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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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Communion, Single Cup
The Cup of the Lord and the Bride!

The Lord said,
"Every time you partake of the single cup,
it's like going around Jericho once!"


The First Marriage Feast of the Lamb!

PDF of Marriage Feast section

Marriage Feast book PDF

Title (Section)
1. Introduction
2. The Ways of God
3. Looking at the Parable of the Marriage Feast
4. Reporting Events In and Surrounding the First Marriage Feast of the Lamb
5. The Two Become One in the Hand of the Lord!
6. Send Forth the Single Cup!

You are here at number 6 (Send forth the Single Cup!).

Send Forth the Single Cup!

cup smokeIn the article Reporting Events In and Surrounding the First Marriage Feast of the Lamb I mentioned the fact that the Lord had said communion would change. The following is a record of events concerning the change of communion the Lord spoke to me about before The First Marriage Feast of the Lamb. The Single Cup is something the Lord brought forth or started to bring forth during the Feast Meetings. It is certainly a beautiful and very understandable picture. A picture with the Lord's purposes in it. A picture He wants His people to understand. It is important to know what has taken place!

To Begin the Picture:

March 4, 2005, in a meeting I was praying about what we were supposed to do with Communion that night and I heard, "There's something different about Communion." It didn't necessarily mean to do something different that night. Then I heard, "Let it be known this day, let it be known this day." I knew something was coming that was different concerning communion.

At the last meeting of Passover on April 29, 2005 the head elder of this body reported that the Lord had dealt with Him saying that we were to take of the Single Cup and not the bread, that we no longer use the bread. We are to set aside this bread and this cup as the old way. That the Bride knows Her Husband and does not have to do things to remember Him! Then he read the following given to us on April 24, 2005 through the scribe in New York.

Drink Ye All Of It
LORD GOD, King of the Universe, Blessed Redeemer, O Holy One, greatly we thank You for the Cup of the LORD, the Cup of the Husband and the Bride.... the Cup and the greatness of Your Power... the Cup and the greatness of Your power... the Cup and all the things that flow with it... all the things lined up with and joined to the Cup, hallelujah. Even for the things which come next...
O Father, in the Name of Dear Yeshua, that the Cup be held high, that the Cup be held high amongst hearts that are dedicated unto You.  The commitments of the cup... the vows of the cup; for all the things that flow with the cup, that follow the cup, O LORD, in the Name of Jesus, we reverence You as we come up a bit more, Father, a bit more in Christ.... strengthen us, I pray, O LORD, for the things that follow the cup and protect us, lead and guide us in the Days of the Bride and in Her Ministry unto You, for You are Holy and Your cup is Holy, Blessed Be Your Name forever, Righteous LORD.

When our head elder was speaking and leading communion, using the Single Cup, he said he was presenting what he had received and was wanting confirmation from the Lord.  So we all agreed to be looking for that confirmation. 

Time passed and we were always looking for more from the Lord as we continued to obey without much understanding. Then on June 17, 2005, as he passed out the communion this is one of the things he said, "HE's looking for ones who will take HIS Cup forward in boldness; proudly in HIS Name."

We had been taking of the Single Cup by having a single chalice and pouring from it into individual cups during communion.  I had been somewhat at a loss for words and hoping for confirmation, "a thing of the Spirit," confirming this change. During a meeting on October 21, 2005 the Lord told me what to say during communion using the Single Cup, which gave us the reason for what the Lord was doing with us.

The Lord told me, "You are to declare, (establish) by drinking from this Single Cup, that His rule and reign has begun in the earth. It is a solemn declaration."

I shared this information with a few people outside this ministry to have a person I'll call XXX come strongly against what we had been led to do. After this happened the Lord gave me the following scenes:

(The following are space scenes with stars in the background.)

move heaven

When I recorded the information concerning the above scenes, I wrote that the Lord indicated XXX doesn't know the depth of what He, the Lord, was doing. It is part of the Lord's battle plan! It is plain to see that God was keeping me from wavering in what He had commanded us to do, while at the same time beginning to show us the importance of what we were doing.

These scenes given to me at this point are really another picture of what was explained in the Ways of God article. Take a look at this picture:

It is specific warfare commanded by the Lord and the Lord told me:

"Every time you partake of the Single Cup, it's like going around Jericho once!"

I must add, "Every time you partake of the Single Cup correctly. The Lord had to deal with us about silence during the taking of the Single Cup because it is silence that has to do with Him; the silence that was necessary at the battle of Jericho. The problem we were having in the Fusion articles was that we were not getting the total silence needed corporately while taking the "Single Cup!" Remember another factor, the Lord said the taking of the Single Cup is a solemn occasion.

"You are to declare, (establish) by drinking from this Single Cup, that His rule and reign has begun in the earth. It is a solemn declaration."

In short the Lord brought us to take of the Cup silently, unless He gives someone something to say. Over time the Lord has given a lot of different instructions in how to take the Cup in meetings. I remember one time the shofar was used in declaration.

March 21, 2008
cup smokeIn a meeting suddenly I saw the Single Cup that I had seen with the universe in it. It was moving forward in mid air, with a vapor of smoke coming out of the top and streaming back. I was told:

“Send forth the Single Cup with fire. Let it burn the way. I am here to bring forth the things therein. I am here to bring forth MY Bride. The time is now. MY people need wait no more. Many have yearned for such a time. It is time, it is time! Now send forth the Single Cup!”

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Supper of the Lamb

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