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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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I Saw the White Horse
of Revelation 6:2 & 19:11

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I Saw the New Heaven & New Earth!

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Letting the Lord
be the Head of His Church!

"I give you boundaries so you can find me!"

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Letting the Lord be the Head of His Church!

A perfected Golden Meeting
is an “In Him” Meeting.


"I give you boundaries so you can find me!"
The boundaries are the Mechanics!

The boundaries are for us,
the silence is for Him.


Things to understand:

1. The reason for silence has to do with Jesus being Holy.

2. Jesus is the meeting. You are entering into Him.

3. Take your shoes off because He is Holy; it is an act of respect and you are on Holy ground.

4. The Lord gives the agenda. You are not to take any agenda into the meeting!

5. We are not to speak unless the Lord specifically tells us to speak.

6. Do not ask the Lord questions with your mind! We are setting an agenda if we do.

7. Take pencil and paper into the meeting so you can record what you see or hear. Don’t just think you will remember everything correctly.

8. Listen - record, listen - record, or listen - obey, listen - obey!

9. Don’t be in a hurry. The Lord will speak when He is ready.

10. You will hear Him when He wants you to hear Him.

11. Be obedient to the Lord with your acts.

12. The corporate body must act as one person.

13. The River of Life is flowing through the meeting. It is a continuous flow (not stopping) and everyone must flow with it.

14. If the Lord asks a question, answer Him. Sometimes He will ask another question right after your answer. If you don’t answer, you may not get the next question! The River is flowing.

15. Obey, but keep looking forward on the Lord’s path and don’t focus on a miracle (a happening). The River is flowing continually.

16. If something goes wrong don’t focus on what happened (don’t correct), go on with the meeting looking for the next thing from the Lord.

17. God is a God of order; do everything orderly. If He tells you to rejoice, do that and return to order (looking for the next command) and don't get carried away with self.

To get started:

Silence and obedience are the main ingredients. Operating corporately as a single person is another must. Understand that there are two meetings, an “In Him” meeting and another meeting following to discuss what the Lord brought forth in the “In Him” meeting.

The pattern to follow:
Doing it with this pattern will help a group do things corporately. Meet outside the room where the "in Him" meeting will take place if possible. (If you speak here do it as a whisper.) Take your shoes off and prepare your mind by getting rid of the concerns of the world. Do not take any agenda in with you. No questions are to go in with you, not even in your mind! Think about entering into Jesus and that you are to listen only and not speak unless the Lord specifically tells you to. Now is the time for every person to pick up pencil and paper so you can record what you hear in the meeting. Come to a complete silence as a group before you start to enter the “In Him” meeting place.

The meeting:
If there is more than one person, try to enter the room as one body (no stragglers), and you should leave the same way when the time comes. Some kind of hand signal might be required to let a corporate body know when the meeting is over or to do something as a body. (A note might be passed if necessary.)

Listen and record, listen and obey. If the Lord takes the group into spiritual warfare, then the group must act as one body. This means everyone must do the same act at the same time. This is because the Lord views the corporate body as one person. If the Lord asks a question, then everyone must answer it aloud. If someone does something wrong, don’t focus on it. Don’t bring attention to the happening, but just go on with the flow of the Lord. Stay focused on the Lord and what might be coming next from Him. Be ready to take any path as the Lord leads. He may just give information and words, or He might have the group sing to Him, or perform warfare, or a combination of any of these. The Lord usually lets someone know when the meeting is over.

Leave the room and then have the second meeting to bring together what everyone received. This is the time to give the information to the scribe for the corporate record, the Corporate Flow Chart. A single person can follow this same pattern.

The Lord said it takes practice, but it will change a ministry, a church, or an individual. It can set you on His Path, His agenda in these Last Days!
He just knows best!

The Bible says the Old Testament is our school master. God used the setting of the temple to teach us what you have just read. See Golden Meetings Road Map for that parallel picture, a supplement to this information.

Jesus (Himself) won the Battle
of Jericho because of the obedience of His army.

They had made Him King!

They uttered no sound from their
mouths for seven days
they were given the command to shout!

In Him Meeting

Pdf of this information
Print a pamphlet of this information
(Use short side binding.)

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