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SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

Kingdom Government Meeting 3-3-2021 ( Glory Coming Down )
BL - Glory coming down, be ready / allow Me to manifest My Glory / (eye thing) / permit your eyes to take it in / take all of it in / oh My Children, take not this matter lightly / eyes have not seen the fullness, the complete fullness of My Glory / true it shall bless, it shall bless, it shall bless, but stop not at the blessing / yes My Glory too has much that is beyond, well beyond / this I desire for you to see, to experience / inhibit Me not, inhibit not My Glory / be at peace when receiving it, be at peace / no guarantees / I require your trust / purchased, purchased, you each have been purchased / high price, paid in full / weep no more My Children / dry your eyes and look, truly look deeply, purposefully into My beyond / (pray for My people Child, pray now) (did) / (saw red) / lift them to Me again and again (did) / Child, understand you are, just did and are opening doors with these prayers / (saw deep red) / Child, lift them again, for each time you are opening doors that heretofore have not been opened / I declare this a massive opening of My doors, again I declare this to be a massive opening of My doors / (saw red) / yes, yes, you have been seeing My flames / this must be, they must be for the ushering in, yes the massive ushering in of babes for My purposes for them / My Chosen, you must, you just must stay focussed through all of this / stay focussed and much, much you shall see / let not your focus falter / I have declared My time / MY TIME MUST BE / be not caught out of My Time / crucial, crucial for you and for My plans and purposes / Halleluyah the Glory has been poured / grasp what this means to Us / I have blessed you each My Children, with the ability to be focussed, but it is up to you to employ that ability / I am trusting you, I am trusting you, I am trusting you / as always, choose, choose wisely / Amen and Amen /

Ministry Meeting 3-6-2021 (Converge )
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• My Children, Converge on the enemy
• Yes, Converge on them as never before
• Converge with power, purpose
• Converge with united focus
• Converge with a unity you have not as yet experienced
• Converge with determined steps solidly planted
• direct angels to back you and to flank your sides
• Converge upon them having no fear no doubt
• yes We are at war with the enemy
• they must, must be curtailed for they are out of My timing
• My Children, I adjure you to tighten your unity
• prepare to march forth at My command
• and, My Children, remember there are more of Us than them, and Our arsenals are far greater than theirs, so fear not and be ready for My commands to move forth

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, March 6, 2021 ( Prophetic Uttering’s )
Prophetic uttering’s. I shall rain down My prophetic uttering’s. A heavy rain. I shall coat the nations with it and all who trust and hear the sound of My voice. I have planted you as a prophetic tree. I have established your roots, therefore I say stand, Child. Write what I tell you…

(I saw a long highway extending almost straight up into the heavens. I knew the Holy Spirit had already shown me this highway in a dream a few years ago. I was looking at the same highway again and the highway was very bright and appeared to be transparent as refined gold). The Highway of Exaltation is laid before My Chosen. Fast acceleration, fast acceleration. Triumph after triumph with each step taken after every mile marker passed. My nucleus. My nucleus of trust. My nucleus blasting forth and garnished with My power. It shall be, it shall be. My prophetic uttering’s being uttered forth that their reverberations cannot be silenced or defeated by the enemy. My nucleus is My Core that I have called to be a guiding light on My Highway of Exaltation (I suddenly saw four horns, each like a shofar, and all four of them conjoined and twisted together into one horn). My four horns of power intertwined into one. Sheared in precession by My refinement. My nucleus shall trumpet and utter the words of life (I was now looking at a large blue diamond up close. This diamond was crystal clear and there was no flaw in it. I saw this large diamond at different angles as it was turned before me. The diamond was about the size of a man’s fist) I have embedded My diamond within My nucleus. It is a prophetic diamond that has been protected to bring forth great price and wealth among the nations. The enemy shall not prevail. A hidden treasure that shall soon come forth in its uprising that My light be reflected off of every facet. The nations shall beat against it but shall not prevail.

Expectation is arising among the nations. The expectation shall be answered with blessing and tribulation. Tribulation upon those who call evil good and good evil. Blessing upon those who have persevered. Perseverance turns My heart towards My people because of their faith and trust. I yet have more things to say…

The moral compass of mankind is soon to go into a tail spin (I looked down and saw a round compass. The compass needle was spinning out of control around and around). True North can only be found under My guiding light. What is up is down and what is down is up, and the moral compass of mankind has begun to tail spin. The enemy’s magnetisms have pulled it away. It has left many lost, empty, stranded and cold. They need one to guide them, to shepherd them, to bring them back to safety. Realignment will come forth by the power of My Spirit and a blessed people shall arise and shall guide many. Too many have trusted in their own understanding and it has left them stranded and lost. A humble beginning and acknowledgment shall be required - through this, is the only way that the reality of what has happened will settle in. Deep within that a beautiful new beginning is birthed. The soundings of the enemy I will drown out. Pin-pointed accuracy shall be My timing in all of these things. The spiritual lines of delineation shall continue to grow further and further until there is no more blur, only black and white. Clarity and perspective in perfect vision that shall be given through the power of My Spirit.

Floods of the mighty shall rage in their continual pursuit of power yet it shall be cut off in the end and will leave them with no inheritance and no reward. Persistent vain pursuits shall come to nothing and the desires of them shall fail and their light be put out. I will give My people understanding and I will pour out My oil. Be not surprised at the sacrifices of the wicked. They shall bear no success nor receive recognition from Me. Marvel not at it, Child, when you see these things happen.

Fear not at the positioning’s you see happening. The enemy’s placements are futile and his positioning’s shall not be secure. I allow these things to happen so the pattern I have spoken forth shall come to pass. Shoulder to shoulder I have firmly rooted My people that if one need to lean for strength, another is there to hold him up. A mighty cord of believers that shall not be thrown down. My ready and stable ones flowing in the cord of My Spirit as each are led. Eat the honey that is given to provide future markings for others who will eat of the same honey also, and share in the words of truth, love and happiness. I seal these solemn and holy words with massive halleluyah’s. Amen and amen. Adjourn the meeting.

Some understanding:
Some of the things I saw that the Lord spoke on He has already shown me in dreams. The first one deals with the “Highway of Exaltation.” I saw this in a dream back on February 12, 2019. Here is the excerpt from that dream and what I saw and experienced.

Scene, I was riding in a vehicle with Roy and Faith. We were driving along this highway that was going straight up into the heavens. I knew we had traveled this highway before. This highway appeared to be made of glass like refined gold. I saw as we began to travel up this highway we were going through a city of large buildings. I saw to my left the large AT&T building in Nashville. This building was floating upward and separated out from all the other buildings in the city. I saw underneath this building dark clouds that I knew were evil. These large dark clouds seemed to be lifting this building up and separating it from all the other buildings as the AT&T building floated on its own in a stationary position. I looked at this in amazement at what I was seeing. As we continued to head up this transparent highway I began to be afraid and said, “I hate this part,” meaning going up because of the heights and how high we would be traveling in this vehicle. I could see we had a way to go upward but I knew we would excel fast.

The Lord has now revealed to me this highway I saw us going upward on and excelling fast on is the Highway of Exaltation. The AT&T part of this scene was prophetic and came to pass this past Christmas, 2020. This was about the bombing that happened on Christmas Day, which separated the AT&T building out from all other buildings in Nashville because of the connection with the bombing.

The large blue diamond I saw is also something the Lord has shown me in the night recently on February 27, 2021. I was given some understanding in the dream when I first saw it, but now the Lord has given more understanding on what this diamond is, what it will produce and who will try to come against it. Below is an excerpt of this scene and what I saw:

… The scene changed and an evil artificial intelligent transformer was now fighting Tom Cruise inside a building. I saw this artificial intelligent transformer winning because it was alot stronger than Tom since he was only human. I saw the transformer mash something down into Tom’s face that was almost flat and cylinder shaped and had flashing blue lights lighting up all around it. I could see it was causing Tom alot of pain as this transformer forced it down inside his face and mouth area. I knew the transformer was doing this so it could retrieve something Tom had down inside him. I knew this had something to do with the Bride.
The scene quickly changed to me looking at a car driving through a small town. I knew Roy and a few others were riding inside this car. I was given the understanding what this transformer wanted inside of Tom that he had. It was a large uncovered blue diamond that had never been used before. This was a secret thing that was being protected. Then I saw this diamond suspended in mid-air above the vehicle. I saw it was crystal clear and beautiful! There was no flaw in it. Roy and the others riding in the vehicle also knew about this large blue diamond and how this dealt with the Bride and had never been used before…

I was also shown in the same scene that the enemy did not prevail nor was able to retrieve this diamond from inside Tom. Tom prevailed against the evil machine.

March 9, 2021 The Lord informed us we were to send this
e-mail from Buka out on His Leading Edge. .

Praise the Lord! Indeed prophet Roy.

Our church is now moving as such and I thank God that they are seeing the fruits for themselves.

Change from the inside out because the spirit is born again.

And the simplicity of it is what they found amazing.

I'll also be covering How the Holy Spirit Teaches and Tithing correctly with them.

We're fairly small right now, about 7 families, and it's manageable.

My wife and I stepped out last year in October.

This was after 10+ years of being taught by the Lord.

I thank God for your site and the work that you've put in as my wife and I have been walking in it for some time now and seen the fruits of addressing all 3 spots.

I must admit I wasn't too excited about dealing with the Lords Tithe on a slightly bigger scale lol.

Which is what we are doing now that we oversee a local church.

I was complaining that it was easier to handle tithes that were our first fruits and not too keen to handle it from others.

The Lord has been faithful and continually encourages me to simply flow with Him.

I believe it stemmed from a fear of stuffing up and getting it wrong.

I'd rather be responsible for my own head you know.

I've also been studying the in Him meetings. We haven't applied it as shown yet.

But one thing we now do differently, because of the information learned, is that our Sunday services are no agenda services. We allow the Spirit of God to move and speak through those in attendance, through a word of testimony, song, dance, prophetic word and word from the Lord for that specific meeting. Just this simple shift has made our Sunday meetings more wholesome. Where each person receives their portion and it has truly been wonderful to witness the Lord move and work in the church.

I would love for my wife and I to have a facetime, zoom meeting with you when you are free some time.

Best regards,


Ministry Meeting 3-13-2021 (Paraclete)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• yes, yes, accept My Spirit
• My Children, it is time, it is time, it is time for you to know, to truly know My Spirit
• yes, I desire for you to know the depths, facets, and details of My Paraclete
• make space, major space for My Spirit to dwell within you
• allow My Spirit to intercede on your behalf
• You must be aware of him, of his presence at all times
• you must see him as holy, untainted for he truly is holy and is of Me
• I truly desire for you each to know My Spirit and to not just know about him
• allow him into all aspects of your lives
• open your eyes, your ears, your hearts, your minds, your whole beings to My Spirit for he must be allowed to work freely in your beings
• My Children, legally allow this special relationship with My Paraclete to increase, to expand and legally allow My Paraclete to legally fill you, completely fill you each, Halleluyah and Amen

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, March 13, 2021 - MC ( Tides of Joy )
Tides of joy - tides of joy shall sweep the lands. Raging tides of joy to proclamate new beginnings and restoration. Mighty proclamations resounding through the airwaves, reverberating and filling even into the heavenlies. Far and wide, far and wide they will spread. I have many times for My proclamations to be established. They shall come, they shall come and fill the void of all hopelessness that had once settled. The enemies proclamations will be shattered as glass and broken in such a way that they will not be able to be put back together. They shall be shattered by the words I speak forth and afterwards, sealed with the sounding of joyous proclamation. This joy belongs to the faithful and to those who have held on, even with little strength. No horn of the enemy shall prevail. Only the horns of My Kingdom shall sound and prevail.

I have set the stage, the props are ready and yet the workers are few. Many workers shall be gained and they shall receive an inheritance from Me. A measure here and a measure there they shall receive according to their faith. Let your faith be strong, My Children, for a mighty harvest is coming forth. A great yield that shall also be matched with My supply. It shall be. Flinch not at any hypocrites who would sow doubt and unbelief. Let none of their words make you flinch or unsettle you. Cherish what is birthing forth. It shall come, it shall come as raging waters, even as waters that issue forth from the womb. You shall know when the water breaks that the time has come. Until then, expect, expect, expect! Expect the reality of all the words I have spoken. Cherish them, expect them, hold them dear. Receive the reverberating life from them. They are life and they are spirit. That is all, Child. Adjourn the meeting.


Outer Court - Silence.
MM - BL, “Glory / allow My Glory in your midst, My Children / My pure Glory / I desire for you to see My pure Glory and to experience it / first you must allow it, welcome it into your midst / see it, see it, see it for all that it is / see its fullness and its purposes / there is much strength in My Glory / sense it / take it in, take it in, My Children / allow it to not only to be upon you, but take it in, absorb it / look beyond the surface and see its mighty purposes / again, I say take it in / allow Me to seal, My Children, allow Me to seal My Glory as I desire in you each / allow it to fulfill its purposes I have for it concerning you each / allow Me / come now, eat of these My words”
Circle up & wash at the Laver.
MM - Thanked and Praised Him with Halleluyahs & Rejoicing. “I was the lamb / I have risen and Celebrate / join Us and Celebrate / let there be much Celebrating / raise your hands and let Me fill / I bless your eyes that you may see clearly into My depths / turn slowly to your right with your lifted hands to receive”
MM - “ahhh, rejoice, My Children / rejoice and receive / enjoy, enjoy, enjoy rejoicing in Me / enjoy rejoicing for Me / your true rejoicing blesses Me / hesitate not to let true rejoicing come forth / sound My alarms, sound My alarms and let My rejoicing come forth through you / yes, I too, rejoice / squelch Me not / rejoicing is a part of My battle plans / allow them, allow them as I say / let there be true rejoicing come forth / this the enemy despises / I don't / Celebrate and Rejoice with great purpose / nothing half way / now, My Children, gather and give forth great intense Celebration and Rejoicing”

Ministry Meeting 3-20-2021 (Redeem )
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• My Children, you are of the Redeemed
• you have been bought back
• My Son paid the price for you each
• you have been Redeemed, delivered from sin and its penalties

• (I kept seeing purple changing to violet.) Yes, My Children, your Redemption is sealed, covenant sealed
• share this with all who will listen
• tell them, tell them they have been bought back
• My babes suffer because they know not they have been bought back
• if it were not for My Grace you too would yet be wandering about with little hope for Redemption
• My Children, be aware of the lost around you and give them My Redemption
• yes, waste no time, but be about tending and giving them My gift of Redemption for them
• again, waste not time and tell them their salvation has been paid for

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, March 22, 2021 - MC (prophetic branches)
My prophetic branches that I have established shall be shaken over the nations. My Book of Prophecies shall flourish, each according to their time and seasons. Golden - each will bloom and bring forth golden incense. Tarry not, Child for you must continue on and write what I give you.

Hear now My words - there must be a section created titled “Prophetic Blessings.” There must also be a section titled “The Lord’s Healing Room.” Have these sections made and ready for the meat I will put in them. Tarry not but fulfill. For you know not what hour the great release will come. Be ready and expecting always.

A major power tap is coming. An endless supply, an endless supply that has been reserved for this time. I will wash and restore many pearls that have been given unto Me by My Father. I will bless and restore, bless and restore, bless and restore. Many fields have been dug and many sources have been tapped, but I, the Lord of Hosts have reserved this unique power tap - even for this day. Many will question the source of this power because they know Me not nor My ways. I will allow their persecutions to feed My blessings and reward those who have been persecuted for My names sake.

Be careful, Child, for there are many prophetic lullabies that are deceitful and lulling My people to sleep. Their timing and accuracy are off. They are quick to speak and slow to hear. They judge not nor discern who is speaking to them. They fear not but look for the praises of men. Be careful, Child, for I have called you out from those who do such things.

Ready yourselves, My people. Plant your feet deep within My soil and grow in to the stalwart roots I have prepared for each of you. Many great shakings are coming. Assume not what I speak of but trust My instructions. Those who obey My instructions get revelations. I honor faith, not works of the flesh. The flesh can make things look good, spiritual and religious. Discern My people and trust My instructions.

I will usurp the enemy’s battlegrounds. I will use My believers and those who have counted the cost and trust Me. They shall be vessels to usurp the enemy’s battlegrounds. Look what I have done with one, or two, or twelve people who had faith, believed and trusted in Me. I only need a few rather than a whole army of double-minded believers. Rest in these words and find comfort in them. We are moving forward. It is up to My people where they stay and lodge in My timeline. You will reap justly according to your measure of faith. Adjourn the meeting.

Kingdom Government Meeting 3-24-2021 (Abbreviate, spirit world speed increase)
BL - Abbreviated / be not surprised at what I Abbreviate / I can and shall be straight to the point / doubt Me not in this / your knowledge, confidence and comprehension is such I do not need to explain in detail nor repeat / with that said, move forth / yes, keep your intensity and focus at their peak to see what I am doing at all times / but now I say move forth into the Holy Place and expect /

HP - TPHR / punctuate / I shall punctuate / be aware of My punctuation / aware and alert, aware and alert, aware and alert / things in the spirit world have increased and expanded and have sped up / aware and alert, aware and alert / now, hands up / hands on up in unison / as your hands rise, so shall you / understand, as your hands go up, so shall you /

HH - be not shocked / the spirit world is speeding up and so shall you, My Children / if you could not handle it, and handle it well, I would not allow it / We shall continue to be with you at all times so be not concerned / it shall be a ride, enjoy it / remember to sanctuary with Us / now then, now then, now then / think on these things / think deeply upon them / let your inner compasses not flicker one iota / all is well and I am in perfect control / that is all /

Ministry Meeting 3-27-2021 (Obedience)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• My Children, I call you to enter into perfect Obedience
• Obedience brings Grace
• Obedience brings Strength
• Obedience inflames Mercy
• be aware it also inflames the enemy
• inflamed, the enemy makes mistakes
• true, willful Obedience of My Children frightens the enemy
• understand, Obedience to Me becomes a tool for use against the enemy
• still, let not this be the reason for your Obedience to Me
• I desire and take pleasure of your Obedience to Me
• however, I desire more for your Obedience to be because of the true desire of your hearts to enter into that perfect Obedience to Me
• Halleluyah

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, March 28, 2021 (Major Growth - Judgment of Lying Spirits)
I have called you to be a messenger of My New Covenant.  To bring forth the message I have laid within your heart that grows fervently day by day.  Bridle not your tongue for soon, very soon, My Spirit will use your mouth for My glory.  You honor Me, Child and for this, I honor you.  Delay not to keep this portion intact in this prophecy along with My other words.  Everything has purpose.

Now I speak to you, Child, that times of major growth are upon us.  Upon the nations and upon My Church.  The enemy has tried to divide in many ways by many schisms but the time is coming when full unity will usher forth.  I will burden leaders for this unity that I have called that their works I have given to them, accompanied by My grace, will have profound increase.  Increases that the enemy cannot diminish nor take away.  I will begin to burden everyday believers all over in different places for this unity in holiness, in righteousness and in peace that this liberty abound and My Spirit move freely among the masses.  Major touches on lives, families and individuals that in holiness and one accord with My Spirit, great alignment will come and great works.

Time is precious in the coming hours.  See it as precious.  For time itself labors and groans.  Does not My Word say all creation groans?  I will destroy the false imaginations the Devil has used to rob My people blindly.  I will expose the mind of the enemy and divide it asunder for the nations to see - to see how the enemy plans, how he thinks and all of his resolves for his destruction for mankind.  Many will have to choose by faith to see it if they want to.  I will provide avenues of deliverance that they may see.

I am about to bring to judgment all lying spirits that have conjured and lied that My people reap the benefits that have been stolen from them.  I will also do a mighty work and break open the storehouse of Satan that all that has been taken and stolen from My people be regained back seven-fold.  The storehouse of Satan shall be plundered by My winds and upon the winds of My Spirit, wealth and riches dispersed.  Be prepared, My Children for this great dispersal, for it will come at an hour you think not.  Why you might ask?  Because I will also catch the enemy off guard as well.  The forces of evil shall not be rallied together and they shall suffer great loss.  That is all, Child.  Adjourn the meeting.

Romans 8:22
For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

I understood that time is also a created thing that works in all creation because sin entered everything.  Time will also come to an end as we see according to scripture.

Revelation 10:6
And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:

The Devils Brain Exposed!
Below is a scene I had over three years ago where I saw the Devils brain exposed. 

Scene, October 14, 2017 - MC
I was looking at a man I know back the devil down a hallway and then against the wall.  I saw this wall rotated and both of them went into another room.  The way the wall rotated reminded me of a trap door into a secret room.  I saw inside this room and it was mainly open space.  I saw the floors were hardwood.  Another prophecy I heard this man prophesy to the devil was he (the devil) was going to get his head cut open and this was going to happen with him (the Devil) facing 50 degrees to the north and something was going to happen.  I knew something was going to go wrong though.  

Then I saw the devil lying down in the middle of this room and his head was slightly cut in the back.  I knew the devil felt this and it hurt him.  Then I saw the devils brain, which looked like a human brain, fold out on each side from the center.  I knew the devils brain was going to be worked on.  It was being exposed.  I saw this small purple looking creature with big soft looking eyes and I knew there was an exact replica of this creature on the other side of the Devils exposed brain.  I saw this creature up close and it winked at me.  I knew something was going to go wrong in this procedure concerning the devil’s brain being exposed.

Kingdom Government Meeting 3-31-2021 (quarantine not)
BL - quarantine not yourselves My Children / go about, go as I say go, do as I say do, but quarantine yourselves not / there are so many, so, so many who need your contact / go and save, go and save / there are so many who are not as yet saved / My Children, you each know how / vast numbers know of Me, yet they are not saved / vast numbers believe, yet they are not saved / My Children, I have you scattered for a purpose / your top priority is to get as many as possible saved where you each are so the true salvation message will spread over more areas / I urge you each to be aware of those around you, near you, wherever you go, and draw confessions / vast numbers will say yes, if only someone will ask / My Children, time, time, watch the time and get as many as possible saved / be not remiss, be not caught being remiss in getting the unsaved gathered, saved / push forth, push forth, push forth / salvation, salvation, what greater purpose have ye than bringing salvation to the lost / now go to My Holy Place /

HP - Declare that mass after mass after mass is saved (did) / music to My ears / move on /

HH - the enemy quivers, the enemy quivers / more declarations must be made / what you just did My Children is only the very tip / declare, and firmly declare, and stand firm on your declarations / grasp the purposes of each declaration / rejoice and rejoice and rejoice over the fruits of your declarations / and then declare again and again / (vision was an intense red) / let the rejoicings overflow into more declarations / be not satisfied in accomplishments, but hunger to bring about more / My Children, My Children, light fires wherever you are, wherever you go / strong, stable fires / yes, strong and stable so Our fires spread and spread and spread, covering the earth / now think on these things, and then go save and save /

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