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Sabbath Ministry Meeting 12-2-2017

• amiss
• agendas
• allow only My agendas
• all silence must be pure
• My Children must be alert
• enemy subtle thoughts must be immediately thwarted
• those thoughts become accepted enemy agendas
• My Children, you must grasp, must understand
• adhere to My order
• adjust to My order
• all must be in agreement with Me
• worry not, My Children, come into agreement with Me

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus


The Lord changed this meeting to something we had not experienced before. Pure silence only lacked a few of minutes of being an hour long and MM was being shown a picture of what “unified silence” produces for the Lord. She was not allowed to write and was to give the report from memory. We never left the Outer Court.

Let the Lord build a picture for you of what pure “Unified Silence” allows Him to do in the 4th dimension. (The following words were taken from MM’s taped report.)

MM - I will relay this as well as I can. HE’s been showing me it deals with the silence and the vastness and the unity of silence. I’ll try to relate some of the terms that HE used along with the things I saw.

The unity of silence is something that HE finished off with and what has happened here tonight with our unified silence is most significant. The first thing I saw and HE said was , “walls of silence.” He said it many, many, many times and HE kept coming back to that. HE would show me other things and HE would come back to the walls of silence. The walls were being built.

At first I saw like blocks. They were blocks but they were not the color of cement. I don’t know how to describe the color of it. It almost had a beige-pink look to it. At one point HE used the term beyond mortar, that they were being built beyond mortar.

After a while, at one point anyway, I saw steel cords. There were steel cords that were running through the blocks the walls were being built with and HE said, “flexible, yet not.” The enemy would not be able to bend those with everything he had, he couldn’t bend those. Those ran through the blocks. Like I said, HE would come back to the walls and at first I saw the blocks. I saw when the wall was about so high, when HE was about to here (showed a distance up). But the more our silence went the more it was built. Somewhere along the line (of …) & it was so high. HE said that the wall was so high and I couldn’t see the top that was above me. The parts that I did see were so small, you know. I have no idea how high it went but it was beyond what the enemy could do anything to.

HE talked about the vastness early on and that what I was seeing was just a portion of it. That HE was getting us ready for that vastness. We couldn’t just walk into the wholeness of it and be able to withstand it. It’s an introduction.

Something else that I saw, probably somewhere mid-way, it was a person and they were seated. At first it reminded me of a male but yet it was humongous, I mean it had a humongous stomach, you know belly. HE was using the term great birthing, bursting birthing. HE kept coming back to it ever so often. At first HE called it birthing then after that it was great birthing. Then the last HE came back HE referred to it as a massive great birthing.

At one point HE said, “listeners of My truths” and I knew HE was referring to us. Listeners of My truths HE repeated, I don’t know how many times. Listeners of MY truths, listeners of MY truths give ME your ears.

One thing HE showed me early on was it looked a lot like ashes, but it was residue of something we destroyed of the enemy. I didn’t catch it at first and HE came back to it again and I did catch it that time, but it was the left hand and arm just going out like swinging out to get rid of it and that was us doing it. The things that are destroyed and just burnt up that we need to be aware of. We have to get rid of them. HE’s talked different times about residue, I know HE has and so this is one thing we need to do and its with the left hand, swiping with the arm. I don’t know why it was the left arm.

I saw so many times the wall, the wall, the wall. At one time HE said, “the wall of MY city, the wall of MY city.” And HE talked over and over and over, I don’t know how many times about the unity of our silence. Another term HE used was the magnitude of what was being accomplished because of the unity of the silence. That it was of great magnitude. But this was a silence we never had before and because of the unity of it, all of us at the same time, HE was able to accomplish.

Oh and HE referred to the freedom that we gave HIM to work in the vastness because of our united silence. HE kept showing me this portion of the vastness and it was a preparation. HE said it was preparation for us. We’re going through a preparation to be able to withstand more of that vastness. And there’s times I saw light. I was concerned after a bit about being able to remember and HE told me not to be concerned about it, it will come forth as it was needed. But HE kept coming back to the walls encompassing HIS city. It’s really neat to realize that the wall was being built tonight during our united silence. It was huge. It went so high up and beyond any vision that I had. When we look up in the sky we can see a long way up. When we’re up in a plane we know it’s no small depth (that we’re up to). It was so far beyond that.

You need to know that everybody had major parts in getting those blocks built, building that wall. This is just a side line, I knew I was holding this pen but it wasn’t very long I could not tell I was holding it but it was in my hand. I could not feel it. At first I was struggling and thinking will I remember it to write it and HE told me, “Don’t think about writing that.” I wasn’t going to be writing it. It let HIM have the freedom. HE used that word and that we were giving HIM freedom, true freedom to work.

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 12-9-2017

• Magnify all that I am
• make clear to the babes
• make clear to the world
• make abundantly clear to all of mankind
• I am and there is none other such as Me
• yes, all must know Me as their true Father
• all must know Me as Almighty God
• all must recognize Me and accept Me as the only Deity
• all must recognize and accept Jesus, My Son, as their risen Savior
• Yes, My Chosen, magnify My truths to them
• All this, My Chosen, I place in your hands to teach all who will listen

Unified Silence report from South Africa 12-10-2017

We also were asked in our Shabbat meeting just to be still..I think we did it for a half an hour then He said it is time to light the candle...but His presence was awesome....He said don’t worry about receiving..just be still...

BL, “Pattern / My Pattern of silence / heed / many purposes but one pattern / heed, My Children, heed / allow My purposes / taint not with man’s, taint not with man’s / grasp My purposes / fulfill My purposes / take back what has been stolen, take back what has been stolen / fear not / I shall lead, I shall guide, fear not / ah, Perfect Peace, sense the Perfect Peace in your silence / Perfect Manifested Peace, My Children / continue to allow it to be so / allow your silence to cover the world / perfect unity, My Children / sense it / produce it again and again / Perfect / move on
Circle up. Wash at the Laver.

HP, Thanked and Praised Him with Hallelujahs & Rejoicing. (The edges of the letters were red) “My hosts are in awe, My hosts are in awe / (saw NS washing his head and then the rest of his body) / Nathan was for the youth, Nathan wash for the youth / rinse him” Closed circle. “united for the youth / wash the youth / lift to Me” Hands up in Praise & Adoration of JESUS, & offering up silence. (saw black was over them) “rid the darkness from the youth, rid them of the darkness / lift them clean to Me”
“Hurl / release and Hurl the strangleholds the enemy has had on the youth of the world / release and Hurl them from My youth / it is time for My youth to come forth / educate them, My Chosen / prepare to educate them / no more shall My youth be bound / Bride, you have the knowledge and power / use it, use it, use it / giant steps, giant steps, We shall be taking giant steps forward in freeing the youth / fear not, fear not (many times) / you must not fear / I am your source, I am your power, I am your knowledge, I am your wisdom / fear not / help the youth to fear not the enemy / embolden them with My truth / embolden them with My truth / bring them forth, bring them forth, bring them forth / forget not My angels and hosts, use them / it is time / the time is now, here for My youth / be it so, My Chosen, be it now so”

In the after meeting the group portrayed with actions all the things the Lord said to do in this meeting.
More Understanding of portrayals
The reason the Lord said,"Thank you" was because I had completed a portrayal.

July 3, 2014
Thank you / portrayals are important / portrayals are creative
/ portrayals have to do with legalities / My portrayals in the earth
become the legal way for Me to succeed / all legal / portrayals
allow things of My Kingdom to come forth / Satan has copycatted this
/ portrayals open doors and close doors / understand portrayals /
more to come / symbolisms are key / My obedient people share in
My victories / you are loved / what greater love is there than to
serve your King in obedience?

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 12-16-2017

• My Children, you must Continue
• Continue seeking Me
• Continue in Obedience to Me
• Continue seeking out the babes
• Continue watching
• Continue listening
• Continue trusting Me
• Continue searching My words
• Continue portraying My truths
• Continue defeating the enemy
• Continue cleansing yourselves
• Continue that you may increase in all matters
• Continue that our victory is completed
• Continue on, My Faithful Children, on into Perfection

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus

Kingdom Meeting 12-20-2017
BL - Holy am I / come unto Me / I call you unto Me / precious is Our time / precious is Our time / doubt not My Children, doubt Me not / I am your provider, doubt Me not / Linkage, check your linkage / you must be linked with Me / linked together and linked to Me / this must be / yield all to Me, harbor nothing / harbor nothing that is not of Me / dally not / waste not even one second of My time / not even one, My Chosen / Come forth, give Me your eyes and your ears / you must see, you must hear / give them to Me, that ye may see and hear as I say / as I reveal / My Children, I call you forth from the enemy’s precipice / come, come quickly, willingly / yield not to disobedience / step forth as I have called / I desire to take you deep into My vastness / disobedience cannot enter into My vastness / rid My body of disobedience My Chosen / hesitate not, rid, rid, rid it totally, completely / this must be / you know it must be / see to it / you know how / I call you, I call you, I call you into obedience / strict, sure, obedience / come, come, come /
HP - TPHR / seeds, My seeds, My pure seeds / (saw several people washing the soles of their feet) / taint not My ground / My fallow ground / CC - strength, strength, strength (more times) (knees were weak from the weight of the strength) / yes it is heavy / allow Me to strengthen / HU - these hands, these hands, these hands (seemed to grow bigger) / allow Me to fortify these hands /
HH - crosses must be borne / allow Me to sustain / portray, portray, portray what I say / assume not / every detail, crucial / again, I say assume not / portray that My truth be understood / assume not / you shall be bearers of absolute truth, My truth / assume not / My truth is pure, taint it not / allow My truth not to be tainted / prevent, prevent, prevent / assume not / you are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy / you are worthy of My trust / you are worthy bearers of My truth / assume not / Classified / some revelations will be Classified for a time / you shall not reveal / Classified for Bride usage / protect, use but protect / assume not / you are worthy, I trust you, remember this / Hallelujah, I seal, I seal /

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 12-23-2017

• Compose into proper order
• My protocols
• teachable order for the babes
• step by step
• simplistic, understandable
• follow the order in which I gave
• Compose My truths into proper order
• again, teachable order for the babes, the throngs
• simple, logical order
• order My principles
• order, order, order
• all must be in order
• order for My purposes
• order in usable framework for all positions
• be a blessing to, for My people


Consistent yet Spontaneous
• yes, My Children you must be both
• always Consistent with protocols
• Consistent with My truths
• Consistent with My principles
• Consistent with your trust in Me
• Consistent in seeking My counsel
• you must be so rooted in these consistencies that you can be Spontaneous in reacting to the enemy
• My Children, allow yourselves to be deeply rooted, deeply, deeply rooted
• push, push yourselves for you are so close
• keep searching the archives
• grasp and absorb from the archives
• be so rooted that you can respond with Spontaneity without error

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