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BL, “The Bride Train, The Bride Train / hear its rumble / allow its destiny / it shall fly, literally fly / Be on board, Bride, Be on board / much to accomplish, much to accomplish / be on board / ready yourselves to carry out My plan / Bride, Bride you must be ready / I call you into completion / you must be ready for this step / this vital, vital step / each position must be ready for completion / linger not / dally not, none must dally / prompt one another / stay on My schedule / My schedule not mans’ / fortify yourselves with the truth of My words / come forth, come forth fortified / strong, fortified, ready”
Circle up. Wash at the Laver.
Thanked and Praised Him with Hallelujahs & Rejoicing. “command post / set up My command post / it is time / throngs, throngs, throngs are coming” Closed circle.
“all positions / all positions high alert / standing at attention / ready for orders”
Hands up in Praise & Adoration of JESUS, & offering up silence. “(saw orders being placed in each of our hands as they were held out, in each right and left hands) / physical and spiritual / yes, physical and spiritual / (on up) sealed”
“Bride prepared / follow My every order / imperative / perfection, perfection, perfection / take the steps, take the steps, take the steps / hesitate not / strict obedience / Bride, there must be strict obedience / no room for error / the Bride Train must operate with perfection / perfect unity, all positions / perfect parallels with Me / allow yourselves, allow yourselves / allow yourselves to take all steps I call for into perfection / My perfect Bride taking perfect steps in perfect unity / ready your minds, My Chosen / come, My door awaits / I have opened My door to perfection for you / for you alone / fear not / you are ready / it is time / I would not call you forth if you could not safely enter / fear not, fear not / boldly take steps I say / step as I say, only as I say / ready your minds now / ready them without fear / do all I say without fear / ready your minds”

• seek Me
• seek and expect
• remember ye have not because ye ask not
• Bride, you know to ask with wisdom
• ask not amiss
• the time for miracles is nigh
• miracles of great magnitude
• carefully ask of Me
• Bride, be aware of enemy displays
• discern, discern with wisdom
• Remember, lose not your focus
• Focus on Me and expect of Me
• prepare now for what is on the horizon

BL, “Hallowed, truly see Me as Hallowed / My Bride must / assignments, shy away not from assignments coming forth / My Chosen Bride you must, must tend / excuse not / challenge Me not / My Plans must be allowed to unfold and come forth / hinder not, allow no hinderance from My Chosen / allow My trust in you to manifest / your trust, My trust must be allowed / be, be, be it so / come, come (many times) / We must work together / give the enemy no place / shirk not, shirk not, not one iota / come, My Children, fully prepared to work / Our time, Our time, Our time, let it not slide / COME, COME, I say COME”
Circle up & wash at the Laver.
Lifted up the highest thanks and the highest Praises to Him with the highest Hallelujahs & highest Rejoicing. “noses have been ignored / noses alert / ALL noses MUST be alert / allow and accept” Closed circle. “strength / unity strengthened / allow and accept” Hands up in Praise & Adoration of JESUS, & offering up silence. “physical and spiritual / on up / hands on noses / allow and accept My blessing and strengthening of your noses”
“let no one take away from what I have shown / pay attention to your noses / take not lightly / all My purposes must be allowed / they all must be in place / not all see yet / worry not / trust My timing / trust your senses to Me / not all eyes are ready / so much to see in My depths / not all can withstand / worry not / My Chosen, My Chosen, My Chosen, worry not / worry and doubt must be left out, rejected / forcefully rejected / put all your trust in Me / this must be / understand, it MUST be / I have spoken, I have spoken, I have spoken / will you listen, will you listen, will you listen / you know it’s your choice / procrastinate not, make your choice / I love and I forgive, but you must make your choice / the time is now / I love you each“

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 1-13-2018

• Declare all I ask you to Declare
• careful wording
• all must follow protocol
• all must be spoken legally
• review past Declarations
• many not activated
• Bride, check My words
• see and understand My purposes
• eliminate loopholes
• remember, check what I said,
• correctly write the Declarations, then speak them, legally speak them
• babes must be taught this principle
• remember, I have called you invoke masters, forget not
• review and correct, review and correct

Kingdom Meeting 1-17-2018
BL - Procrastinate not My Children / My time, My time, discern My time / heed My words, not those of men / discern the source of words from men / deny the source, deny its access / align your words with Mine, with Me / openly correct wrong words you have misspoken / hide not correcting yourselves / wrong verbiage must not be allowed to stand / immediately correct and pull down misspoken words / their increase must be disallowed / give them no place, no time / no time to root or increase / understand, understand / protect the fertile soil of the babes and the lost / My Chosen, allow your levels of alertness to increase at My rate / hold them not back / My Chosen, My Chosen, I call you yet to another higher level / I tell you each to step up / be not afraid, be not lax / step up, step up / yet closer to Me / no hesitation, step up / closer in perfect parallel with Me / My Children, My Children, My Children, come / your purposes, your purposes must be fulfilled / let there be no doubt / cast it from thee / DDR / yes, you must each be deeply, deeply, deeply committed / be prepared to take big steps / you are well beyond baby steps / it is now time for you to take giant steps / yes, leaps and bounds / remember, I am with you / My hosts and angels are with you / fear not, fear not, step boldly into higher trust / bless My words and absorb (did) / pass your right hand over the words to saturate them with My blood (did) / life giving (many times) / absorb them My Children, that they may give up life as you have not yet experienced / permit, permit, permit / new moon meeting now

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 1-20-2018

• yes, Musical
• true music
• allow My words to be music to your ears
• perfect harmony
• allow them to lead you into perfect harmony with each other and with Me
• My words have perfect pitch
• My words never portray discord
• they are blessings to the souls of man
• Bride, see the effects they have on mankind
• see the effects they have on the enemy
• see and understand why I say to let them ring
• see and understand why I say not to add nor detract from them
• see and understand why I say to speak them
• they are perfect, change them not
• absorb them

• Onslaught not yet before seen
• aware as never before, My Children
• soak in the archives
• search them again and again
• review your giftings
• review your blessings
• review your positions
• all positions
• review your mantles
• all mantles
• order, order, order
• all must be in order
• My Precious Chosen, you must be completely prepared to use all the tools I have given you
• understand, BE prepared, orderly prepared

BL, “Cherish / Cherish Me / Cherish all that I am / Cherish My every word, My acts / receive all that I give you into your beings / grasp, grasp, My Children, every detail into your understanding / yes, I have given you great capacity for the purposes of understanding / take in all I say / I have given but you must receive and take it ALL in / take it all in that you may witness and teach / My Children you must, must pay attention to every word I give you / eliminate not any of My words / you must not allow these subtle changes of My words / absolutely every word, every letter of every word has purpose / take not away from My words / tend to My words, tend to My words”
Circle up. Wash at the Laver.
SIS / Mighty Thanks, Praise with Hallelujahs & Rejoicing. “purposes, that they may fulfill / (saw NS scooping in purposes)” Closed circle. “woven and knit together (over and over many times) / lift that your hands may rejoice” Hands up in Praise & Adoration of JESUS, & offering up silence. “made to rejoice / lift that I may anoint / clap three times to make known the sealing of the anointing (did)”
“yes, anointed hands on My words (did) / freshly anointed / place them, place them / praise Me with your freshly anointed hands, My Children / grasp the power and the significance of your united newly anointed hands, My Chosen / grasp and not let it fall away / these hands must be used / they must be used for My purposes / deny them not / give Me full usage of your hands / waste not, waste not, (many, many times) My power I have given you / dire, dire, dire / it must not be allowed to be wasted / see to it / I trust you to see to it / Mighty works you are destined to do with these hands / these newly anointed hands / use for My purposes so the Power and Might can increase as I so will it / understand / grasp and pull into your understanding / legally, legally, legally, My Children / absolutely no procrastination be allowed / the increases, the increases, the increases must be / dally not / dally not”

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