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Protocol in a Golden Meeting |
The Two Become One
in the hand of the Lord!

Ezekiel 37


The First Marriage Feast of the Lamb!

PDF of Marriage Feast section

Marriage Feast book PDF

Title (Section)
1. Introduction
2. The Ways of God
3. Looking at the Parable of the Marriage Feast
4. Reporting Events In and Surrounding the First Marriage Feast of the Lamb
The Two Become One in the Hand of the Lord!
6. Send Forth the Single Cup!

You are here at number 5 (Two Become One).


The Two Become One in the hand of the Lord!

It's About The Holy of Holies
I'm Telling You Something No One Has Ever Known
A Picture, A Confirmation
Some Protocols
All of This Is Serious, Not To Be Taken Lightly

It's About The Holy of Holies

April 29, 2005, during the week of Passover when the First Marriage Feast of the Lamb took place the watchman saw the words, "Holy Matrimony." She said, "It is truly holy with the Lord." I was shown I was to pray for the back side of the group's hearts, the place symbolizing where "intimacy" takes place. We had no idea what the Lord would bring forth concerning intimacy with Him!

In this article you will learn about the intimacy the Lord wants us to have with Him in a meeting. It's part of the intimacy the Married Bride has with the Lord that others (the guests) don't have. The following is a record of the events leading up to the understanding the Lord wanted us to have.

We had been instructing others to have Golden Meetings and were having great reports from single persons, as well as groups, having Golden Meetings with the Lord. I kept seeking the Lord for understanding because of the scripture in Matthew 18:20:

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the middle of them.

January 27, 2008, finally the Lord answered me saying, "It's not about that scripture, it's about the Holy of Holies!"

There is a great difference in the Lord being in the midst of the people in a meeting and the people being in the Lord in a meeting. About ten days later the Lord gave me a scene after which I realized the Lord was dealing with me concerning the One New Man and the Holy of Holies because of Him speaking to me about the Holy of Holies. The record:

two become oneFebruary 7, 2008
I was looking at a tank and some other small part of a mixer, like on a portable grinder mixer. It had a combine header. It was moving, as if to be moving through a field doing everything all at once - including the harvesting (not normal). I saw soybean meal at one point, as if to be added to the mix. This machine was harvesting the grain and processing it to a final product all at once! (Remember this part of the scene as I will talk about it later.)

Then the scene changed to seeing the Old Testament on the left and the New Testament on the right. They were joined, as if to become one. I saw a square of covenant red and as I was looking was told that the two testaments become one in a meeting. The New and Old Testament I was looking at was in a meeting room and it seemed the Old and New Testament filled the room. The pillars were in the scene.... (This scene is a picture of the two sticks becoming one in the Lord's hand found in Ezekiel 37.)

Because the Lord had now revealed that Golden Meetings (being in Him) had to do with the Holy of Holies, everything the Lord had taught us to this point was suddenly making a lot more sense. I realized God was using the temple symbolically to teach us something. The idea of the Christian and the Jew being made "one" in His hand became understandable. The protocols found in the temple, especially about being in the Holy of Holies, are necessary for intimacy with the Lord in a meeting. The Lord said to me, "The High Priest actually walked into Me!" We all know things had to be done right or the priest died. So we can see the importance of us getting it right when we walk into the Lord in a Golden Meeting. We have found, more than once, that when we chatter and don't hold to silence like we should in a meeting, that we are not in Him. He cannot love on us as He revealed He wants to, and all we had was a good old Holy Ghost meeting, a meeting where the Lord is in the midst of us, not us in Him!
two sticks

Ezekiel chapter 37 speaks about the two sticks of Judah (Jews) and Ephraim (Christians) becoming one stick in the Lord's hand. This "being in His hand," with the protocols being correct, is simply a picture of the Lord being able to do with the corporate spotless bride what He wants to do with Her at any time. We have seen this in operation; it is real and it works! It is a learned thing and it takes practice to come to perfection. He becomes the Commander in Chief who has an army unit finely tuned to Him.

I'm Going To Tell You Something No One Has Ever Known

The next thing the Lord dealt with us about was the "Altar of Incense," that is the closest thing in the temple to the Holy of Holies. (Remember you are passing into the Lord and that takes silence.) You must pass by the "Altar of Incense" to go into the Holy of Holies. It may be best to think of it as "The Door." The Lord told us He was going to tell us something no one has ever known. We didn't know what to expect.

Simply, the Lord revealed that the incense from the "Altar of Incense" is not our prayers, but rather our silence, and during that silence lifting back up to Him what He gives us. What He gives us and our willingness to lift it back up, to respond to Him correctly is most important. This interaction, in our silence, is intimacy with the Lord and the result is a completed picture, a completed sentence, a completed thought brought about by Him. This is what the scene was about of the mechanical machine that harvested the grain, prepared the grain, added the ingredients necessary, and produced a finished product, all at the same time.

Later I will give some simple examples of what can happen, but here I share a scene given to me when I came to understand what I have been talking about.

A Picture, A Confirmation

May 6, 2008
I was looking at a huge hopper in the spirit realm. It needed a door on the bottom and I was to build it. I saw a roll of heavy metal above the opening, as wide as it needed to be, and it was unrolling just right to form the door.

hoperclosedThen I became excited, looking at the door and knowing how to arrange the cable that opened the door. I placed the pulleys and cable on the hopper, starting from the end where a person had to crank open the door. (The picture at the right is with the door closed.) I was stringing the cable correctly on the hopper so that a person could open the trap door to let out the hopper’s contents. I was seeing in sequence how it all went together.

hopperopenAs this scene moved on it revealed where the metal door had to have reinforcement and places welded so the cable could be hooked properly. I saw two large springs on the back end of the door and how they were to be attached. They were to pull the door back shut. (The picture at the right is with the door open.) I saw all the welding that needed to happen and it was actually happening as I watched. The door had to be opened by a person and they had to use their strength to keep it open or the door would go shut. It took continuous effort to get whatever was in the hopper out over time. You could not open it just once, let go and have it stay open to let all the contents out. Continual, constant effort is one of the messages in this scene.

The hopper was invisible in the spirit realm, but the door, the pulleys, the crank, and the cable were all physical. This means the door and the mechanics of how to open it are in the natural realm. We physically have to operate the mechanics of the door in the physical correctly to get the vast amount of things God wants to give us from the spirit realm. This hopper was huge, much larger than depicted here.

The door being made manifest in the physical is pertaining to what I have shared about the Altar of Incense, the silence, and lifting back to the Lord what He gives us. The mechanics of keeping the door open is to keep silence while responding to only what He gives. This takes effort on our part because the carnal mind is enmity against God. Don't let what you think about something revealed come out of your mouth when this is in process.

As a simple example, concerning the carnal mind, in a Golden Meeting on April 2, 2008 , through the watchman, I received several words and in those words were the words, "Count the cost." I was thinking, "Lord, I thought I had counted the cost of serving you. What in the world is this about?" I didn't let what I thought enter into the interaction between me and the Lord. I lifted all the words up to the Lord that He had given me, asking for illumination. This whole group was focused on the Lord for something more from Him concerning all the words He had given me. The Lord responded to all of the words but I want to separate from those what He revealed concerning "Count the cost." He said, "I will finance." I thought, "Wow!" What I thought about "Count the cost" was not even close to the Lord's thought.

I have shared this because it is important to lift back up to the Lord what He gives us, not leaning to our own understanding or we miss God's thought. After learning this pattern, one time I counted thirteen separate Words given to me, simply because we kept lifting up and responding to the last Word the Lord had given! We simply had made the effort to kept the door open, as depicted in the "hopper in the spirit realm scene," by keeping our minds fixed on the Lord and responding to every Word He gave. The Holy Spirit has simply given us the mechanics of getting all that the Lord wants to give at a particular time.

Some Protocols to form a picture:

Silence has to do with the Holiness of the Lord and is necessary to be in Him!

Chatter between members of a unit will ruin the atmosphere necessary for being in the Lord.

We are to listen (as a corporate body) and then report in an orderly fashion. When words are given the whole corporate body focuses on what the Lord said or revealed to do.


If a word is for the corporate body, lift the words up to the Lord in response. Everyone is focused on the same thing. It is whatever the Lord is doing. Remember the Lord said, "You cannot be married to me and not be focused on what I am focused on."

If the Lord gives instruction as far as acting out something in "spiritual warfare," everyone in the unit must respond instantly and follow the instructions as a unit. If one person doesn't move with the unit there is no "Fusion," as depicted in the picture. The Lord has repeatedly told us we are one. I finally realized the Lord sees His Married Bride as "one" so she must move as one. We have found this to be mainly about meetings and being instantly obedient in them.


The same pattern is for words to individuals in the unit. Lift up the words given when they are given. It is - pray/listen - report - pray/listen - report, lifting up the word given without chatter and our thinking from our mindsets. If the Lord reveals one is to, let's say, "dance," then the person is to dance. It is spiritual warfare for the person. It is usually to bring something forth - not necessarily dancing. It is about complete victory for the person concerning what the Lord is dealing with. Total obedience brings total victory.

Some people are reluctant to do these type things in a meeting at the leading of the Lord. They feel foolish. The man in the Bible who did not want to get into the river for his healing probably felt foolish in doing it. But look what happened when he was convinced to do it! Don't hesitate to obey something like this because your victory is in the action, simply because faith is an act or it becomes dead.

As a part of the unit be careful in all that you do. Watch your mouth and respond correctly to the Lord the best you can. It is a process and the Lord will teach you more of what chatter really is. Remember, the Holy of Holies is a place where the commandments are kept, where the Ark of the Covenant is. It is a very legal place full of protocols to be observed. It takes humbleness without "self" to even get close.

Chatter - the River

The following is just a glimpse of things that constitute "chatter." Chatter causes a disturbance, a disruption, or even a split in the natural smooth flow of the River of Life in a meeting. I have prepared this next picture because years ago God showed us that the River of Life was flowing through the center of the meeting. It was coming from between the columns representing the Lord's throne room and out from under the curtain, symbolizing the curtain in front of the Holy of Holies. We were to get in it, all of us, as a Corporate Body.

June 11, 2008, The Lord said, "Be careful of what you say & how you say it. It can cause a ripple that will do more harm than good." A ripple in what? The smooth flow of the River! The Lord revealed it can do harm.

Chatter is basically anything unnecessarily said concerning the Lord's agenda items that flow like a river in a meeting. Certainly anything introduced by us, without the Lord saying to do so, is not acceptable because it is the Lord's business meeting.

Don't make light of any "thing of the Spirit!" This means don't laugh at something seen that looked funny. Don't chuckle at someone's situation. The "thing of the Spirit" was given for a serious purpose.

Making light of instruction also includes refusing to do what the Lord shows us to do personally, or through someone else in the unit.

Don't murmur, even groan, within yourself about doing something you have been instructed to do. That is "self." You are drawing attention to yourself and away from the Lord's agenda! It is easy to do.

God said that we have to pay attention. Chatter destroys this ability as a corporate unit. The Lord said, “Come together in thought, word, & deed.”

One must be aware of the corporate group and listen corporately all the time. The Lord said that it is the little things that let the enemy in to destroy what He is doing.

Don't say anything like, "I didn't want to give this but...." That's "self!" You have just brought attention to yourself, pulling everyone's focus away from the Lord's focus!

Don't make unnecessary noise of any type. You are in the Lord and the atmosphere is that of the Holy of Holies.

God showed us years ago that we were not to get focused on any particular miracle in a meeting but to look forward up the river, up the Golden Path for what the Lord is giving next. You can see why by the picture. If we chat about an item it impedes what the Lord is bringing forth next. Chatter can even cause us to miss an item, or information concerning an item in the river and it floats right past us. This could happen because we were distracted by the chatter that occurred. One time I saw this clearly and have even been involved in doing this myself. We want all we can get from the river so we want to flow with it the best we can. It is a learned thing!


All of This Is Serious, Not To Be Taken Lightly

All of this is serious concerning Golden Meetings and intimacy! One time the Lord gave us these words, “passage” What say YOU? “door” What door? “MY throne room” Anything else about it? “enter at your own risk”

The Lord has told us to practice so we are like a smooth running engine. Everything must function perfectly to have a smooth running engine full of power. He was simply showing us in a way we could understand.

June 29, 2008
Through the watchman: What say YOU for this morning? “dare to achieve” Why are YOU saying it like that? “because you must go beyond” Anything else about this? “not today” What other Words do YOU have for us today? “get it together” Prayed & saw, “smart choices.” Prayed for our intelligence & saw, “cylinder.” So she asked that we hit on all cylinders (like in a car engine). Anything else about cylinder? “practice” She was pondering how it was & saw, “urgent.”

(How a cylinder functions: there’s a chamber that holds the pistons in an engine. The movement of the piston up & down or back & forth causes the turning or rotation of the crankshaft. If a piston does not hit, then the engine loses power.)

The Lord was telling us we needed to go beyond where we have been concerning meetings as a unit and it is urgent! We can accomplish much at the hand of the Lord as a unit. Just look at the battle of Jericho.

The Lord said, "dare to achieve."
I give you those words and a picture!

6. Send Forth the Single Cup!

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