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Sabbath Ministry Meeting 6-3-2017

• yes, listen to Me
• carefully listen to the babes also
• understand them
• Listen to their concerns
• meet them where they are
• Listen for the enemy
• you must know your adversary
• you must know enemy tactics
• recognize their tools
• be alert for subtile tactics
• Bride, you must be ultra alert
• attacking the babes is an attack against Us
• save, teach, free the babes
• be united in this
• united effort, united effort
• united with Us

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint

Kingdom Meeting 6-7-2017
BL - Gather in the evening time / Procure My Evidence / Evidence of My actions / babes need My Evidence / Evidence of My truths / skip no steps / teach them step by step / much to come, much to come / all must be ready / no circumvention / straight forward My Children / take every step I show / in My timing / neither rush nor lag / precipice / you are on the precipice for more revelation knowledge / take not lightly / guard My truths / reveal only as I say / you must be obedient in this My Children / I trust you to honor My judgement / hallowed is My name / treat it so / love, honor and obey (saw it many times) / trust thou Me / My children, trust thou Me

HP - TPHR / in this place let there be joy / in this place let there be joy / saw Jacob peeking around a corner at us / CC - careful of My every detail / no Rough-shod actions / careful of My every detail / HU - My details in your hands / My details in your hands / let Me bless / I bless My every detail to your benefit /

HH - Prepare for My coming / Prepare for My entry / My Obedient, look into the vast beyond / look, ye shall see / revelations, revelations / be not skittish / keep your feet in My ground / hide not Our Joy / allow My Joy to strengthen / gather much strength from My Joy / look beyond the happiness of Joy / gather My strength / overlook no detail / much to glean, much to glean / My Will, My Will, My Will, gather from My Will / no man yet has save My Son / My Children, I allow you to gather from My Will / gather carefully, surely / waste not / employ all you gather / I trust YOU / allow yourselves to be Obedient / gather in obedience / remember, Obedience is key / key factor in all matters / absorb, absorb, absorb what I have said this night / My blessing is yours for the asking

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 6-10-2017
• go beyond
• works must be
• My chosen must go beyond works
• your works must come from the depths
• your works result from being in My depths
• shallow depths result in shallow works
• My Chosen, strive to go ever deeper
• look closely at your works
• are they surface acts?
• My Bride, you must be constantly aware
• assume not, assume not
• how will you know if you don’t go deeper and deeper and deeper
• allow yourselves to go deeper
• I have so much for you each in My depths
• come, fear not for I am with you in the depths

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint

Kingdom Meeting 6-14-2017
BL, “Hallelujah / Joy Bells / now you understand / yes, there is Joy in My alarm / hesitate not / hesitate not / hesitate not to sound them / hear the Joy in My alarm / Cherish the sound, for I am coming / Bride, accept Me, look for Me / stay on the alert / Bride, Bride, you must be solid in My truths / your feet must be firmly planted in My ground / more than just on it / take not lightly / tend to every detail / let none slip past you / uphold one another / each must apply your strengths / you must stay united / see why you must be united / together, all parts of your body is made strong / this must be My Chosen / Come Join the Marching Band / Precursor, Precursor, Precursor”
Circle up. Wash at the Laver.
HP- TPHR (Knew what she saw was more than just a light thing but it was monumental, something special. She asked the Hosts & Angels to help us lift it, THR. Knew there were 3 or them.) / vast amounts, vast amounts, vast amounts, Thank You / now join your efforts” CC “holy, holy, holy / holy are your efforts / Thank You / now lift” Hands up in Praise & Adoration of JESUS, & offering up silence. “lift what you can / efforts are acceptable / Thank You”
HH - “you have received / you have received / Thank You, you have received My words / they are in your hearts, your minds, your hands / cherish them / use them, use them, use them / they are vital for your existence / Cherishment is serious / hold tightly / use rightly / careful parallels / parallel only with Me / be not foiled / hold fast to Me / doubt not, let there be no doubt / My Chosen, allow Me to gather you in, to hold you / know that I cherish you each / come forth strong in your positions / no lagging, no doubt, come forth”

6-17-2017 Sabbath Ministry Meeting

• “Come into My Kingdom the way is made
• leave the old behind
• all is made new in My Kingdom
• Bride, Bride, Bride, accept My way
• look into My eyes
• yes, focus totally on Me
• let not your focus wander
• all you need is Me
• put your total trust in Me
• I shall sustain you
• come willingly into My Kingdom with Me
• all I have, all I am is sufficient
• come, the way is made, I await
• I await, I await, come”

Kingdom Meeting 6-21-2017
BL -
ignited / sense My ignited Power in your midst / ignore it not / shadows of despair / by My given authority, cause them to decease / allow them not / Bride, rise up and walk in My Power / walk in My Might / the time, the time, the time / it is now / DDDR / waste not My time / see the clock, see the clock / Bride, Bride, every position must rise up in obedience / DDDDR (smaller vertical rectangle) / yes, your commitment must increase, expand / (full vision) DDDDR / correct, My commitment / be equally so Bride / this must be, this must be / back not away / yoke with Me, yoke with Me, yoke with Me / totally, totally united with Me / (Broken) / recharge / silence / all must learn / all must learn / silence must not be broken / DR / Hallowed is My Name, Hallowed am I / pay attention to My words / succumb not to the enemy / again, Rise up Bride / Rise up United / full of Power, My Power / now move on /
HP - TPHR / (saw KE washing his lower front and lower back) / allow him scrub time / (smelled a floral scent) / all scrub / CC - usurp the enemy, usurp the enemy / united in strength, united in strength / soon / HU - give all to Me / lift it higher / thrust /
HH - Obedience / Obedience to Me / willingly give / deny Me not / remember who I am, all that I am / assume not, assume not / bring forth Obedience out of the depths of your beings / pull it up if you must / no lip service, I have no time for lip service / mean what you say / no half promises / My Children, My Children, you say you trust Me / Do You Really / search yourselves / be honest with yourselves / thrust out disobedience / there must be absolutely no hint of disobedience before Me / I love you, I love you, I love you / I call you forth / Bride, I call you forth into divine Obedience / hesitate not, yet be certain / you are ready for this step / fear not, for you can / come now decide / disobedience or Obedience / I love you, I love you / come now, join /

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 6-24-2017
• even a pittance makes a difference
• Satan knows this
• Bride be aware
• details, details, details
• you must tend to the details
• be not satisfied with surface knowledge
• My Chosen, you all must come to My depths
• allow Me to teach you
• go to the depths in My archives
• details must be absorbed
• spend time studying the details
• make no assumptions, some have
• seek the true meanings of My words
• haste not, seek

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint

6-28-2017 Kingdom Government Meeting
Storm problem - we will do silence through out.
Reports after:
DP - Outer court BL, I am pleased
RS - Outer court BL, he saw actions happening in the spirit realm. (He couldn’t tell what it was but knew it had to do with us producing silence for the Lord.)
When we entered the HH, he heard, “wane not.” (Roy knew he was not to cut short time doing the silence in the Holy of Holies.)
SN - HH, By the obedience of one many shall be saved.

Again we see the importance of doing silence for the Lord using His protocols. Part of why the Lord is establishing staffs of silence all over the world.


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