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Leading Edge

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver, HP = Holy Place, CC = Closed Circle, HU = Hands up, HH = Holy of Holies, TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing, T at the end = seeing His thumbprint, P = purple, seal of approval, R = red, commitment, D = how deep, AAI = Allow, Activate and Invoke, WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus, SIS = stand in silence.

• My Chosen, you have been in a Preparatory mode
• you have been willing vessels for much, much Preparatory work
• this time is coming to an end
• I can now call you ready
• I legally call you ready, Bride
• of course there will need to be more preparations along the way, but not to the extent of what you have done, legally done
• Bride, you must, must, must sustain your state of readiness
• this too will require focused work
• now remember, you are ready for what is to come
• let not the deceiver deceive you in any manner
• I have called you ready, therefor you are
• move forth with Me as I direct, understand
• Our time, Our time, Our time is nigh

Kingdom Meeting 3-13-2019
BL - Persevere My Children / push forward / stride, stride, stride / it is time to make great strides / be not hesitant / windows of time are getting narrower and narrower / you must be watchful for them / timing, My timing is critical / Obedience, Obedience, Obedience / no time for second guessing / instant Obedience, instant Obedience / I have told you it is key / it leaves no time, absolutely no time for doubt to set in / understand / instant, instant, instant My Children, be ready to Obey instantly / willingly and instantly / My Warriors, allow yourselves to be instantly Obedient / I have called you ready / stay ready / stay ready to act instantly /

HP - TPHR / the pool the pool / when I roil the pool My Children, be in the pool / soon, soon, the time is soon / CC - ah My Children, encased in My love / protected by My love / HU - soon, soon / the real work will begin / lift on up to Me / HOU - (HE blew on our hands) / I blow off the dust /

HH - Pay attention My Children / strict attention / grasp every word I give, as I give / time, time, no time to waste / I reiterate, keep your focus on Me / imperative, imperative, imperative / fractions of seconds will matter / you must grasp all I say as I am speaking / understand / there will be no time for wonderments / fine tune yourselves for focus, intense focus / keep your arsenals updated / employ your gifts, your talents, your mantles / know your positions / all positions / all purposes / yes, the call for intensity increases / yet fret not / worry not / hone your trust / yield it totally to Me / understand, totally / no doubt, no fear, total trust in Me / be aware of My trust in you / yes, My Chosen, I trust you / come, yield / come, yield / I call you to yield all to Me tonight, this night /

Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP- Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
MM - “chosen family” when standing after washing, in the closed circle.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD
• Yes, My Chosen Ones, I expect you to commandeer enemy forces
• they must not be allowed to run rampant
• use your arsenals
• fear not, fear not, use your arsenals, My Children
• check your arsenals
• is any of your equipment unused
• has any of it acquired dust
• all of it, every piece, must be in proper working order
• the enemy must find no weakness
• the time has come, the time has come
• The time has come to Commandeer the enemy forces
• they must be left no choice but to obey, My Chosen
• Commandeer, Commandeer leaving no toehold only defeat, only defeat

Kingdom Meeting 3-20-2019
BL - Hallelujah / (kept seeing it over and over, wanted to say it) / My Children, I desire for you to know the depths of My Hallelujahs / (began to feel weighted down at this point) / there is much substance to My Hallelujahs / so much substance / vital component / My Children, My Children, allow yourselves to grasp all you can hold from the depths of My Hallelujahs / waver not, grasp again and again / be not afraid, be not afraid / abuse them not / yes, I say them, for just as there are many kinds of praises, there too are many kinds of Hallelujahs / come to My depths and grasp /

HP - TPHR / (told Him she lifted THPR for They are worthy) / yes, We are worthy / you are also worthy / CC - on guard / stand on guard / stand firm / stand ready / HU - lay down all burdens / HOU - hands, hands, hands, My hands /

HH - Produce / yes, Produce what I tell you / sometimes Praises, sometimes Hallelujahs / understand / Produce whatever I tell you, My Children / your trust, your trust is now at a high level / you now trust Me without question / Hallelujah / understand what I just did / now We can truly accomplish much / so be it / yes, yes, vast accomplishments are now open to Us, My Children / New Doors, New Doors / be ready to enter through New Doors / I shall allow you to enter through New Doors / you shall first see the beginnings of My beyond / My vast, vast beyond / be not afraid / remember, you have placed your trust in Me / I fail not, I fail not / come / come as I call / understand, come as I call / be not early nor late / watch, listen and come as I call

Ministry Meeting 3-23–2019
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP- Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD.

Let it flow
• Let it flow
(over and over)
• My Children, My Children, see Me
• truly See Me and how I flow
• See how all things that are of Me flow
• they flow unencumbered and working in flow
• they may work at different rates, yet they flow never interfering another's flow
• My Children, you too must flow as I do
• See the flow of Mercy, Grace, healing, correction, wisdom, knowledge, Power, Might, teaching, giving, receiving
• observe, observe, observe
• See that My flow never ceases
• each has its own flow, yet they all flow together
• My Children, you too must flow thusly
• now allow yourselves to flow in My orderly patterns

MM - BL, “My Chosen Ones, My Chosen Ones / Perfection, Perfection, Perfection / it is time / not for man's concept of perfection, but Mine / enter, enter, enter in, in to My Perfection / your giftings (over and over) / you must receive My Perfection for your giftings to work in their complete fullness / understand / the same is true for the workings of your mantles and your positions / it is time, it is time but you must first agree to allow Me / legally allow Me / be not hesitant for it is time / let this time not pass you by / My Chosen, you each must individually choose to enter”
Circle up & wash at the Laver.
MM - HP, “Hallelujah (many times) / Hallelujah (many times) / Hallelujah (many times) / let there be Great Thanks and Praises with Halleluyahs and Rejoicing / let it be so” Closed circle. “full house in this place / Power and Might, let it flow / Power and Might, let it flow” Hands up in Praise & Adoration of YAHUSHUA, & offering up silence. (saw us washing our hands) / Hands on up - “let Me Rejoice with you / clean hands lifted to Me lets Me Rejoice with you”
MM - “Power and Might are flowing / Power and Might are flowing / sense it, sense it / My Children, step into this flow / let it surge over and through you / understand, understand, understand / you MUST allow it / rates, rates, rates are increasing / you must be prepared for them / you must function in each new rate / understand / back not away, back not away / meet each new rate with anticipation and focus / this must be for each of you, My Children / it is time to enter into what I have called you to / fear not, for you are ready / remember I error not / come now, enter with no regrets / enter with no doubts or fears / come, come, walk boldly forth / answer My call, answer My call, answer My call”

Ministry Meeting 3-30–2019
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP- Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD

• Let there be Great Rejoicing
• Call it forth
• Let there be Solemn Rejoicing
• Call it forth
• they must ring and ring and ring
• send them across all nations
• they must ring from the highest heavens to the lowest depths
• hold them not back
• unleash them, unleash them
• unleash them for every ear to hear
• My Children, reap from the lowest depths of Rejoicing
• overlook no facet or detail
• reap, reap, reap that you may grasp the fullness of My Rejoicing
• now, My Children, Rejoice, Rejoice, with truly Great Rejoicing

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