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SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

MM - BL, “Yield / yes, My Children, I ask you each to Yield to Me / (My vision was all red. The lower left was a deep, deep red.) / yes, the depths of My red / the entrance, the entrance to these depths / be aware, be aware / enter at will, My Children / yes, enter as you will / fear not, fear not, you must fear not / another chamber of My depths / enter, learn, grasp / hallowed, all are hallowed / shoulder, shoulder / use My shoulders for they are broad, strong / cast your cares, your woes, your burdens onto My Shoulders / be not afraid, be not afraid / come, come, come into the depths of My Red Chamber / yes, it is of My Will, Plans, Timing, and Purposes, so come / I invite you each to come free yourselves / come and breathe Me in, breathe Me in”
Circle up and wash at the Laver.
MM - Thanked, Praised, Halleluyahs & Rejoiced / “take the path I provide, yes I always have paths ready for you, My Chosen / be aware, but hesitate not to step onto My path I provide / yes, My Children, some of My paths are for you individually and some are for you as a unit / this is why I say to be aware first / soar, soar, soar / some of My paths will not be for walking / again I say be aware”
MM - “My Children, I am happy you are here with Me in the Holy of Holies / absorb, absorb, absorb all I have for you here / sense, breathe in, take in all you can / take in, take in (many times) / yes, take in and allow yourselves to absorb all you can of Me / fear not, there is no reason to fear / permit Me, permit Me / permit Me into your presence, permit Me into your beings / grasp and understand what I am offering you each this night and then permit and allow it all / once again I say Halleluyah and Amen”
MM - It was dark red, an entrance into the depth of it.

Ministry Meeting 4-09-2022 (Blessings)
All - Hallelujahs
RS - Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
MM - Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
Bless / Blessings   
• My Children, I desire to Bless you        
• I have so many, many Blessings waiting for you    
• I want to Bless you coming in and going out
• allow Me, allow Me to Bless you each
• allow Me to Bless you as My body of believers
• allow Me to Bless you as My Bride
• I ask you to allow Me to Bless you according to My Will, My Plans, My    Timing, and for My Purposes
• this must be, it must be
• understand, it must be according to My Will, Plans, Timing, and Purposes
• this is the only way for you to receive the complete full benefit of My    Blessings I have for you    
• I ask you to Bless Me by allowing Me to Bless you My way
• Halleluyah

Outer Court - Silence
MM - BL, Dust, Dust / My Children, be aware of the Dust / let it not Cloud your vision / be aware for Dust is everywhere / Sweeping Angels / charge Sweeping Angels to clear away the Dust / all, all, all Dust must be cleared away / know ye not that the enemy uses Dust to cloud your vision / they use Dust to hinder all your senses / you have access to as many Sweeping Angels as you need / use them / assign them to rotate and to sweep continuously / you must be able to see clearly, discern clearly, hear clearly, and even taste and feel clearly / you must not take this lightly / waste not My Time dealing with Dust / use My Angels / remember, every detail is important / My Children, simply ask for My Sweeping Angels and then use them /
HP - TPHR / all hail (Heil) to Me / yes, Hitler stole this from Me / grasp the significance / My Children, We have much to take back from the enemy / We shall restore, We shall restore / Obedience, Obedience / My Children, I count on your Obedience in this restoration of things the enemy has stolen by mimicking / I want you to be able to understand why things need to be Dust free / My Plans, My Plans, allow My Plans to come forth / I have such Plans for exposing the enemy / see it, see it / Dust removal first, and then revealing and exposing the works of the enemy / comprehend how valuable your part in this is / comprehend the value of your Obedience in it / I trust you, I trust you, I trust you / Halleluyah

Meanings suplied by RR
Heil really means salvation, and used to be applied to relations between man and his God; one would speak of ewiges Heil (eternal salvation), and the adjective “holy” derives from the noun. › heil...
“Heil Hitler!”: Lessons of Daily Life | Facing History and Ourselves

Ministry Meeting 4-16-2022
All - Hallelujahs
RS - Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
MM - Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:

• yes, My Children, your feet need to be planted so firmly in My ground it is as though they were set in Concrete
• allow your faith to also be so firmly developed that it seems to be in    Concrete, Spiritual Concrete
• allow My Truths to be enveloped in Spiritual Concrete as well
• allow My Principles to be so engrained in you that they too seem to be in a Spiritual Concrete
• many of you already have My Protocols solidly in this Concrete
• when giving Me your silence, allow your focus to be  in this same solid state    
• certainly allow your forgiveness to be this solid too
• My Children, it is My desire that all you think, say, and do be so set in this Spiritual Concrete so that the enemy cannot have any affect on you    
• all this does not mean that you should be stiff necked or stubborn, no, no
• it means that you are so firmly planted in all My ways that the enemy cannot sway you in any manner
• once again, think on these things
• Halleluyah, Halleluyah    

4-20-2022 KINGDOM GOVERNMENT MEETING (My Glory Abounds)
Outer Court - Silence
MM - BL, My Glory abounds / My Children be in it / discern, discern, (multiple times) / a time, a time, a season of great discernment / I bless you with it, I bless you with it / double portions, double portions for you each /
back not away from it, but immerse yourselves in it / time of silence, fret not just be still / My Glory descends, My Glory descends / allow it / allow the fullness of it I have for you /

HP - lifted TPHR / expand / allow Me to expand your horizons / (My whole vision was black.) / yes, darkness shall come, but you My Children will see because of the brightness of the expanded horizons / fear not nor be amazed for I am in it all / time, for a time / patience, be patient My Children, it is only for a time / circle CC - be not afraid for here is your Hope / your unity / your great, great unity holds Hope / HU - give everything to Me / give it all, give it all / HOU - push it on up / I have it and I have you / move forth

HH - yes, this is a most Holy, most precious Holy time / remember, I am Holy, always Holy / My thoughts, My words, My actions are always Holy / follow My lead / again, I say follow My lead / obtain righteousness, obtain righteousness / follow My leading My Children / align yourselves with Me / stay in alignment with Me / that is all / absorb, completely absorb all the words I’ve given this night / Halleluyah

Ministry Meeting 4-23-2022 (Provide / Provider)
All - Hallelujahs
RS - Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
MM - Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
Provide / Provider  
• it is true; I am your Provider
• I Provide for you, My Children, in many, many ways including ways you    know not of
• stop and think of some of the ways I have Provided for you    
• think about some of the things I have Provided that have meant the most to    you    
• go to the depths and search out the depths of these Provisions
• make a concerted effort to understand why I have Provided what I have for    you each
• yes, your Provisions are not all the same for you each have different needs
• I adjure you to become aware of the things I have Provided and am    Providing
• once you have done these things, then think about how you can be    Providers
• the babes and the lost have need of things you can Provide for them
• yes, there are always material things, but be extra aware of the spiritual needs they have that you can Provide
• it is My desire for you enjoy Providing for others just as I have enjoyed Providing for you    
• Halleluyah  

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