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Sabbath Ministry Meeting 3-03-2018

• My Children, Capitalize on all I have taught you
• put it all to use
• let it not stand idle
• let no part stagnate
• truth, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and authority must be used so you can reap healthy increases
• just as a farmer always plants his seed, so must you plant Our seeds
• be rigorous in this, My Children
• carefully plant, carefully I say
• prepare the babes and precisely plant
• I am the master farmer and gardener, tend to My instructions
• Capitalize, Capitalize, Capitalize
• tell them I love them

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

Kingdom Meeting 3-07-2018
BL - My Chosen, grasp the Preamble of this meeting / understand the depths of it / multiple purposes / solidify the depth and purpose of each word / overlook none / join Us, join Us, join Us in the spirit of Rejoicing / let Us Rejoice before We do battle / Rejoice for We shall overcome / major part of preparation / omit not / pen to paper, pen to paper, pen to paper / your declaration of war, say it, write it, speak it / make it a legal Declaration of War / I concur / My Battle Plans must be followed / allow them / remember, all must be legal / shoulder not yourselves / use your arsenal and follow Me / charge only when I say to charge /

HP - throw them up / throw them up (did) / (saw RS with his hands on his right thigh and knee) / preparing for the first step / (saw RS with his hands on his left thigh and knee) / CC - beauty, beauty in Unity / I see beauty in your Unity / keep it up / HU - beauty in these hands / share it with Me /

HH - Compromise not, My Children / stand firm, solid / allow no enemy pilfering / Bride, Bride, Bride, no act against you must be allowed / understand, absolutely none / My Bride is pure and must, must remain so / USE YOUR ARSENAL / there can be no hesitation / no hesitation from any part of your body, Bride / I know you agree / do so legally / form a barrier against doubt / it must be blocked / place guards around the barrier / use My angels and hosts / this is war / you must allow My plan and be willing to follow it / every detail, every jot and tittle / understand / understand, grasp, understand, take every word I say into your beings / let none fall away / stand ready to fight, legally fight /

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 3-10-2018
• Concentrate on the good things I have given you
• Concentrate on what I have given
• be wary of things from man
• what looks good may not be
• constantly check your sources
• whose agenda, whose agenda
• My agenda is pure in all details
• only Mine, My Children
• follow not after man
• follow My protocols, only Mine
• My Children, your focus must be absolutely, totally focused on Me
• Challenge Me not, follow after Me
• I am your Hope, I am your Peace, I am the I AM, follow none other, none other

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

Kingdom Meeting 3-14-2018
BL - My Children, take care of My business / give your focus to Me / you each have tasks to complete / overlook not / overlook not / serious attention must be given / be not slack with your obedience / worry not, fret not / choose to focus / let not the enemy distract / deny, deny, deny them, all access, this must be My Children / assignments must be completed / refuse the enemy’s delay tactics / you must recognize and absolutely completely deny them / they must not have place / understand / there must be no lolly-gagging My Chosen / secure your mantles / We must move forward / stay close, stay close, stay close / My Plans are set My time is set / finish your tasks, war comes, war comes / be not caught unfinished or unaware / finish while there is still time / you can, you can, you can, focus on Me / DDR / remember, I trust you, I chose you /
HP - TPHR / worry not (many times) / I am not a God of worry / I have given you sound minds, use them / CC - plenty, plenty / I am a God of plenty / My Mercy is great / HU - receive of Me / reach up for more /
HH - Paraclete / trust My Paraclete / trust Me / follow after Me / hesitate not to come unto Me / allow Me to be your source / back not away, back not away / come, come, work with Me, work with Me, work with Me / your faith, your faith, your faith, your faith / you must use it / use it, use its increase / fear not / fear not / use it / together, We shall accomplish together / willing workers, you must be determined, willing workers / determined, focused, willing / refuse, refuse, refuse enemy forces / allow them no time to steal your focus My Children / push forth your faith / allow it to work / allow it to increase / it must not be idle / understand, understand / now push forth, truly push forth / remember you have angels and the hosts to aid you / only you can use your faith / comprehend all

New Beginnings:

Meeting 3-14-2014 RS
Beginnings / new beginnings / be aware / hesitate not / circumvent not / mark this day / new beginnings / I make all things new / My plan / My timing / lacerate not / flow / steady steps / steady steps needed / step with Me / My time table / world events / shrink not back / much to do / rejoice in Me in all things / I am He who has conquered and will conquer / willing hands, willing hands / mystified not, mystified not / arise and be strong in Me
Lacerate: V. Tear or deeply cut (something, esp. flesh or skin).
Mystify: V. (mystifies, mystifying, mystified) utterly bewilder or perplex (someone): (as adj. mystifying) Make obscure or mysterious.

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 3-17-2018
Battle time
• I call you each battle strong
• the enemy has dreaded for this time
• Be battle ready at all times
• check your garments, your mantles
• check your armor and weaponry
• all positions equipped
• finish your battles with self
• conquer self, My children
• listen for My Trump
• listen for My Trump
• charge forth not on your own
• My Children, My Children, you must allow Me to lead
• Only I have the battle plans
• trust Me
• your trust, your faith must be in Me
• My Chosen, I trust you, I love you

New Moon Recognition Meeting 3-18-2018

Overview of the meeting
We washed and blew the Shofar to open the meeting. We entered silence and recorded everything that was given on the screen.

KB - Perseverance / don't be restless in it / stationary and silent / great gifts to be had / receive, receive, receive /

RNR - unyielding faith, stand with My prophets / see through the turbulence, declare / clear the airways

SN - Get Real, Bride song

SL - protocols protocols, protocols / Silence in My Kingdom

RS - My ways are true / designed to produce / you shall reap

SN - Your Ways Are Not Man’s Ways, Bride song

About 30 minutes into the silence
RS - “What say You, LORD?” regurgitate not, the silence

LC - Between the first & second entries I saw a large hopper of grain (I think wheat). It had no spout and someone was trying to dump it. Roy came and put a spout (looked like a truck end gate) in it so the grain would flow easily.

SL - further up and further into My Depths

About 40 - 45 minutes into the silence
RS - you are released / absorb

The words were read aloud on the board and then we sang the two songs. The shofar was blown to end the meeting.

One after meeting report:
SL - When Roy blew the shofar at the beginning of the meeting, the chariots I saw lined up on the north side of the Hill on 3-12-18 began to run across the property towards the south.

Equinox Meeting

On 3-15-2018, the Lord said,
HP)…sugar coat nothing; prepare for My Equinox; acknowledge and allow Me.
3-20 Spring Equinox 2018, 11:15AM

We decided to do what the Lord said after the New Moon Meeting. So we declared the purpose of the meeting and got silent before the Lord as we do in New Moon Meetings.

On the screen:
RR - I saw a large chunk of earth (dirt) and sod being removed or opened-up in the ground.

KB - I heard- be it so

DP- allow Me

RS - detour not (shift)

RNR - preparations made (the Lord had me clap for seal)

LC - parallel the equinox - a crossing over

mm - allow My spirit of Rejoicing for the time for spring has come / Rejoice for a great renewal shall come forth / receive My Peace / receive My Peace

KE - The Spring shall correlate to the rebirth of My Man-child and his regeneration. Know ye not that ye rejoice in this renewal also? For even so heaven rejoices….

After discussing the words we rejoiced before the Lord

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

Kingdom Meeting 3-21-2018
BL - Commands / My Children, you must, must heed My Commands / take not lightly, I give not lightly / it is time for Perfection / Disobedience cannot enter into Perfection / I cannot, will not allow it / certainly you must know this / correct yourselves / this you must do / remember, everything you do is a choice / this I cannot do for you / I call you into Perfection, but you must make the choice needed to enter / each of you can, each of you can, each of you can, each of you can / keep moving forward, stop not / it is step by step / fear not to take My steps / I have provided the steps, but you must take each one / I will have silence in My Kingdom / still, calm, silence / check yourselves, check yourselves, check yourselves /
HP - TPHR / stand before Me in silence (over and over) / Monumental / there will be no circling/ move forward
HH - My time is precious, waste not / every protocol must be met / dare not to ignore / dare not to ignore / only the ready shall go deeper and deeper and deeper with Me / simply saying you are ready, does not make it so / each must prepare / there are and shall be no exceptions / think, think, think on this, My Chosen / absolutely no one can do it for you / My charge to you is to wake up, pay attention to your acts, your words, your choices / I love you each so, so much / only you can prepare yourselves for entering into Perfection / every protocol must be adhered to / each, each, each of you is capable / this is not a time to slack off / push forward, push forward / I have told you My time is set / push, push, push, push yourselves / come, come, I call you forth / how do you answer / say what you mean, mean what you say, and then act / that is all, come forth, come forth My Children, My Chosen, My Bride /

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 3-24-2018

• My Children, Choices must be made
• no more procrastination
• count all costs
• Is My absolute truth worth the cost
• you must choose
• every truth must be adhered
• every protocol must be adhered
• every assignment must be completed
• choose to allow My Joy
• choose to allow My truth, its every detail and facet
• choose to allow My will in all matters, not some but ALL
• choose to fulfill your purposes
• each of you have great, mighty purposes to complete
• I have chosen each of you, how do you each choose
• you have serious, solemn, and yes, costly choices to make
• be not afraid for I am with you, always

BL, “I am Holy / comprehend and enter into the depths of this knowledge / yes, you just got a glimpse of how vast I am, (there was a swirl, barely there) / enter, enter, enter, enter, My Children / step in / receive and grasp what I have for you / fear not / receive and grasp with no assuming / allow Me to reveal / always, always allow Me / prepare your hearts / stand in silence / stand so that your hearts may receive of My calm / necessary / fear not, fear not, follow Me / allow Me to lead / this must be, My Children / I desire for you to know more of Me / allow calm joy as you take these steps / take them in unity / allow this to be a time of glad tidings / calm glad tidings / I am with you, I am with you, I am with you, I am with you / fear not / there must not be fear / fear cannot enter / I cannot allow fear to enter into My vastness / this you must understand, this you must understand, this you must understand, this you must understand / not even a speck / gather My words and place them into your heart / they must go into your heart so they can then enter into your minds / yes, yes, yes, yes / yes, My Children, I want you to receive of My vastness / skip over no part of My instructions / use My solemn joy / you shall be blessed”
Circle up. Wash at the Laver.
Thanked and Praised Him with Hallelujahs & Rejoicing. “jubilant / My host are jubilant / ready to rejoice / ready to aid” Closed circle. “let your hearts rejoice with My hosts (several times) / saw a man was washing his right foot & it was lifted high (like up to his shoulder & we couldn’t do it that high) / saw the same man (& it was like he was washing, brushing his chest)” Hands up in Praise & Adoration of JESUS, & offering up silence. “ready to receive, ready to receive / I have much for you to receive” Hands on up (HE was putting a lot on our hands) “you are wealthy, you are wealthy”
“Holy manner / all must be done in holiness / take in, comprehend, understand what I just said / all must be done in holiness / give all you say, think, and do to Me / give to Me for I am Holy / this night, this night I call you each into holiness / be not surprised for have you not been washing in the Holiness of My water at the laver / shy not away / accept My calling and come, enter / be glad in your hearts, but yet solemn / this is a most solemn occasion / yes, there is much to grasp / grasp it all in your hearts so it may enter your minds / do so now / now is Our time / yes, now is Our time”

Ministry Meeting 3-31-2018
• it is time that you grasp the fullness of Hope
• there are more facets than you realize, My Children
• allow Hope, My Hope to help you conquer
• confuse it not with wish
• allow Me to take you to the depths of My Hope for you
• take in My Hope
• Breathe it deeply in, My Children
• allow it to root
• allow it to assure
• wish not, expect, expect
• allow My Hope to become deep expectancy
• My Children, My Hope I give, grasp with both hands and expect
• deny not its increases with doubt or unbelief
• now look, watch for, and expect

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