front of me.  I saw the golden colored seal on the front being removed.  I understood this meant things were going to be unsealed and loosed that had not been before that are to go in this book.  Yes Child, yes Child, yes Child.  Your discernment is correct.  Have your pen ready.  The time is coming where I will have you loose the seal from the Book of Prophecies - that what I have ordained to be given may come forth that has been sealed up - even until now.  Yet a little time and then it will come.  My timing is perfect and complete in all matters.

Then ten days later the Lord gave me more instruction and understanding on the necessary steps that needed to be legally taken to portray this unsealing.

August 13, 2020
On the last day of the Feasts of Tabernacles you shall remove the seal from the Book of Prophecies.  A new era - a new era of revelation and prophetic judgment I will give.  Hesitate not to do this when the time comes.  It must needs be.  Take the seal and its remnants and burn it with fire.  You shall take what is left and cast it towards the east and prophesy what I tell you.  Hold fast to My words and commandments unto you this day.  I will make a spectacle of the nations and bring the mighty ones low who have cursed and blasphemed Me with their mouths and in their hearts.  I will prove the righteous and redeem the just and shelter all who fear My name.

Roy, Faith and I looked on the calendar to see when the Feasts of Tabernacles is this year and we found it begins the first week of October (2020).  Starting on the first day of October, which on God’s calendar falls in the seventh month.  This seventh month is the month Trishri.  What is most interesting about all this is the last day of the Feasts of Tabernacles lands on the seventh day of the seventh month, which is also the seventh and last day of the Feast!  So you have a complete 777.  Seven is the number of completion and is one of God’s numbers used prophetically in the Bible.

The seal being removed from the Book of Prophecies will begin a new era of revelation and prophetic judgment.  This prophetic act also signifies what has been sealed up will now be unsealed and revealed as the Lord wills.

In Ezekiel chapter 5, we see God used Ezekiel the prophet in a similar way as he is using me.  These are portrayals of judgments God is loosing in the earth that the manifestation of them come into full measure according to His will to whom they are purposed for or against for either good or evil.

Ezekiel 5:1-4
And thou, son of man, take thee a sharp knife, take thee a barber's razor, and cause it to pass upon thine head and upon thy beard: then take thee balances to weigh, and divide the hair.
2 Thou shalt burn with fire a third part in the midst of the city, when the days of the siege are fulfilled: and thou shalt take a third part, and smite about it with a knife: and a third part thou shalt scatter in the wind; and I will draw out a sword after them.
3 Thou shalt also take thereof a few in number, and bind them in thy skirts.
4 Then take of them again, and cast them into the midst of the fire, and burn them in the fire; for thereof shall a fire come forth into all the house of Israel. 

Unsealing the Book of Prophecies
God revealed to me shortly after He gave the instructions for unsealing the Book of Prophecies that I was going to need a notary! It was a legal action that was necessary in portraying the unsealing! It had to be legal.

Scene, I was holding a book in my right hand.  I saw this book was the Book of Prophecies.  I was standing by others here.  I saw the book more up close and I could see the golden colored seal on the front of the book the Lord had me put there.  Then a woman standing to my left said to me, “You are going to need a notary.”  I knew this was for when I’m to take the seal off the front as the act of “unsealing” what the Lord wants to go in this book. I knew this had to be done in having a notary as a legal witness.

A few weeks before the big day God had revealed to me while taking a drive one afternoon who was to be the notary. I was worried about this and wondered how God was going to have this done since I didn’t know anyone in Kansas as a notary! Suddenly as I passed a newly built bank in town, I knew a woman who worked at this bank who is also the twin of a friend of mine’s wife. I had not thought about her at all before. I brought this to Mrs. Faith’s attention and she contacted her. She asked her if she was a notary and she was! Later, it was revealed that she was able to be the notary when the time came. God led me to create the Affidavit documents and print them on parchment paper. The Affidavit included everything the Lord has revealed, along with His instructions concerning the unsealing of the Book of Prophecies. After getting the final blessing by God through a judgment question, everything was now ready to be portrayed.

Marilyn brought the Book of Prophecies from her home where the book had been lying for over a year now. This was also done at the direction of the Lord. The woman whom God had chosen to be the notary arrived. Being a friend of the family she knew how everyone here is involved in ministry. We explained to her prophetic things, how portrayals are done legally and how they are all through the Bible. We also explained the things the Lord had revealed concerning the Book of Prophecies. Good seed was sown in this window of time to get everybody involved in one mind. I took the Book of Prophecies and began peeling off the golden seal on the front as an act and sign that this unsealing was now taking place in the earth! All legally done and orchestrated at the Lord’s directions! I signed the Affidavit and the notary also signed in her proper places and stamped the Affidavit with her stamp. Afterwards we took the seal and its remnants and placed them inside a silver aluminum pie pan and burned it with a blow torch. We tried using matches but this did not work well because it wasn’t a continuous flame. After burning the seal and gathering up the remnants, we covered the pie pan with aluminum foil to take with us to The Hill. This is where the remnants of the seal would be cast to the east.

We all rode in Marilyn’s Yukon, which the Lord has called “the covenant car.” It is a pretty Burgundy red. Marilyn suggested we all ride together in her vehicle to The Hill. Marilyn suggested I drive. I was a little reluctant because this is a nice vehicle with all the “bells and whistles”, and I had never drove it before. I took up the offer and it was an awesome riding vehicle! I knew the Lord was in everything that was happening for many purposes.

We arrived at The Hill and parked. We all got out and Roy had his recorder up to record what was going to be prophesied as the Spirit gave utterance. I was a little nervous because I had no idea what was about to happen or what the Lord was going to have me prophesy! We all got silent first to see if the Lord wanted to give any further instruction before casting the remnants of the seal towards the east. Immediately, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Hold not thy peace.” I knew I was to let go and speak what the Spirit of God wanted to say through me as a yielded vessel. No one else received any instruction so I took the aluminum foil off and casted the pie pan towards the east with the remnants flying outward. I stood in silence for a moment until I blurted out these words with my right arm stretched towards the east:

“Behold, saith the Lord! I come forth with My armies of heaven to execute judgment in the earth upon the kings of the earth and upon all those who have exalted themselves before Me. I come forth with judgment, whirlwinds of both good and evil that shall come forth from the east, saith the Lord; and the pillar of fire shall be seen forth in the earth yet again upon My anointed and upon My Chosen who I have called to execute My judgments in the earth, and upon My Man Child who shall stand forever before Me and shall witness of My Power, My demonstrations and My Glory. My Bride also shall witness and heretofore, saith the Lord, I will execute all these things that I have spoken through My Man Child! Let it be a witness this day as the first fruit of these events are unfolded and that I will unseal and open up a door in heaven that shall release revelation upon revelation that has been sealed up since time began, and I will release it unto mankind that they may see the truth and that they may hear it and that all those who have ears to hear, hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying! Halleluyah and amen!”

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, May 20, 2021 MC (My PLans)
Go forth in My plans, go forth in My restoration, go forth in My promises. Be not reluctant, Child. There are two sides to the Book of Prophecies - one that has been given before the Church Age comes to a close and the other prophecies after the Church Age has ended. They shall be divided just as I have divided the day and the night. They shall be divided into two different sections in the Book of Prophecies.

The time is quickly approaching where I will give My judgments rest. I will summon you at a later time in My Calendar of events where again, you will present yourself unto Me. I am plunging you forward into My grace period of blessings and rest. Though you labor you shall have rest from Me. All the components I have given you for these meetings shall have rest. I adjure you to keep them swept though, Child. They shall have clean rest as I have given you also.

The double portion will go forth to accomplish My Third Day revival that My eternal rest be ushered in. A double portion is needed to go forth to usher in My Day of Rest. Just as I gave manna in a double portion on the six day, so it is now. A double portion of My Spirit working under the New Covenant that has never been seen before by man.

Many shall soon wait on Me in silence and I will lead a great army into victory. Their ranks shall be as medals around their necks and they shall be birthed out of the furnace of affliction. For there are many that I have chosen that have been wayward from all nations - yet I will test them and bring them forth through the furnace of affliction. I will deliver them and they shall sup with Me and I with them that the power of unity and brotherhood go forth and a tumultuous sound of revival will follow.

I will have different levels of revivals burning in different areas. Each in accordance to My will. There will be some areas where there will be no cap or limitation to My working power. Total freedom and liberty where the miraculous can manifest through the working power of My Spirit. Satan’s messengers of deceit shall not be able to buffet My revivals. The perfect law of liberty shall function where there is no fear, no want or lack, but all shall be freely given and manifested as needs be. It shall be and I will pour out My rewards. Those of a humble and contrite spirit shall receive of them first, for their humility is a magnet for My love.

Let these words echo - let them echo out to the ends of the earth, for My words are charged with power. My words are living and they will produce. That is all, Child. Adjourn the meeting.

James 1:25
But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

Ministry Meeting 5-22-2021 (Instant)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• My Children, I call you to be instant in your responses to Me
• it is time, it is time that you respond to Me instantly thus letting the enemy not have time to hinder in any manner
• you know the enemy has his cohorts ready to pounce at only a moment's notice
• yes, there will be times I will tell you to ponder or think carefully and this you will need to do
• be instant in obedience to Me leaving no room for doubt to enter
• be instant in forgiving others and yourselves leaving no room for hard feeling or guilt to enter
• be instant in recognizing the enemy's works and in shutting them down thus allowing them not to increase
• be instant in stopping unholy reverberations and lies
• be instant in the use of your arsenals
• My Children it is time for you to instantly trust Me and yourselves so there be no hesitations of your acts or obedience
• Halleluyah

Kingdom Government Meeting 5-26-2021 ( Redeem )
BL - Redeem, Redeem, Redeem / My Children, be Redeemers for the lost / let no opportunity pass by / so much work yet to be done / work on many levels / be on alert / you must, must be on full alert / you know the enemy is / My Children, you must listen for My guidance / your eyes must be open and focussed on Me, and what I am doing, and where I am leading you / let not your intensity waver / the horizon, the horizon, watch carefully the horizon / see what I am doing in the horizon / you each must keep pushing forth / the lost and the babes, always be aware and ready for the lost and the babes / bring them to Me /

HP - TPHR / (TPHR came back and were hovering over our heads) / allow them, allow them (over and over) / persist, persist My Children / many endeavors ahead, and you each must persist / I shall be leading and guiding, and watching over you, but you must persist, understand / it is good, it is good / now lift to Me / HU - yes, much good to come / lift on up for more / HOU - yes, more of Me, more of Me /

HH - Cherish Our time / be blessed, yes My Children, be blessed in this Our Cherished time / honor Me and know I too honor each of you / you are Mine, yes, My Children / I am truly thankful for each of you / receive My blessings I have for you / reject them not / take all I have for you as blessings / yes, even the work I have for you I adjure you to take, receive as blessings / tarnish not these My blessings for you / hold fast and do as I ask / cherish the work, cherish the labor / yes, cherish them for the blessing will surely follow / this is all, this is all, now absorb it all / Amen

Ministry Meeting 5-29-2021 (Clear and Clarify)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
Clear and Clarify
• My Children, be Clear in all matters
• I have told you to doubt not, and now I tell you to leave no doubt for others
• always think about what you have spoken and immediately Clarify what needs to be made Clear
• do the same concerning your actions
• leave no doubt, leave no doubt for others to have to deal with
• if something seems to be confusing, remember who the author of confusion is
• be aware that acts may be as confusing as spoken words
• be aware of the reactions of the babes for what may seem simple may need to be made more Clear for them or repeated
• always be aware, prepared, and willing to Clarify for these times may be openings for teaching or sharing
• My Children, My message to you is to keep things simple, Clear, so others can understand, and be ready to Clarify as needed

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